Congratulations to an adult sister on her birthday in her own words
How quickly the time flew by! It seems that yesterday my sister and I were playing mother-daughter, and today each of us has our own family and adult worries and troubles… But I know, let more years pass, we will always remain sisters and we will definitely visit each other! Today I congratulate you, little sister, on your birthday, and with all my loving heart I wish you and your
Poems to a second cousin happy birthday
Second cousin – good luck,
Don’t let your eyes cry,
Today I’m like a brother to you,
I am glad to congratulate you on your birthday,

So that you are always lucky,

And I’ve never been sad,
Luck is near let it go,
I wish the soul flight!
Sms congratulations to my sister on her anniversary
Let the breeze whisper compliments,
Let the sun caress you with a ray
And on the anniversary, sister, any flower
You are showered with petals with love!
Congratulations to my sister on the 60th anniversary
My beloved sister,
You’re sixty today.
And I’m still, out of habit,
I’m in a hurry to hug you soon.

You don’t get old, every year

You’re getting prettier like wine.
Everything that nature has given you,
Is completely devoid of dreams.

I wish you on this day

To live another three thousand years.
In the shower, my dear,
Let the light of life not fade!
Congratulations to your beloved sister on her birthday in your own words
I want to wish my only and beloved sister a sweet life on her birthday! Let there always be a favorite dessert for tea and a favorite dress sitting on the figure, let the girlfriends be real, and the men are serious, let the boss let go of work early and the career goes uphill, in a word, let everything happen in your life as best as possible, leaving no
Congratulations to my sister to tears on her birthday in verse
I can’t find a better friend on the whole earth,
You are a ray of light on my true path.
Your gentle gaze will both calm and understand,
He gives me strength in life.

You’re my sister and I’m glad for that,

And on your birthday I wish you,
Not to know either strong pain or loss.
And live the dream without losing hope.

Let you succeed in everything in life,

Let you know no boundaries in
Congratulations on the anniversary to my sister from my sister
You are a creative nature,
Your figure is good,
And an open soul –
Keep it up, my sister!

Be a healthy young girl,

A giggler, a merry girl,
Celebrating the anniversary,
Be like a holiday for people!

I’ve known you since childhood,

And I openly declare
That stress is not terrible with you!
You, sister, are always beautiful!
Congratulations on the 30th anniversary of my sister
You are thirty years old today,
My dear sister,
But youth is a cheerful light
It burns, playing in your eyes.

I want to wish you

Health, happiness and success.
Not a bit discouraged
And fill your life with laughter.
Sincere congratulations to my sister on her birthday in her own words
My beloved sister, a little miracle! You look like a delicate flower that first grew for a long time in care and care, and now is ready to bloom, surprise everyone with its bright beauty! On your holiday, on your birthday, I wish you lots of sunshine, good weather without storms and, of course, love! May one day you meet a man to whom you can entrust your heart, and
Poems to the elder sister happy birthday
Big sister’s birthday,
Accept congratulations from me.
Always loved you very much,
It’s always been fun with you.

I want to wish you good luck,

And find your happiness,
Always stay cheerful,
And smile more often, please!
Beautiful birthday greetings to my sister
Bosom friend,
The adviser is excellent,
You shine with a smile like a star,
All this is you – my sister!

I wish on the anniversary

In the life of the main roles only,
To inspire good luck color,
I found the answer to my question,

Purple joy,

Azure holidays,
Brilliant creative ideas,
Live easily and don’t get sick,

Good music and words,

By the sea of warm shores,
Good luck in fate,
So that you get everything!
Congratulations to my sister on the 35th anniversary
35 years old, but you’re like a girl!
Eyes glow with joy, happiness,
You surprise everyone with your subtle humor.
What else can I say, little sister?

I just wish you always smile,

Don’t let the burden of worries bother you,
You try to be yourself.
Happiness to you! Congratulations, loving!
A beautiful birthday greeting to your sister in your own words
Little sister, you are more and more beautiful and better every year, you are always blooming, regardless of the time of year outside the window. Therefore, I wish you to be as pure as a snowy winter, as incredibly gentle as a kind spring, to be as warm for everyone as a sunny summer and, of course, fabulously rich as a golden autumn.
Poems to the younger sister happy birthday
Today, little sister,
I want to congratulate you,
I want to hear your laughter ringing
Let faithful friends be near

They always go with you, dear,

And if you suddenly need help –
I wish you good luck,
And I drink to the bottom for you!
Congratulations on the anniversary to my sister in verse
You are more than just a sister,
With you we have passed all the winds,
You are a lifeline in life,
And there are no bosom friends!

I want your cozy home to sparkle with care all around,

So that my husband respects and loves,
I gave gifts and roses,

So that the children were obedient,

Colleagues cherished you,
So that everyone had a rosy day,
Like this big anniversary!
Congratulations on the 45th anniversary of my sister
My sister is 45 today,
And I hurry to hug her.
My little sister, you are wonderful,
And you are insanely adorable.

I remember your every step, of course,

I am insanely glad of your success.
I congratulate you on your anniversary.
And, as it should be, I will wish you.

Health strong as steel,

Losses are only those who are not sorry.
Happy birthday greetings to the best sister in your own words
I want to congratulate my dear, sweet and dear sister on her birthday. I wish you happiness in life and sincere love. Let toasts and wishes sound in your honor on this day. All the flowers and gifts will be only for you. Have fun, smile and never change, stay the same beautiful and cheerful always. Happy birthday, sis!
Short poems happy birthday to my sister
Little sister, I wish you happiness, joy,
Divine love, goodness without edge,
armfuls of flowers, festive fireworks,
Let your dreams lead you up, forward!
Congratulations to my sister on the anniversary from my brother
You look how beautiful you are,
Your eyes are shining with happiness.
I want you, my sister,
To say these words:

“Be cheerful and be happy,

Be beautiful, unique,
Healthy, sweet, young,
With a crystal clear soul”!

Make a wish today

It will come true, believe me.
Everything will be magical today,
After all, the anniversary is on the threshold!
Congratulations to my sister on the 65th anniversary
My dear sister,
I truly love you.
And on this day I wish you well
And I pray to God for you.

Let the temples are already gray,

Let the years be too old,
But I am happy with my family
And you’re celebrating an anniversary.

I wish you health for a hundred years,

Let the angel keep the house from troubles,
A smile will be on your face, And the sun with joy in your soul.