Funny congratulations on the birth of a boy
I congratulate you on the birth of your son!
Let him turn into a handsome man.
Let his life be both warm and satisfying,
So that a solid and prominent heir grows up.
Let him show his abilities in his studies,
Let him only pleasantly surprise you.
Let the care of him be a joy for you,
And let the son be a support in his old age,
Will continue your beautiful family with dignity
And he will bring
Congratulations on the newborn boy to mom
You have given birth to your happiness today,
And at the same time you have found the meaning of life,
After all, the son is quietly snuffling in the cradle,
May the Lord always keep him from troubles!

To make sorrow and evil go away forever,

Give him love and all the warmth,
Take care of your son a strong, sweet sleep,
So that he gains strength sooner!
Congratulations on a newborn boy in prose
When a child appears in the family, the house seems to come to life, and everything around comes to life. After all, a miracle happened today, you now have a son. The future hero. Mom’s support, Dad’s pride! We wish you, parents, to gain strength and raise your son so that he changes our world. So that everyone who recognized your son admired him. And he was thanking you for
Congratulations on the newborn baby boy to Dad
Don’t be ashamed of tears today,
Tear up armfuls of flowers.
Do you have a son now,
You’ve become a folder, boy.

I want to wish my son

Strength and health.
Surround him with protection,
Tenderness, love.
Congratulations on the birth of a boy in verse
Your baby was born,
How a bright angel appeared!
Let there be no troubles in life,
Motherhood will be happy,

And let your son grow

And mom is happy with the years!
Let only happiness in life awaits,
And we will rejoice with you!
A beautiful greeting with a newborn boy
I want to wish you so much,
That I cannot count all the wishes
Only the greatest happiness
After all, you already have in the world!

Rejoice your son and love

And give him only warmth,
So that his luck smiles,
That he was always lucky in everything.

So that his health is strong,

So that he does not even know about doctors
So that he can achieve everything in life…
Well, you should start everything from the basics.

Sms congratulations on the birth of a boy
Congratulations on a new stage of life,
Difficult, but happy ahead!
We wish Mom to be always healthy,
To my son – to grow stronger and grow!
Short greetings with a newborn boy
Your toddler is a sight to behold,
The stork knew who to carry!
Let with luck and luck
There will be a crumb on the way!
Congratulations on the birth of a boy in your own words
Let the little legs run fast along the paths, let the children’s laughter fill your house every day. Let the son grow up healthy, strong, strong and become a real man.
Congratulations on the newborn boy to the grandmother
A miracle happened suddenly –
Your grandson was born today!
A very tiny baby,
But look at how sturdy he is.

Great joy for the whole family,

After all, he is the fruit of great love.
Let your granddaughter grow strong and healthy,
Let him please you and always take an example from you.
Congratulations on a newborn boy to a friend
Congratulations, girlfriend,
On a solemn day, accept.
Mom became a miracle son,
Hug the baby tighter.

I wish you strength

And health to the baby,
With his bright smile
Let everything be on your shoulder.