Congratulations on the newborn daughter to parents
Happy birthday to the beautiful daughter!
Parents’ dreams have come true.
We wish her to be bright, passionate,
Become: a beauty queen!

Let it shine brighter than the stars,

Let it be good for people.
And let the day come,
So that the stars worship her.
Congratulations on the birth of a daughter in prose
Today our world has become more beautiful, because a little princess was born! We wish her health, beauty, and lightness. Let her grow up to be a beautiful, smart, kind and gentle baby and fill her parents’ life with warmth and joy!
Congratulations on the birth of your daughter in your own words
Congratulations on the birth of my daughter! I wish that your home is now filled with happiness, laughter, tenderness, love, childish surprise and spontaneity! Let your baby grow up kind, smart, beautiful, obedient, cheerful. So that she would have wisdom and please her parents!
Beautiful greetings with a newborn daughter
Little daughter – what could be more beautiful?
A peephole like bright diamonds of the sun,
Sponges like cherries that always laugh,
And fluffy eyelashes when they are touched …

What could be sweeter than a taurus fragrance,

That reminds of childhood, a miracle, joy,
A feeling of happiness gives that forever,
When you kiss the little eyelids.

What could be more beautiful than soft gentle handles,

Five in the palm of your hand – the very
Congratulations on the newborn daughter to Dad
You are not happier, my friend,
You’ve become a folder! I congratulate you!
Everyone is happy for you around,
After all, my daughter is happiness, I know that!
We wish you happy days,
Raise your daughter healthy,
Your life has become brighter,
Let it be kind, new!
Sms greetings with a newborn daughter
Unprecedented beauty, she is like a mom, exactly,
Brings happiness like spring, the baby is your daughter.
Let heaven give her success, love and light,
And often in life let her meet miracles.
Short congratulations on the birth of your daughter
Your baby was born!
Let there be happiness – this time,
Lasting health always
We wish her two,
Let it certainly be ahead
Joy awaits her – that’s three!
Congratulations to a friend with a newborn daughter
My friend is sweet, dear!
You gave birth to an angel today!
I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart,
After all, you now have your daughter!

She is beautiful, like a flower,

She’s the cutest person in the world!
May the angel always be happy,
Let the daughter grow up a beautiful lady!
Congratulations on the birth of my daughter in verse
We sincerely want to congratulate you on this happiness:
Your joy, your daughter was born,
Although we usually meet infrequently, –
All the relatives gathered to look at the crumb,
A newborn baby without end
Everyone is ready to kiss and hug,
At her crib, you can hear it every now and then:
“Just like my father!”, “Well, just the spitting image of a mother!”
Very soon it will ring like a bell,
In the house joyful, cheerful daughter’s
Congratulations on the newborn daughter to mom
Today the stork knocked
In the window to you. Here on the hands
Mom had an angel.
And happiness shines in the eyes.
What a cute little girl!
I haven’t seen a whole world more beautiful.
Dolls, rattles are waiting for her
And princes with a thousand carriages.
Let her grow up healthy,
A cheerful girl star.
Let him learn and study
The whole world is around. With your own hand
Lead your daughter through life,
Like a bird to distant lands.
Love your