Congratulations on the newborn baby girl to my sister
Congratulations to you, little sister
Happy newborn daughter,
And congratulations to you
I am writing urgently today.

I wish you to be healthy

You and the baby were,
To the angels of heaven
Both of you were kept.

Let your daughter grow,

Brings joy to mom,
I wish you to be happy
You both became with her.
Congratulations on the newborn baby girl to mom
The sun was born in mom’s stroller,
Mom started daily dancing,
My daughter wants to eat, change diapers,
Mommy needs to understand her daughter!

We congratulate you on the birth of your daughter,

Be very cheerful together,
Let the daughter grow up, make us all happy, And God gives happiness every day and hour!
Congratulations on a newborn girl in your own words
From the bottom of my heart, I congratulate you on the birth of a little princess, with a beautiful daughter. I wish your family all the best and prosperity, good health and peace. Let the daughter grow up to the joy of her parents, let her life path be long, beautiful and happy.
Congratulations on the birth of a girl in prose
Dear (parents’ name), your most cherished dream has come true – you have become the parents of the most adorable girl. Let your cutie grow and always make you happy with her smile. Let her be beautiful, like mom and brave, like Dad. Happiness and all the best to your strong family!
Congratulations on the newborn baby girl to the grandmother
Pink cheeks, blue eyes –
A princess from a fairy tale was born.
For your granddaughter, you have become a grandmother,
No matter how much I loved, it seems that everything is not enough.

Melted the heart, gave happiness,

The little granddaughter has made everyone fall in love with herself!
Let the light not fade before the prose of life,
So that the baby grows kind, not capricious!
Congratulations on the newborn baby girl to Dad
Newly minted dad, congratulations, well done,
Your daughter is in your hands, and you are her own father!
A smile shines with happiness, now you are insanely happy,
On your hands is a gift, which is more important than all the awards!
Let the baby grow, as in a fairy tale, by leaps and bounds,
Happiness, joy, health, we sincerely wish you!
Beautiful congratulations on the birth of a girl
An old teddy bear waited on the closet for a long time,
Fairy tales had to be silent on the shelves for a long time,
But today there is a baby in the family,
No one else in the house will dare to be bored!
Fluffy hair, clear eyes,
The house is full of love and tenderness.
There will be new songs and new fairy tales,
Together with a cute little girl, they will settle in
Short greetings with a newborn girl
With the birth of a daughter, with the birth of a fairy tale,
Here are the buttons-eyes looking at the new world,
The baby is a princess, she is a miracle,
Let it be healthy, happy!
Congratulations on the birth of a girl in verse
I congratulate you on the birth of your daughter!
I wish you health with a crumb from the heart!
Let the palms curl up like a heart
Around a surprisingly tiny foot,

Around these peepholes that shine with the sun,

And sponges, with a smile that illuminate the world!
I wish to surround you with love forever,
So that you can live happily, joyfully, colorfully!
Congratulations on the birth of a girl sms
Another princess has come into the world –
My daughter made the family happy!
Let him grow in peace, without stress,
He will make his life happy!
Funny congratulations on the birth of a girl
Congratulations on the birth of my daughter!
There are more of you in the family now.
You are growing up very healthy,
Be happy here and now!

Let her be beautiful like her mother,

And have a character like her father!
To make her gentle and sweet,
The smartest, smartest always!
Congratulations on the newborn girl to parents
Today is a significant date,
A daughter was born in your family.
This is what you have always dreamed of,
And now, your dream has come true.

You are happy, there is joy on your faces,

Everyone congratulates you and gives you flowers.
After all, children are the Lord’s reward,
For the good that you have done.

We wish you that she grew up beautiful,

I have never known grief and trouble in my life.
So that she