Congratulations on the 10th wedding anniversary to my wife
Ten years is a long time,
You suffer well,
It’s not easy for you with me,
I’m not the best one.

But with love and care

You inspire gently,
I’m drowning in your eyes
Bright and boundless.

I will say thank you for everything,

My sweet wife.
After all, the family is your patience
And care is strong.
Congratulations on the 10th anniversary of the wedding in verse
Let the petals of beautiful roses
Today the holiday is decorated!
We wish you happiness seriously,
We wish you love and joy!

And let him keep his secret

Your family life!
We wish you victories,
After all, the anniversary date!
Congratulations to friends on their 10th wedding anniversary
Today is 10 years since you are a family –
Is a tenner a little or a lot?
Yes, for the universe – it is impossible to compare.
It’s a serious road for you two!

Have you learned to understand each other,

We learned to speak openly,
Going to bed or meeting the dawn –
You learned to each other gradually…

Today is ten years since the two of you –

And the rose is your flower,
Short congratulations on the wedding anniversary of 10 years
On Pink’s wedding day, we congratulate you!
We wish you well-being and happiness now!
Live together for many happy long years!
And as on the wedding day: “It’s bitter! Love gives you Advice!”
Beautiful congratulations on the 10th wedding anniversary
The air is filled with a wonderful fragrance,
The wonderful smell of the most delicate scarlet roses.
You are truly rich on this day,
Cupid brought you love on this day!

You carried it, protecting it in the cold,

Covering it with your palms from grief and adversity!
Love troubles all disarmed,
We met together every new year!

Fill the years with the desired happiness,

Raise your children, enjoy your friends,
Solve all family problems together,
If you need
Congratulations on the pink wedding of 10 years in prose
Congratulations on the tenth anniversary of the wedding! On this tin jubilee, we wish that the trembling feelings only flare up. Enjoy and love each other, give attention and care. Let understanding, mutual tenderness and the ability to support, hear and trust in time always prevail in your home. Be happy and don’t need anything!
Tin wedding 10 years congratulations in your own words
Congratulations on the tenth anniversary of marriage, on your wonderful tin wedding. Let your first ten leave happy memories in the family album, let there be ten more tens of love and goodness ahead. I wish you a cool family weekend and happy holidays in your life.
Funny congratulations on the wedding anniversary of 10 years
Haven’t you bothered each other in 10 years?
So share the secret as soon as possible,
So that everyone around you can be happy
To be constantly – both in winter and in summer.

And on this anniversary, of course,

You only want to wish for the best,
Obey each other implicitly,
Love and infinitely respect!
Sms congratulations on the tin wedding (10 years)
Congratulations on the tin wedding,
I wish you joy in the family business,
Let all good things happen in life,
So that your faces shine with love,
So that the children grow up as soon as possible,
So that the years only give joy!
Congratulations on the 10th wedding anniversary to my husband
My dear! Ten glorious years
We are together. There is no one better than you.
In your hand is my hand,
Let life, sometimes, is not so easy.

Thank you for everything!

I always look into the distance with a smile.
I live with you, I fly to you.
I don’t want another life.

Let all dreams come true.

The head of the family, undoubtedly you.
Everything for me is your shoulder.
Believe me, I love you dearly!