Congratulations on the wedding anniversary of 14 years are cool
Do you live well here,
And you eat and you sing.
We’ve come to congratulate you,
We brought you some threads as a gift.
We suggest taking glasses
And pour the wine.
Let it be in this house forever
It does not end.
Let’s have a drink, friends,
For those fourteen years,
Which did not bring with them
We have sorrows and troubles.
For always being kind
We were for each other.
For being about your friends
We haven’t forgotten everything.
Beautiful congratulations on the 14th wedding anniversary
Agate wedding is precious:
The wife is beautiful and very modern,
The husband is a mature, wise man.
The family is strong, and it cannot be broken forever!

And there are children – happy offspring.

Do you remember your first acquaintance?
Where did it all start, then,
And how did you manage to survive everything?

May everything be so wonderful in the future

And the night is warm, and the morning will be clear.
Happy – both
Congratulations on the wedding anniversary of 14 years to my wife
we have lived with you for 14 years,
And we have never been sad,
Congratulations to my wife today,
And I wish you many joys,
Always stay beautiful,
Dear, smile more often,
Always be by my side,
Let’s go the way of life worthily!
Congratulations on the wedding anniversary of 14 years to her husband
My husband, 14 years old
There is no one dearer to me,
Than you, believe me, in this world,
And the confirmation is our children!

I want to wish you good luck,

And never lose heart,
The path will be a sea of kindness,
Let your dreams come true!
Congratulations on the 14th wedding anniversary in your own words
Our dear spouses, congratulations on the 14th anniversary of living together! This anniversary is called agatova for a reason. After all, this stone symbolizes beauty, well-being, reliability, confidence, fundamental. You have carried your love, passion, and respect through quite a long way. You have laid the foundation of your family with dignity. We wish to preserve feelings for the rest of your life, appreciate what you have, but do not
Agate wedding (14 years old) greetings in prose
In honor of your agate wedding, we hasten to wish that from now on your life will be as incredibly beautiful as agate itself. Let it not have stormy cloudy days, pale or dark colors and windy weather. Let the only cataclysms disturbing your family be a love storm, an avalanche of money, a hurricane of passion and a flood of health.
Congratulations on the 14th anniversary of the wedding to friends
Heartfelt congratulations,
On Agatova’s wedding day, friends,
May the Lord send you a blessing,
Always live in peace and harmony.

you have been together for 14 years, congratulations,

We wish you good health and good luck,
All the best to you, happiness and kindness,
Let the family always live in prosperity.