Funny congratulations on the 3rd wedding anniversary
Three years have passed, and they are also married inseparably.
They spend nights, days together,
And everything is fine with them!

I wish you to continue sailing,

Swimming in the waves of the sea of life.
Take care of each other and love
So that every cell of the body!
Congratulations on the 3rd wedding anniversary in prose
I sincerely congratulate you on the cherished joint troika, on the leather anniversary. I wish to feel each other with every cell of the skin, without losing the tenderness of feelings and sincerity of love, I wish to strengthen the foundation of relationships every year and appreciate my family more and more, I wish that there are always enough forces and means for well-being in the house and joy in
Congratulations on a leather wedding (3 years) in your own words
I sincerely congratulate you on your leather anniversary. On your joint account cherished 3 years, lived happily and beautifully. I want to wish you never to lose the romance and tenderness of your feelings, to feel each other with every cell of your skin and constantly surround yourself with your care.
Beautiful congratulations on the 3rd anniversary of the wedding
3 years – leather wedding.
Someone came up with the idea to call it that.
The bonds of marriage are strong from the skin,
Adversity will not be able to untie them.

You are made for each other as if,

There is simply no more beautiful couple to find,
We wish you many, many more years
With a hand in your hand, you go through life!
Wedding anniversary 3 years congratulations to friends
Many happy days to you,
Well, the house is big and beautiful,
In life, only success,
In the house of children’s laughter to you!

Something for the soul,

So that babies are born,
So that more money, power,
And simple happiness to all of you!
Short congratulations on the 3rd wedding anniversary
you lived together for 3 years,
We don’t know a more wonderful couple!
Love to you, at home – a full cup,
Let your feelings be strong!
Leather wedding (3 years) sms greetings
Let your house be a full cup.
Admiring your family.
We lived in harmony for three years,
By making your dream come true.
Congratulations on the 3rd wedding anniversary in verse
You don’t forget the wedding day
And you celebrate it every year.
Did you live to see the leather wedding,
They went their own way, untrodden.

You have a strong family –

The phenomenon is joyful, rare.
You live in love, and do not worry,
You are trying to make life more beautiful.

Raise your son, develop,

You strengthen your family with deeds.
And God grant you to continue living like this,
Keep your family hearth.

Let your house

Wedding anniversary 3 years congratulations to my husband
Congratulations on your leather wedding,
We’ve been together for three years with you.
I understand you at a glance,
I know one thing – you were sent to me by fate.

My beloved husband again adore,

And hug you warmly.
I am happy that I always feel
Next to the native, male shoulder.
Wedding anniversary 3 years congratulations to my wife
My beautiful wife,
I am very happy with you.
I’m glad we found each other,
We have been a family for 3 years.

On the day of our glorious anniversary,

I confess my love again,
I wish you good and happiness,
So that the days only flow in joy.

Let the fire not go out,

Let the blood boil, dear,
Let her be the mistress in our house
Love will remain forever.