Congratulations on the wedding anniversary of 12 years in your own words
I congratulate you on your nickel wedding, dear ones, on the wonderful 12th anniversary of your family life. I want to wish you successful dawns, good health, sincere feelings, lasting happiness and a promising future together.
Happy wedding anniversary 12 years short congratulations
Happiness is the right foundation
Only in love, my friends!
We congratulate you again
Happy birthday to the family!
Congratulations on the 12th wedding anniversary funny
We are all waiting for love to come,
The wedding is now – how old is it?
Youth, songs and freedom
They come to us like the dawn.

12 years – that’s the strength.

So the holiday has come to us –
The wedding is nickel! Anniversary
We celebrate, and – at the table.

A holiday familiar to us since childhood,

Congratulations, poems.
Let them remain as a legacy
All roads that are easy.

Let it come into your

Congratulations on the wedding anniversary of 12 years to her husband
Eleven years with you
We share joys and troubles
Our common lot in life.
My husband is handsome, smart, and brave,

Still young for me,

How much I love you!
I want to be near you,
I want to always love you!
Congratulations on the wedding anniversary of 12 years to my wife
Together we decided to sail through life,
We fell in love with each other for a reason,
I want to wish my beloved
Then hold my hand.

Together we are eleven with you

Bright years, I am happy with all my soul,
That you, my wife, are next to me,
I need only one madly!
Congratulations to friends on a nickel wedding (12 years old)
There is a very important reason
To congratulate people close to me!
Today is your anniversary –
Happy wedding anniversary!

you have been together for 12 years!

I wish you to love harder!
To each other sincerely and honestly
Always talk about feelings!
Beautiful congratulations on the 12th wedding anniversary
12 years legally married
12 years you have been together,
Both troubles and happiness have passed,
And you found joy together.

Today we celebrate the wedding,

Glasses will ring for you.
Let the dream come true,
And gossip girls… let them talk.

Let him be strong, flawless,

Your union created together.
Let feelings flourish forever,
Let the smile never leave your lips.
Congratulations on the 12th anniversary of the wedding in prose
I heartily congratulate you on the nickel anniversary, with 12 years successfully lived in love and peace. I wish that your relationship will continue to remain strong, that your happiness will be stable against any failure and misfortune, that your eyes will be filled with the sparkle of joy, and your hearts with the warmth of mutual tenderness!