Beautiful congratulations on the 7th wedding anniversary
Copper wedding – a seven-year marriage,
Strong, as if copper is already a union.
You have withstood both storms and winds,
And the first load of common sorrows.

7 is the number of family, joy, luck,

Let it accompany you too.
And leads forward in the right direction,
You will be in everything for one thing.

Woolen wedding is also called,

After all, you are so close and you are warm,
Let the feelings not melt in the
Congratulations on the wedding anniversary to a friend of 7 years
7 years is a lucky number,
Promises a friend a lot of happiness,
I wish you luck,
Keep the fire burning,

And appreciate your husband,

Always understand each other!
May the days of happiness wait for you forever,
You will never lose heart!
Happy wedding anniversary 7 years congratulations to friends
Seven years have passed, and you are still the same
Look into each other’s eyes,
And this is important,
Heaven has brought you together!

We will dance at the copper wedding,

Let’s dance on the golden one,
And let your path be colored
Love, happiness, warmth!

Keep love carefully,

After all, you are created for each other.
We will not choose other words,
You are the perfect couple!
Short congratulations on the 7th anniversary of the wedding
Fire and water, and copper pipes
Over these seven years you had to go through.
Let there be fewer steep trials
On your further family journey!
Congratulations on the 7th wedding anniversary in prose
Today is 7 years of your family, I congratulate you on a copper wedding. Let this anniversary give a bright shine to your life, let it have a lot of happiness and good luck, sincere joy and respect, lasting love and mutual understanding. I wish good health to the family, good prosperity and well-being.
Congratulations on the copper wedding of 7 years in your own words
I congratulate you on the copper wedding, on the happy seventh anniversary of your family life. I wish you, dear ones, the unquenchable light of goodness and goodness in your home, good health and sincere joy to your family, undoubted good luck on the future path together, eternal love and peace.
Funny congratulations on the 7th wedding anniversary
Seven is a trump number,
So I want you to always be lucky in life,
7 years that you have lived together,
Let him give strength to the groom and beauty to the bride.

We sincerely congratulate you,

We wish prosperity, joy,
Let the family nest continue to wind,
Let everything be easy for you in life.
Congratulations to my wife on the 7th wedding anniversary
My dear, dear man,
My beloved, beautiful wife,
7 years today our wedding,
7 years madly I love you.

And on this bright copper holiday

I wish you patience.
I am glad that I am your beloved chosen one.
I’m glad you really need me.

Also, my wife, I wish,

You will never be sad at all.
I congratulate you on our anniversary.
Let me, I will love you all my life!
Congratulations to my husband on the 7th wedding anniversary
7 years is not a deadline, but still a date,
Which is worth noting.
We met once,
Since then we have been happy with you!

I congratulate you, my beloved

I’m happy with our wedding anniversary,
May happiness be in our life,
Luck will come for no reason.

We have walked the copper path with you,

And it’s not that simple.
I hope we will live together
With you before the wedding golden.
Congratulations on the 7th wedding anniversary in verse
Congratulations on the anniversary of the copper wedding!
7 years – already a considerable time has passed,
And you still love as hard,
Everyone has gained happiness in each other!

You won a lot of difficulties together,

And the joy was shared – all together!
So let luck not lose you, And happiness will come to your house forever!