Congratulations on the birth of a grandson to a grandfather
Well… In the family in the regiment of men
Another one was added.
So that old age does not hurry to visit,
Fate has given you a grandson.

Now for sure the baby is a grandson

Leisure will not make it boring!
We wish you without further ado,
May the grandson always be healthy,

Growing up cheerful, mischievous

To the joy of all your relatives!
Congratulations to the grandmother on the birth of her grandson
A bundle with a blue bow
You pick up,
Congratulations, Grandma,
With a newborn grandson.

Familiar features

Looking for a look,
Little heart
Beats with your side.

Strong and healthy

Let the granddaughters grow,
Let the fate be happy
Waiting for him in life.
Congratulations on a newborn grandson to grandparents
With a newborn, grandma and grandpa,
Accept congratulations,
Let your granddaughter give you strength
And the pursuit of achievements.

Let the boy be healthy,

Your assistant is growing,
Every day with your beloved grandson
Let it only bring you joy.

The new status inspires

May you, grandma, always,
Run, jump with your grandson
Never get bored.
Congratulations on a newborn grandson in prose
Congratulations on a touching and such a welcome event – the birth of a grandson! I wish good health to the newborn. Pleasant troubles and family happiness. Mutual understanding, support and love. May every day be full of new events, good emotions and joy!
Congratulations in your own words on the birth of your grandson
Congratulations on the birth of your grandson! Let him become strong and brave, let his granddaughter please you every day, let new talents open up in him, let a ray of kindness and happiness always shine for the beloved boy in life.
Beautiful congratulations on the birth of a grandson
With a coveted golden granddaughter
I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart!
Let his path be simple,
Luck spoils rays.

Let his dream butterflies flutter

Everything will come true
And fortunately strong bridges
In fate, they will easily connect.
Congratulations on the birth of a grandson in verse
A strong man was born in the family, the holiday has come!
He gave a lot of happiness with his appearance!
Let the road in life be bright and easy,
And let the hand generously bestow his fate!
Grandma and grandpa dreamed about him so much,
For a long, long time they were waiting for a grandson!
I cordially congratulate them today with joy,
I sincerely wish them the most pleasant troubles!