Congratulations to parents with a newborn son
The baby is growing up in your family –
And life has become more beautiful with him,
And you are so happy now,
Proud of my dear son!
Let him be surrounded by love,
He will give you joy,
With his talent and intelligence
The whole world will be able to surprise!
Congratulations on the newborn son to mom
So you became a happy mom,
Young, radiant, beautiful!
So much light and joyful tears
The baby son brought it overnight!

All dreams and all thoughts about him:

Did you sleep at night, did you eat during the day,
Does your beloved tummy hurt,
Did the little mouth smile?

Let your baby grow, don’t get sick,

He warms all his relatives with his tenderness,
And everyday fatigue worries
May it bring you only joy!
Congratulations on the birth of a son in prose
With replenishment! With the birth of an heir! Health to the baby, good sleep and a good appetite. Be proud of him and admire him! Educate him the most-the most! Give him your love and support! Happiness to your family, lots of blessings, may your little angel always be happy, be surrounded by love and care!
Congratulations on the newborn son in your own words
I heartily congratulate you on the birth of a beautiful boy, on the birth of a wonderful son. I wish your family all the best, peace, prosperity, love and patience. Let my son grow up strong and healthy, cheerful and inquisitive, the best and wonderful. May his life be happy and kind.
Congratulations on the newborn son to the pope
Here, your dreams have come true
You became a dad today.
A lot of new sensations,
Accept congratulations!

You will raise your son as a man,

There is no reason for doubt.
Maybe he will be a football player
Or a brave hockey player,

Maybe a wise businessman

Or even Superman.
You’ll teach him to count,
You’ll learn the alphabet again.

Be a hero to your son,

So that he is proud of you.
We believe you will cope with everything
Funny congratulations on the birth of a son
Finally got to us
Mom’s puzozhitel,
On this day the baby left
A warm abode.

Let the healthy son grow,

Smart, strong, naughty,
Your little boy is just a miracle,
Struck everyone with beauty!
Beautiful congratulations on the birth of your son
Here it has happened! That came true!
The blessed light has been shed.
The fruit of your great love
He came down from heaven like an angel.

Beating in a small chest

A weightless heart.
You, baby, get stronger, grow
And be happy, of course.

For their parents

Become a support and a joy.
After all, they have lit Life in you – a great reward.

From the bottom of my heart I wish

To be very happy
Your friendly
Congratulations on the newborn son sms
Newborn happiness smiles,
Congratulations on such a miracle tenderly to you!
Let your baby wake up with joy,
Saturating with light, happiness every hour!
Short congratulations on the birth of your son
A little happiness is napping on your hands,
And a tear has frozen in your eyes.
You look at him – you won’t take your eyes off,
You give him all the love and affection.
Let the cute angel be healthy
We wish you happiness, and God bless you!
Congratulations on the newborn son in verse
Your son was born –
A tiny funny lump.
Congratulations on this miracle,
We wish you all the best.

Patience of steel – mom,

Good luck at work – dad,
And even a tiny son –
We were quiet for the night.

Grow up together, don’t get sick,

Overcome all difficulties.
Let the joy be a huge lump
Now it will roll into your house!
Congratulations on the birth of the second son
From the bottom of my heart and at this hour,
We wanted to congratulate you.
Beautiful brought diapers,
You have a second child now.

Beautiful, cute and funny,

Well, clearly Mom’s appearance.
Health to you, good news,
And in happiness to raise children.
Congratulations to a friend with a newborn son
Hooray, hooray, dreams come true!
Today you have become a real mom!
A little son is napping on the handles,
May he never be alone,
Let him grow up to be a real man,
May his future be brilliant!
Congratulations to my sister with a newborn son
Dear sister, happy holiday to you,
You gave birth to a hero today,
He will please you and protect you,
He will never let you lose heart.
Let the son grow for joy,
May he always be lucky in everything,
May his fate be happy,
May the Lord keep him always.