Merry Christmas greetings in your own words

I wish you all the best: earthly love, good luck and abundance in your pockets and on the table. Let the Christmas fairy tale make life magical – full of new impressions, happy moments and pleasant surprises!

Merry Christmas greetings in prose

On this festive Christmas evening, when all families gather at the festive table, I want to wish good and light, warmth and well-being to everyone. Let the long-awaited peace come to the whole planet on this day.

A beautiful Christmas greeting

A star burns over the barn proclaiming the kingdom of god,

It is for those who are kind in their hearts,
who will always find the way to the truth,
It is impossible to underestimate the birth of the holy son,
We all worship fate,
for the fact that Jesus,
as an equal to us, living in a circle of people tasted pain and joy.
He gave us hope, faith, and, most importantly, learning!
We will
Short congratulations on Christmas 2022

The world is filled with celebration,

The lights on the fir trees lit up again.
Merry Christmas
And we wish you fun!

Merry Christmas greetings in verse

Let Christmas come into your home,

Carrying with you all that is sacred!
Let there be laughter and joy in it,
From happiness and the soul is rich!

Let the house breathe comfort,

May the angel protect you!
We wish you a Merry Christmas
And we wish only the best!

Congratulations on the upcoming Christmas

Soon the holiday will come to us,

Wait a little,
Quiet, quiet Christmas
Knock on the window

After all, it’s almost Jesus

Little was born,
Waiting for him
The world is having fun!

Happy New Year, friends!

I congratulate everyone!
I have great love and happiness
On this day I wish!