Wedding anniversary 4 years congratulations to my husband
We have lived with you for 4 years, like in a fairy tale,
Behind you, like behind a stone wall.
And I will tell you honestly, and not for an excuse,
How lucky I am, my dear, to have you.

I want to congratulate my beloved,

With our simple, linen wedding.
I wish you good and peace,
And a huge, faithful and earthly love.
Wedding anniversary 4 years congratulations to my wife
Congratulations to my wife today,
I wish you joy, my dear,
Enjoy our family life,
Be happy, of course, smile!

I so want you to always bloom,

So that you find happiness with me,
So that the two of us are always lucky,
So that we are happy, to spite everyone!
Fourth wedding anniversary greetings in prose
Congratulations on your fourth anniversary, on your linen wedding. Let your happiness be the color of heaven and the tenderness of flax, let your feelings remain sincere and strong, let your love grow stronger and burn brighter every day, let understanding and a major mood always reign in your family.
Funny congratulations on the 4th wedding anniversary
Congratulations on your linen wedding,
We sincerely wish you good health and happiness,
Let luck accompany you,
May love always inspire.

We raise our glasses full for you,

May you have a honey life,
May happiness always surround you,
Let there be 365 successful days a year.
Congratulations on the 4th wedding anniversary in your own words
On your 4th wedding anniversary, we wish you love, freshness of feelings, sincere emotions. Let your home become a place where happiness lives. Be true to your relationship, take care of each other and appreciate every moment you have lived together.
Beautiful congratulations on the 4th wedding anniversary
Let your life bloom like a rose,
Let the evil thunderstorms pass you by,
And may all the years be between you
Love will stay forever!
We wish you a lot of patience,
To be able to love, to be able to forgive,
In a life of inspiration together
You will never lose.
I am sure we will meet with you
At your wedding golden,
Let’s shake our gray heads,
Soul, as before, young.
Let’s raise full glasses
At this festive table
Congratulations on the 4th wedding anniversary to friends
Behind 4 years
Decades ahead
Family life is not easy
To protect from various troubles.
But today, this wedding
We give you a linen set
And the poems that were composed
Straining the intellect.
We wish you a lot of happiness in them,
Understanding in the family –
The wife went to help her husband
Well, a husband is always a wife.
To see the problems
And they were always solved
Smiling to each other
Many more years!
SMS greetings for a linen wedding (4 years)
Today is a special day for you – you two have been together for four years.
Let the road be bright
And your house is full of joy!
Short congratulations on the wedding anniversary of 4 years
Congratulations on your anniversary.
Linen wedding for once in a lifetime,
And by tradition we wish
Love and happiness many times.
Congratulations on the 4th anniversary of the wedding in verse
Happy linen wedding, happy fourth anniversary!
We wish you happiness, love and kindness!
We congratulate you, we wish you in the house
And children’s laughter, and the warmth of the sun!

Lots of smiles, comfort, fun,

Good health to you, eternal spring!
Let everything succeed for you quickly and simply!
Let your dreams come true!
Congratulations on the 4th wedding anniversary to a friend
You put on your wedding rings,
Exactly four years ago,
Today for a linen wedding,
Of course, everyone is happy to congratulate you.

I sincerely congratulate you, my friend,

I wish you strong love and good,
Let life give you only admiration,
May your family be happy.