Birthday greetings to my sister in verse
Happy birthday, sis,
You are my golden one!
Happy birthday, dear,
I congratulate you.

This day is wonderful, gentle

I want to wish you
The ocean of boundless love,
To live like in a fairy tale, like in a dream.

Let the luck turn

The best side.
Let inspiration wake up
And stay with you!
Birthday greetings to her husband’s sister in verse
Let this day remind you a little
That you are loved by everyone,
Let me congratulate you modestly,
Sister-in-law, be unique.

I wish only spring in my heart,

Listen to compliments more often,
Let life on a platter present
Happy moments for you!
Congratulations on the anniversary to my husband’s sister
To my husband’s sister on her anniversary
I send congratulations,
Let happiness come to you
Spring flood.

Let love flood you

With tenderness and affection,
Let everyday life become in an instant
A magical, kind fairy tale.

You are happy in the anniversary meet

And they settled in the house,
So that soul to soul with him
You were able to live your life.
Short congratulations to my sister on her birthday in her own words
Sister, happy birthday. I wish you a sweet and beautiful life, true and bright happiness, great luck and sincere love.
Poems happy birthday to my sister from my brother
I am with sincere brotherly love
Congratulations to you, Sister!
You and I are related by blood.
I want it to be fun,

And I wish you female happiness –

To love and be loved.
To spend, not counting bills,
To live happily, joyfully!
Funny birthday greetings to my sister in verse
Happy birthday, sister!
Congratulations from me.
Cheerfulness and fortitude,
Joy, in the eyes of fire.

And good luck and good luck,

Warm feelings, prosperity in the house,
And enjoyment of life
In full, dear, volume.
Congratulations on the anniversary to my cousin
From a cousin,
It’s a glorious anniversary today.
I wish, dear,
You have bright, bright days.

Let the path of a wonderful life

It will lead you to happiness,
Never upsets
A daily load of worries.

Let love warm your heart,

Let the dream lead forward,
Let life be interesting,
Surrounded by beauty.
Sms congratulations to my sister on her birthday in her own words
Happy birthday, little sister. I wish you to be cooler than any superstar, richer than any millionaire and happier than all the people on the planet taken together.
Poems to my cousin happy birthday
To his cousin
As a brother, I wish you happiness,
Let you be lucky in everything,
True love,

And let joy come to you,

The dream will come true,
Happiness awaits around the corner,
The weight of the best will happen!
Humorous congratulations to my sister on her birthday in verse
Happy birthday, little sister!
Be beautiful and smart.
Happiness in marriage, in personal life,
Never be alone!

Smile like a Madonna,

With a passionate look in men
Make hormones play,
Boost your adrenaline.

Let fate not grieve,

The house will be a full cup.
Be beautiful, majestic
And happy besides!
Congratulations on the anniversary of my sister to tears
My beloved sister!
Let me congratulate you.
A wonderful gift from myself
I want to leave it to you.

Today will be the anniversary:

Let’s have fun boldly!
Be any of the days beautiful,
Live them completely.

Let there be an interest in life,

That does not fade away.
Expect miracles at any time:
Don’t be afraid — it’s not dangerous.

Let a cheerful laugh sound,

A balm that heals the soul.
You constantly make everyone happy,
Life will be
Congratulations to her husband’s sister on her birthday in her own words
My dear, happy birthday to you! I wish you not to get sick, let all the joyful events happen in your life. Prosperity surrounds you, as every woman dreams of female happiness, so let it fly to you on the wings of love. Receive only the gifts of fate in the form of luck and success.
Poems happy birthday to my sister from my sister
I wish my sister health, success,
A huge bouquet and merry laughter,
To you, so incredibly beautiful,
Great female happiness!

To you – so that you both love and dream,

You will never be alone,
Forever to stay beautiful,
With a cheerful face, a kind soul!
Happy birthday greetings to twin sisters in verse
You were born together,
And the friendship is strong between you.
Girls! With this bright day
I want to congratulate you with poems!

You will remain the same,

I wish you great beauty,
Huge devoted love,
And live, helping each other!
Sincere congratulations to my sister on her anniversary
Sister, sweet sister,
I congratulate you on your anniversary,
Here I wrote a chapter in a book,
And then from scratch!

And then, so that you live in happiness,

I did not know grief and trouble,
To easily over a cup of tea,
She revealed her dreams to me.

We are sisters, best friends,

I’m always proud of you sister,
I wish you success,
I wish you warmth!
Happy birthday greetings to my wife’s sister in my own words
My dear sister-in-law, I congratulate you on your birthday and I want to wish you a wonderful mood and successful achievement of your goals, peace and harmony in the family, prosperity and prosperity in the house, good health and understanding of relatives, sincere love and great happiness.
Touching birthday greetings to my sister in verse
Dear sister, dear
You’re the only one I have!
With you together from an early age
We met the morning dawn
And they didn’t dare to fall asleep after midnight –
They dreamed and their eyes burned,
From dreams that they composed themselves.
And I can’t put it into words
How I love you… and let
Your unintentional sadness
It will not become an eternal longing:
I will share it with you.
I wish you joy and only
And I do not regret
An original birthday greeting to my sister in verse
Dear sister, happy birthday
I hasten to congratulate you as soon as possible!
Wish you good luck and fun,
The warmest and most magical days!

Let only your relatives,

Close and loyal friends be with you!
Let any problems be solved easily
Life goals and deeds.

Let health be heroic,

And love is more beautiful than flowers.
Let people greet you with kindness
And a bouquet of the most tender words.

Accept gifts, congratulations!

This day is only yours
Congratulations to my sister on the anniversary
Ah, sister, a miracle holiday
You’re celebrating now.
Happy anniversary,
Let dreams come true.

To always be beautiful,

And just as young.
To drive men crazy,
And yours has fallen in love forever.

As a sister, I’ll be honest,

I can’t beat you,
May there be more wonderful days
Will be in the way of life.
Birthday greetings to a second cousin in your own words
Happy birthday to my second cousin! I wish you a lot of positivity, smiles, good mood, wonderful surroundings, fulfillment of wishes and happy eyes! Let everything work out the way you want it to. Love, prosperity and great impressions!