Sms congratulations on the wedding anniversary of 11 years
Eleven years of living together are not tired,
So, we are giving you a gift made of steel,
The steel anniversary is called this date,
We wish you happiness, so that you are rich,
So that children always bring you joy,
So that your future path in life is bright.
Congratulations on the steel wedding of 11 years in your own words
Congratulations from the bottom of my heart on the steel anniversary. Together, side by side, hand in hand, happily and beautifully you have overcome 11 years of life together. I sincerely wish you individually to be independent units of society, and together to form a single whole of great and eternal love. May you be destined to live in joy and happiness for many more years, may prosperity and true
Congratulations to my husband on the 11th wedding anniversary
Our steel is not afraid
There is no rust in the world,
Because I’m your wife,
God has appointed me to you.

You are my husband before heaven and people,

The best, gentle and wonderful!
Let the years run from our wedding,
I want to be with you – I confess honestly!
Congratulations to my wife on the 11th wedding anniversary
What is the most important thing for a woman? Family!
I agree with this statement.
You have built a beautiful nest for us
Envious people and others to spite everyone.

We will open the doors in the house,

To celebrate a steel wedding,
I will congratulate my wife,
I’m in a hurry to kiss you soon!
Congratulations to friends on the wedding anniversary of 11 years (steel)
Steel wedding is a long time,
You’ve come a long way together.
Years, as the notes in the song flashed by,
And it seems that it’s been quite a bit.

Eleven–well, is that a lot?

For happiness, if it flows over the edge?
Not a long – wide road,
Such that it’s not life, but just paradise!

You have a good time together, friends know about it,

So let the dream go on!
Today your relatives
11 wedding anniversary greetings in prose
Congratulations on eleven years of marriage, with a steel wedding. I wish the health of steel to the whole family and a strong bond of bonds, like steel. Let happy moments, joyful events, wonderful holidays, fulfilled dreams and joint victories add up to a family chest one by one.
Congratulations on the wedding anniversary of 11 years in verse
Today is your family holiday!
Happy wedding anniversary!
Let him give you bright moments
To you every one of these days!

We wish you all the best!

May great success come to life!
And congratulations to you today
We are with your wedding steel!
Happy wedding anniversary 11 years beautiful greetings
Happy your wedding anniversary
Congratulations from the bottom of my heart.
It’s been 11 years!
We wish you great blessings.

Your feelings have hardened –

They became as strong as steel.
We wish you to come to your house
Sadness, sadness did not penetrate.

Let happiness surround you,

There will be peace in the soul.
Stay together, stay
A faithful husband and wife!
Funny congratulations on the 11th anniversary of the wedding
Eleven years is not an easy load,
But your union is as strong as steel.
Corrosion of the feelings of the family is not terrible,
A steel wall will appear before her.

Eleven years, and you are still together,

And criticism of feelings is completely inappropriate.
You love, appreciate and cherish your family,
To help your family when you are in a bad hurry.

A wife as a support for her children, a house,

A man