Beautiful congratulations on the 15th anniversary of the wedding
A lot has been lived together,
A solid term is 15 years.
There were enough problems and difficulties,
As, however, happiness and victories!

Live a friendly, nice couple,

People are admiring you.
And every new day is a gift,
He brings so much good.

Of course, we all know this –

There are difficulties sometimes,
But, only, these are all problems
They don’t separate you for long.

Storms and doubts have passed,

But despite the fuss,
You have kept the inspiration
Crystal wedding anniversary 15 years congratulations in verse
Crystal is reliable. They say in vain,
That it is a scrap, that it is only glass.
For 15 years he has been getting stronger hourly,
And the time to become a diamond has come!

And your crystal marriage is even more reliable

And it has become stronger, there is not a crack in it.
It is based on a solid way of life,
And a cozy, sweet home has become warm.

Fifteen years have

Congratulations on the 15th wedding anniversary funny
We sincerely congratulate you on your crystal wedding,
Let all your dreams come true by all means,
Let happiness flow to you like a river,
Let them pamper you with gifts on such a day.

We wish you all the best and good luck,

And a wonderful mood to boot,
Let every moment bring you inspiration,
Let family life give pleasure.
Congratulations on the 15th wedding anniversary in prose
Congratulations, dear guys, on your crystal wedding. You have successfully and happily walked together for 15 years. May the sun of joy always shine for you, may there be peace and harmony in your family, may every day be a holiday in your home, and every moment be a miracle. I wish to take care of each other like the most expensive crystal, I wish never to lose my bright
Short congratulations on the crystal wedding of 15 years
Today there is a reason for the holiday –
15th wedding anniversary!
And we sincerely congratulate you,
We wish you two all the best on earth!
Congratulations to friends on the wedding anniversary of 15 years
You have been together for fifteen years, congratulations!
Your marriage is secure. He is as pure as crystal.
We raise crystal glasses,
We wish to make plans, looking into the distance.

Hold it firmly, with four hands,

This crystal to keep longer
The feelings that have arisen between you.
Believe me, the main thing in life is to love!
Congratulations on the 15th wedding anniversary to a friend
Girlfriend, my dear, I congratulate
Happy crystal wedding to you from the bottom of my heart!
Let every year, let every day, a moment
They will be full of wonderful tenderness!

Let your husband and children obey you,

Let mutual understanding reign!
I wish you happiness, kindness, comfort!
May the table always be set generously!
Congratulations on the 15th wedding anniversary in your own words
I congratulate you, dear ones, on the 15th anniversary of your family, on the crystal wedding, on the anniversary of youth and the heyday of your relationship. I want to wish you a peaceful sky and wonderful weather, good hopes and happy events, funny stories and endless love.
Congratulations on the 15th wedding anniversary to my husband
Well, darling, can you imagine
That we’ve been together for 15 whole years?
I would never have thought of leaving you in my life,
My favorite cure for all troubles!

I could look at you forever,

At least we studied each other inside out.
And let it be there, where the milky way passes,
The star of my love is burning for a long time!
Congratulations on the 15th wedding anniversary to my wife
On the day of our crystal wedding
I want to tell you:
If earlier I would have known
About such a fate,

I would be proud of myself

And envied myself,
So successfully I got married,
Honey, on you.

I’m with you, my dear, together

For 15 years now!
And a happier person
In this world there is simply no!
Touching congratulations on the 15th wedding anniversary
Crystal wedding and the reflection of rings,
They will remind you that once, loving,
With hope in your heart, you walked down the aisle,
Giving themselves to each other forever.

Fifteen years have passed since then,

And the years have long since worn off the corners.
I wish you sincerely to live without troubles,
So that sorrows are not known, insults are forgotten.

So that love, as before, was strong.

So that fidelity does not know reproaches.