Congratulations on the 1st wedding anniversary in verse
Without sparing beautiful words,
On this day and at this hour
Happy very first anniversary
We want to congratulate you!

Your calico wedding

Let it only bring joy!
We wish you further
Move forward together!
Congratulations to my husband on the 1st wedding anniversary
I want to “love” you to say,
To find such a husband
Only I could in the world,
And I love you very much!

You are the best of men!

There is only one such person on the whole earth!
I just adore you,
I love you and hug you sweetly!

You are my hope, my hero!

I want to live with you all my life
In the close union of our souls
My best husband in the world!
Congratulations to my wife on the 1st wedding anniversary
You are my best wife,
You are the best at dancing,
Cooking and housework!
I wish you never to lose heart,
To be healthy, not to know problems!
Love me and worry about me!
And even though I don’t always carry flowers,
But in my heart forever only you!
Happy holiday, my affectionate!
I congratulate you on our anniversary!
Congratulations on the 1st wedding anniversary in prose
Congratulations on the first significant and legitimate date, on the first year of family life together. On your calico wedding, I wish you to spin in a light and airy dance, giving each other your charming smile and alluring look. May everything be sound and good for you, may the cup be full of prosperity, love and bright luck. Long and happy years of your life together, dear.
Congratulations on the first wedding anniversary in your own words
Time has passed unnoticed, and today we are celebrating your calico wedding. I wish you a strong love that will last for your whole life. Try to live happily, enjoy everything, even the little things, be optimistic and believe in your happy fate and love. Always hold hands, no matter what happens, and together you will be able to achieve everything, even the most incredible. I wish you happiness, my
Funny congratulations on the wedding anniversary 1 year
Congratulations on the anniversary and we want to wish you,
That you put up with each other for 85 years.
When the husband drinks beer with friends at the bar out of habit,
You, wife, don’t be offended, he’ll take a walk and come.

And when my wife and her friend went for a walk to the night club,

Don’t scold her, and in the morning it’s better to give her coffee in bed.
Beautiful wedding anniversary greetings (1 year, calico wedding)
Be together all the time,
Hold tight to love,
Give birth to children for health,
May happiness be again and again.

I wish you another century to coo,

And there is such a wish –
Always in love and happiness to live,
In health, joy, peace!
Congratulations on the 1st wedding anniversary to friends
The first year is the hardest,
You have survived friends.
Went only together, without scandals,
A real family.

So continue on,

Let only the future awaits you
Peace, love, of course, happiness
What always lives in the chest.
Wedding anniversary 1 year congratulations to a friend
Dear friend, from the best day in my life
A year has passed successfully today.
Happy calico wedding to you from now on
I congratulate you and wish you to continue living in mutual understanding without any hassle,
To be the best to your husband,
I wish you respect and prosperity,
Love to you, as if in a fairy tale, in reality.
Short congratulations on the first wedding anniversary
Happiness is the right foundation
Only in love, my friends!
We congratulate you on the 1st anniversary,
Happy birthday to the family!
SMS congratulations on the wedding anniversary of 1 year (calico wedding)
Today is your wedding anniversary,
And everything seemed to be yesterday…
Let them bypass the twists,
Evenings are held in the family circle!
Congratulations on the 1st wedding anniversary from parents
We congratulate you on the “calico” wedding anniversary,
And we want to wish you only the best from the parental hearts.
Live in peace and harmony, take care of each other,
And keep your family as the apple of your eye.

Remember that in storms of troubles and problems of hurricanes,

No, each other is closer, more reliable and more desirable.
Never betray your soul mate,
Enjoy life, get high and don’t forget about us!