Wedding anniversary 5 years congratulations to a friend
Five years flew by unnoticed,
And the wooden wedding is already at the gate,
We certainly want to congratulate you,
Let the sea of gifts and compliments await you.

Always be happy, girlfriend,

Let the family live in prosperity,
Take care of feelings and love each other,
Let happiness go with you side by side.
Congratulations to my husband on the wedding anniversary of 5 years
You are my half, I am your half,
We are one with you together.
We cannot live without each other in any way,
And therefore we celebrate our 5th anniversary together.

Happy anniversary, dear me,

May happiness always walk with you by the hand.
Bring bright love through the years,
Wherever you are, I will be with you.
Congratulations to my wife on the wedding anniversary of 5 years
My beloved wife, my dear,
We are celebrating the fifth anniversary with you.
You always fill our life with comfort,
And warm the family hearth with affection.

I congratulate you on the holiday,

I wish you a lot of happiness,
Let only joy and love always,
You, my dear, are expected at the doorstep.
Cool congratulations on the 5th wedding anniversary
The family has the brightest holiday today,
You are celebrating a wooden wedding,
May a lot of happiness await you ahead,
Let luck visit you often.

Be faithful to each other, live richly,

Let prosperity splash over the edge,
After all, happiness does not happen too much,
Let there be a life like paradise.
Congratulations on the 5th wedding anniversary in prose
Congratulations on your wooden wedding! You have been together for 5 years – this is not a short time, I would like to wish you to multiply and preserve love and tenderness for each other throughout your life! Travel more and discover new places for yourself! Long and happy life together!
Sms congratulations on the 5th anniversary of the wedding
Today you will celebrate 5 years,
It’s the best day in the world for you!
Once you lit a beacon of love,
Then let it shine for you all your life!
Congratulations on the 5th wedding anniversary to friends
Congratulations on the fifth anniversary of living together! 5 years is just one of the ten steps on the way! We wish you to go through your whole happy journey together in one breath, hand in hand, in love and harmony! Let nothing cloud your optimism, and all dreams come true!
Congratulations on the 5th wedding anniversary in your own words
Our dear, wonderful friends, congratulations on your first anniversary – the 5th anniversary of living together. I want your marriage to be strong, like a tree – a symbol of your wedding this year. So that your marital relationship will be an example for many. You are a wonderful couple! Cherish your feelings, trust, surprise. Raise your kids, increase your well-being. Prosperity to your home and family!
Beautiful congratulations on a wooden wedding (5 years old)
Today we have been together for five years.
To your glory – toasts, songs.
And they called it, even strangely,
This wedding is wooden.

We will hardly understand now –

What was she named after?!
Maybe the hint is innocent
For the birth of Pinocchio?

Maybe the hint here is rude

On the union of mountain ash with oak?
We will not guess about that.
It’s better – let’s sit down and judge.

Here they grow up to a

Short congratulations on the wedding anniversary of 5 years
Congratulations on the wooden wedding,
We wish you great happiness.
Reach agreement in life,
Live up to a hundred years.
Always respect each other,
Love gives you advice!