Congratulations on a newborn boy to a friend
Congratulations, girlfriend,
On a solemn day, accept.
Mom became a miracle son,
Hug the baby tighter.

I wish you strength

And health to the baby,
With his bright smile
Let everything be on your shoulder.
Congratulations on the birth of a son in prose
With replenishment! With the birth of an heir! Health to the baby, good sleep and a good appetite. Be proud of him and admire him! Educate him the most-the most! Give him your love and support! Happiness to your family, lots of blessings, may your little angel always be happy, be surrounded by love and care!
Congratulations on the newborn daughter to Dad
You are not happier, my friend,
You’ve become a folder! I congratulate you!
Everyone is happy for you around,
After all, my daughter is happiness, I know that!
We wish you happy days,
Raise your daughter healthy,
Your life has become brighter,
Let it be kind, new!
Beautiful congratulations on the birth of a grandson
With a coveted golden granddaughter
I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart!
Let his path be simple,
Luck spoils rays.

Let his dream butterflies flutter

Everything will come true
And fortunately strong bridges
In fate, they will easily connect.
Funny congratulations on the birth of a boy
I congratulate you on the birth of your son!
Let him turn into a handsome man.
Let his life be both warm and satisfying,
So that a solid and prominent heir grows up.
Let him show his abilities in his studies,
Let him only pleasantly surprise you.
Let the care of him be a joy for you,
And let the son be a support in his old age,
Will continue your beautiful family with dignity
And he will bring
Congratulations on the newborn son in your own words
I heartily congratulate you on the birth of a beautiful boy, on the birth of a wonderful son. I wish your family all the best, peace, prosperity, love and patience. Let my son grow up strong and healthy, cheerful and inquisitive, the best and wonderful. May his life be happy and kind.
Sms greetings with a newborn daughter
Unprecedented beauty, she is like a mom, exactly,
Brings happiness like spring, the baby is your daughter.
Let heaven give her success, love and light,
And often in life let her meet miracles.
Congratulations on the birth of a grandson in verse
A strong man was born in the family, the holiday has come!
He gave a lot of happiness with his appearance!
Let the road in life be bright and easy,
And let the hand generously bestow his fate!
Grandma and grandpa dreamed about him so much,
For a long, long time they were waiting for a grandson!
I cordially congratulate them today with joy,
I sincerely wish them the most pleasant troubles!
Congratulations on the newborn baby girl to mom
The sun was born in mom’s stroller,
Mom started daily dancing,
My daughter wants to eat, change diapers,
Mommy needs to understand her daughter!

We congratulate you on the birth of your daughter,

Be very cheerful together,
Let the daughter grow up, make us all happy, And God gives happiness every day and hour!
Congratulations on the newborn son to the pope
Here, your dreams have come true
You became a dad today.
A lot of new sensations,
Accept congratulations!

You will raise your son as a man,

There is no reason for doubt.
Maybe he will be a football player
Or a brave hockey player,

Maybe a wise businessman

Or even Superman.
You’ll teach him to count,
You’ll learn the alphabet again.

Be a hero to your son,

So that he is proud of you.
We believe you will cope with everything
Short congratulations on the birth of your daughter
Your baby was born!
Let there be happiness – this time,
Lasting health always
We wish her two,
Let it certainly be ahead
Joy awaits her – that’s three!
Congratulations on a newborn girl in your own words
From the bottom of my heart, I congratulate you on the birth of a little princess, with a beautiful daughter. I wish your family all the best and prosperity, good health and peace. Let the daughter grow up to the joy of her parents, let her life path be long, beautiful and happy.
Funny congratulations on the birth of a son
Finally got to us
Mom’s puzozhitel,
On this day the baby left
A warm abode.

Let the healthy son grow,

Smart, strong, naughty,
Your little boy is just a miracle,
Struck everyone with beauty!
Congratulations to a friend with a newborn daughter
My friend is sweet, dear!
You gave birth to an angel today!
I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart,
After all, you now have your daughter!

She is beautiful, like a flower,

She’s the cutest person in the world!
May the angel always be happy,
Let the daughter grow up a beautiful lady!
Congratulations on the birth of a girl in prose
Dear (parents’ name), your most cherished dream has come true – you have become the parents of the most adorable girl. Let your cutie grow and always make you happy with her smile. Let her be beautiful, like mom and brave, like Dad. Happiness and all the best to your strong family!
Beautiful congratulations on the birth of your son
Here it has happened! That came true!
The blessed light has been shed.
The fruit of your great love
He came down from heaven like an angel.

Beating in a small chest

A weightless heart.
You, baby, get stronger, grow
And be happy, of course.

For their parents

Become a support and a joy.
After all, they have lit Life in you – a great reward.

From the bottom of my heart I wish

To be very happy
Your friendly
Congratulations on the birth of my daughter in verse
We sincerely want to congratulate you on this happiness:
Your joy, your daughter was born,
Although we usually meet infrequently, –
All the relatives gathered to look at the crumb,
A newborn baby without end
Everyone is ready to kiss and hug,
At her crib, you can hear it every now and then:
“Just like my father!”, “Well, just the spitting image of a mother!”
Very soon it will ring like a bell,
In the house joyful, cheerful daughter’s
Congratulations on the newborn baby girl to the grandmother
Pink cheeks, blue eyes –
A princess from a fairy tale was born.
For your granddaughter, you have become a grandmother,
No matter how much I loved, it seems that everything is not enough.

Melted the heart, gave happiness,

The little granddaughter has made everyone fall in love with herself!
Let the light not fade before the prose of life,
So that the baby grows kind, not capricious!
Congratulations on the newborn son sms
Newborn happiness smiles,
Congratulations on such a miracle tenderly to you!
Let your baby wake up with joy,
Saturating with light, happiness every hour!
Congratulations on the newborn granddaughter to the grandmother
Congratulations on my granddaughter mila!
Let it grow for the joy of all
Nice, smart and beautiful –
So that she knows no problems.

Let there be plenty of fun,

So that the baby does not get bored:
Was happy, healthy
And always bathed in love!