Short sms wishes for Easter 2022
Weather, sun, joy,
a lot of guests on Sunday,
lots of water on Monday
– it’s for health and beauty.
A lot of colored eggs,
Happy and healthy Christmas!
Short funny wishes for Easter 2022 in your own words
All the best, the egg of a large painted green meadow where rabbits eat poppies and graze sheep. *** Only joy, colorful eggs, white sheep, countless smiles and dried fruits in cheesecake. The sausages are greasy and the atmosphere is pleasant, I wish you …

Easter wishes in your own words
Delicious ham and eggs, on this festive morning,
and there’s nothing in the Easter basket but surprises. *** Big eggs,
five barrels of wine,
fat bacon,
a simple step.
Two buckets of water
And the Christmas Agreement

With best wishes for the upcoming Easter. Health, joy, cheerfulness, delicious Easter and rainy Monday!

Short funny greetings on Easter in verse
Happy Easter to the great!
I wish grace to your house,
Smiles, sunshine, laughter
And success in your career!
Poems – congratulations on the Bright Easter

In the hustle and bustle, we often forget

About the spiritual – just look around.
But in the spring, on the holiday of Bright Easter,
We exclaim again: “Christ is risen!”

And the soul becomes transparent,

Because it is full of the true.
We no longer hide the song of the heart,
The joy of life is visible to everyone around.

Because this day is spring –

A celebration of life, a celebration of light.
Bright Sunday of
Beautiful congratulations on Easter in verse

The Easter gospel sounds around,

The flow of spring rivers has become smooth.
“Christ is risen!” – “Truly risen!”
What a joy for the Orthodox today!

The whole family hurries to the temple in the morning,

And after – conversation: The Fast is over.
The heart listens to the spring nightingales,
And it’s like the sun came out after the night.

Bring Easter, eggs, cakes –

There is so much in this, dear to my
Congratulations on the Easter holiday in verse

Let it be on the bright Sunday of Christ

Once again, the heavens will make peace with the earth.
The Lord will give you joy and salvation,
He will send hope and love into the hearts.

These messages are carried to all places,

A great holiday comes to our house.
Let all the relatives be together today
They will gather again at the big table.

And let the old hardships go away,

And the sun gives