Congratulations on the newborn baby boy to Dad
Don’t be ashamed of tears today,
Tear up armfuls of flowers.
Do you have a son now,
You’ve become a folder, boy.

I want to wish my son

Strength and health.
Surround him with protection,
Tenderness, love.
Congratulations on the birth of a girl in verse
I congratulate you on the birth of your daughter!
I wish you health with a crumb from the heart!
Let the palms curl up like a heart
Around a surprisingly tiny foot,

Around these peepholes that shine with the sun,

And sponges, with a smile that illuminate the world!
I wish to surround you with love forever,
So that you can live happily, joyfully, colorfully!
Congratulations to a friend with a newborn son
Hooray, hooray, dreams come true!
Today you have become a real mom!
A little son is napping on the handles,
May he never be alone,
Let him grow up to be a real man,
May his future be brilliant!
Beautiful congratulations on the birth of your granddaughter
What a miracle has visited your house,
And in the sky, like a star lit up!
And immediately life turned around in a new way –
After all, the granddaughter was born in the family!

Let the baby please immensely,

Healthy and beautiful growing!
And grandma and grandpa, right,
She will only bring happiness!
Congratulations on the birth of a boy in verse
Your baby was born,
How a bright angel appeared!
Let there be no troubles in life,
Motherhood will be happy,

And let your son grow

And mom is happy with the years!
Let only happiness in life awaits,
And we will rejoice with you!
Congratulations on the birth of a girl sms
Another princess has come into the world –
My daughter made the family happy!
Let him grow in peace, without stress,
He will make his life happy!
Congratulations to my sister with a newborn son
Dear sister, happy holiday to you,
You gave birth to a hero today,
He will please you and protect you,
He will never let you lose heart.
Let the son grow for joy,
May he always be lucky in everything,
May his fate be happy,
May the Lord keep him always.
Congratulations on the birth of a granddaughter in verse
Small heels, pink ribbon,
A little girl appeared in life.
Your happiness is the main thing, dear angel,
To our great joy, a tiny lump.

Let the native granddaughter be the most, the most,

Healthy, let her grow as a reward to her father and mother,
Happy and beautiful, smart and lucky,
Cheerful, carefree, beloved, the best.
A beautiful greeting with a newborn boy
I want to wish you so much,
That I cannot count all the wishes
Only the greatest happiness
After all, you already have in the world!

Rejoice your son and love

And give him only warmth,
So that his luck smiles,
That he was always lucky in everything.

So that his health is strong,

So that he does not even know about doctors
So that he can achieve everything in life…
Well, you should start everything from the basics.

Funny congratulations on the birth of a girl
Congratulations on the birth of my daughter!
There are more of you in the family now.
You are growing up very healthy,
Be happy here and now!

Let her be beautiful like her mother,

And have a character like her father!
To make her gentle and sweet,
The smartest, smartest always!
Congratulations on the newborn daughter to mom
Today the stork knocked
In the window to you. Here on the hands
Mom had an angel.
And happiness shines in the eyes.
What a cute little girl!
I haven’t seen a whole world more beautiful.
Dolls, rattles are waiting for her
And princes with a thousand carriages.
Let her grow up healthy,
A cheerful girl star.
Let him learn and study
The whole world is around. With your own hand
Lead your daughter through life,
Like a bird to distant lands.
Love your
Congratulations on the birth of a grandson to a grandfather
Well… In the family in the regiment of men
Another one was added.
So that old age does not hurry to visit,
Fate has given you a grandson.

Now for sure the baby is a grandson

Leisure will not make it boring!
We wish you without further ado,
May the grandson always be healthy,

Growing up cheerful, mischievous

To the joy of all your relatives!
Sms congratulations on the birth of a boy
Congratulations on a new stage of life,
Difficult, but happy ahead!
We wish Mom to be always healthy,
To my son – to grow stronger and grow!
Congratulations on the newborn girl to parents
Today is a significant date,
A daughter was born in your family.
This is what you have always dreamed of,
And now, your dream has come true.

You are happy, there is joy on your faces,

Everyone congratulates you and gives you flowers.
After all, children are the Lord’s reward,
For the good that you have done.

We wish you that she grew up beautiful,

I have never known grief and trouble in my life.
So that she
Congratulations on the newborn daughter to parents
Happy birthday to the beautiful daughter!
Parents’ dreams have come true.
We wish her to be bright, passionate,
Become: a beauty queen!

Let it shine brighter than the stars,

Let it be good for people.
And let the day come,
So that the stars worship her.
Congratulations to the grandmother on the birth of her grandson
A bundle with a blue bow
You pick up,
Congratulations, Grandma,
With a newborn grandson.

Familiar features

Looking for a look,
Little heart
Beats with your side.

Strong and healthy

Let the granddaughters grow,
Let the fate be happy
Waiting for him in life.
Short greetings with a newborn boy
Your toddler is a sight to behold,
The stork knew who to carry!
Let with luck and luck
There will be a crumb on the way!
Congratulations on the newborn baby girl to my sister
Congratulations to you, little sister
Happy newborn daughter,
And congratulations to you
I am writing urgently today.

I wish you to be healthy

You and the baby were,
To the angels of heaven
Both of you were kept.

Let your daughter grow,

Brings joy to mom,
I wish you to be happy
You both became with her.
Congratulations on the birth of a daughter in prose
Today our world has become more beautiful, because a little princess was born! We wish her health, beauty, and lightness. Let her grow up to be a beautiful, smart, kind and gentle baby and fill her parents’ life with warmth and joy!
Congratulations on a newborn grandson to grandparents
With a newborn, grandma and grandpa,
Accept congratulations,
Let your granddaughter give you strength
And the pursuit of achievements.

Let the boy be healthy,

Your assistant is growing,
Every day with your beloved grandson
Let it only bring you joy.

The new status inspires

May you, grandma, always,
Run, jump with your grandson
Never get bored.