Congratulations in verse to aunt on her 65th birthday

Sixty-fifth birthday

Today, Aunt, you celebrate.
Hurry up and accept all these congratulations,
Let dreams come true on the anniversary!

I wish you health, peace, happiness,

Prosperity, joy, success and warmth,
So that there is no bad weather in your fate,
And every day you were cheerful!

So that the good will return to you generously,

And longevity will bring peace,
Well-being has opened its bowels,
Wealth gushed like a stormy river!

Happy birthday to a woman funny sms
Be happy, unique,
Always love and be loved,
Let flowers always grow
And the holiday will be where you are!
70th anniversary to a woman congratulations in beautiful words
A beautiful woman who deserves attention and respect, the love of loved ones and the bright hopes of fate, I congratulate you on your birthday. Let a new story of a wonderful day begin with every dawn, let life seem joyful and happy with every moment. I wish you long years of health, peace, goodness and goodness.
Birthday greetings to a woman friend short
Happy birthday, my good!
I wish you a lot of happiness,
Be in love and adored,
May fortune be in your power!
Funny sms birthday greetings to a woman
Since you are already beautiful, I hasten to wish you only prosperity, boundless love, loyal friends, healthy relatives, understanding, prosperity, smiles, joy, good luck, laughter, happiness, success, inspiration!
Beautiful congratulations on the 70th anniversary of a woman
Happy anniversary to you, dear,
Let’s always be lucky in everything,
Life, because the thing is not simple,
But the warmest of all, your home!
So that you always dreamed,
Did not have a headache,
Did not worry about fatigue,
Were always happy!
Short comic congratulations to a woman on her birthday
Slim and elegant,
Beautiful and smart.
Source of inspiration,
You’re the only one like that.

Let your eyes sparkle,

Shine from year to year.
May God protect
From all kinds of adversity.
Humorous sms birthday greetings to a woman
I wish you not idle men,
In bed – passionate, in a boutique – not greedy!
Let your life be easy and bright!
And generous with a lot of good gifts!
A long heartfelt birthday greeting to a woman
You are a dazzling lady,
You shine like a star.
Your smile is hard to miss,
You are happy, beautiful and smart.

Let the relatives be near,

Full of health, joy.
Let them warm you with their eyes, let men give you flowers.

Let the problems and adversities,

They’ll pass you by.
Let nature smile,
Not only on this day in any.

If you cry, then from happiness,

If you love, then to the end,
There is no more beautiful
Short humorous birthday greetings to a woman
So that raspberries are without thorns,
And a den like a cottage,
Apiaries – without angry bees,
And honey miracles!
Sms birthday greetings to a woman friend
Our friendship has been tested for years,
And you will understand me without unnecessary words …
And let everything be what you need for happiness:
Success, well-being, love!
Birthday greetings to a woman are touching and heartfelt
When you were born, the sun was shining brightly,
And the birds sang, and the gardens bloomed,
The good wizard did not spare gifts,
He gave you a lot of kindness.

You will pass, the flowers have all bloomed,

And you will smile, the clouds are gone in a moment,
Calm suddenly reigned
From the light of your amazing soul.

Bottomless eyes shine with happiness,

A ray of sun is tangled in her hair,
A smile warms everyone
Short congratulations to an elderly woman on her birthday
I wish a lot of joy and light,
So that life is full of smiles,
So that not Indian summer blooms in the soul,
But young spring forever sings.
Sms birthday greetings to a female colleague
Let your modesty not fade for centuries,
Let the kindness in your soul not run out,
And live with you for many years
Sincerity, fun and beauty!
The most sincere birthday greetings to a woman
From the bottom of my heart – happiness, fulfillment of desires! Let life, like a bright mosaic, consist of bright colors of joy, unforgettable events, and every new day gives good luck and a wonderful mood!
Short congratulations to a young woman on her birthday
You are a real ray of sunshine,
I wish to be like this always,
Shine through the thickness of gray clouds,
And never fade away!
Sms birthday greetings to a woman in prose
I want your soul to overflow from the flow of positive emotions delivered by loved ones, and happiness to be your best and faithful friend in life!
A very sincere birthday greeting to a woman
I wish to be always loved,
For the whole world unique.
Achieve incredible victories,
Not knowing grief, tears and troubles.

Let luck accompany you

And only with joy into the bargain.
I wish your dreams come true,
Believe me, it’s going to happen soon.

I also want to be near

All those whom you call relatives.
Keep your nose up, don’t be discouraged.
Inspire with your smile.

To live happy years so a hundred

And to be lucky in all
A short original greeting to a woman on her birthday
Know that you are the best in the world!
Let your dreams come true
And hundreds of thousands of years in a row
Everything will be super and awesome!
Birthday greetings to a woman with a cool sms
Always be such a beauty,
Even after a hundred years!
And a tempting gait
Put the whole world at your feet!
There is a lot of interest in you,
Happy birthday, princess!