Happy birthday greetings to my son are cool
I wish you success on your birthday, my son,
Only joyful tears and happy laughter.
So that the bills crunched and glasses rang,
So that there was little room for fun in the shower.

So that you find a happy place under the sun,

So that super brides are built in line,
Golden so that luck becomes a fish,
Helping to solve all the cases and tasks!

Congratulations on your son’s birthday in your own words
Restless mischievous, let your birthday be fabulously magical! A lot of toys, a round dance of friends, sweets and balloons – all this will give a holiday. My son, dance and jump like a bunny with happiness.

Congratulations to parents on their son’s birthday
Congratulations, dear,
Happy best holiday in the world!
No treasure is more important
For parents than children.

And therefore we wish

Only joy from now on.
Happy birthday congratulations
Both parents and son!

Birthday greetings to my son in prose
They say that today’s youth is not the same as before. But I know for sure! My son is a serious person, responsible, attentive and responsive. I rejoice in his achievements together with the whole family and on his birthday I want to raise a glass high and wish him a smooth life path, loyal friends and new achievements! Let my son learn about this amazing world as much as
Congratulations on the birthday of a friend’s son
Happy birthday to my son,
And I wish you, my friend,
That he grows up kind and happy,
And, like a mother, gentle and beautiful!

To make you proud, admire,

She stayed young for a long time,
To please her son with her skill,
Surprised with love and patience!

Let him become a real man,

Courageous, strong and brilliant,
And will be a support for life,
He will say: “Mom, hold on to me!”

Touching congratulations on my son’s birthday
Always believe in the good, son!
Everything will pass, sadness and chagrin.
On your birthday, experience the delight,
Accept gifts, congratulations.
Let the poems sound solemnly,
Life is full of smiles, wonderful meetings,
Live a new life every day.
Let the world around you become interesting.
I wish you joy, kindness,
Good health and love.
The mood will always be festive,
And all roads will open to happiness!

Happy birthday greetings to an adult son
Happy birthday today
I want to congratulate my son,
I think I was still a boy
And suddenly he became an adult man.

Became a solid, important uncle,

With a commanding voice
And you can count yourself
The most important thing in life.

Be happy, my son,

You will cope with difficulties,
And only for us, parents,
You will remain a child.

Beautiful congratulations on your son’s birthday
Son, be happy,
Love and dream,
By the tail by all means
Catch your luck.

Let the side

The trouble goes around,
So that you don’t know the grief,
Dear, never.

Good people

Met on the way,
After all, with them in life
It’s easier to walk.

And loyal friends

Let fate give you,
After all, with a friend, son,
And it doesn’t matter.

Live well,

Relax, don’t get bored.
Well, parents
Do not forget.

Congratulations on your son’s birthday in verse
I wish my native,
Only son,
A wonderful life to conquer
The highest peak.

Find goals on the way to the mountain

The most important spiritual,
And choose the roads up
Cloudless, smooth.

I wish you to be happy

Among people, alone,
And be able to find joy in the noise,
And in the innermost silence.

Congratulations on my son’s birthday are short
Son, today is your birthday!
I wish you happiness with all my heart!
Love is wide, trembling, big!
And so that your world is filled with beauty!