A short congratulations to your beloved woman on her birthday
From the bottom of my heart, without verbosity, I wish you happiness and health.
Be you sweet and beautiful,
And, of course, happy!
Short sms birthday greetings to a woman
We wish you to be kind, gentle,
Healthy, sweet to the heart,
Cheerful, strong, young,
And most importantly – happy!
Short heartfelt birthday greetings to a woman
All my wishes come from the heart. And they sound like this: prosperity, joy, light, comfort, warmth, prosperity! May all your days be filled with inspiration and thirst for life! All the best to you!
A long heartfelt birthday greeting to a woman
You are a dazzling lady,
You shine like a star.
Your smile is hard to miss,
You are happy, beautiful and smart.

Let the relatives be near,

Full of health, joy.
Let them warm you with their eyes, let men give you flowers.

Let the problems and adversities,

They’ll pass you by.
Let nature smile,
Not only on this day in any.

If you cry, then from happiness,

If you love, then to the end,
There is no more beautiful
A short birthday greeting to a woman
Happy birthday! Let it be late, but from the heart! I wish you happiness, light, joy, great achievements and success, love, reciprocity and understanding. Let life give only good feelings and impressions. Happiness, prosperity and well-being!
Birthday greetings to a woman are touching and heartfelt
When you were born, the sun was shining brightly,
And the birds sang, and the gardens bloomed,
The good wizard did not spare gifts,
He gave you a lot of kindness.

You will pass, the flowers have all bloomed,

And you will smile, the clouds are gone in a moment,
Calm suddenly reigned
From the light of your amazing soul.

Bottomless eyes shine with happiness,

A ray of sun is tangled in her hair,
A smile warms everyone
Vulgar sms birthday greetings to a woman
By the most oh__ and pi__atom,
On your birthday, I send congratulations,
You don’t need any problems and shit,
That’s why I love you.
The most sincere birthday greetings to a woman
From the bottom of my heart – happiness, fulfillment of desires! Let life, like a bright mosaic, consist of bright colors of joy, unforgettable events, and every new day gives good luck and a wonderful mood!
Short sms birthday greetings to a woman
I wish you coziness, comfort, warmth
To have a good life and have fun,
To have more holidays in it,
Gifts, flowers and smiles from friends!
A very sincere birthday greeting to a woman
I wish to be always loved,
For the whole world unique.
Achieve incredible victories,
Not knowing grief, tears and troubles.

Let luck accompany you

And only with joy into the bargain.
I wish your dreams come true,
Believe me, it’s going to happen soon.

I also want to be near

All those whom you call relatives.
Keep your nose up, don’t be discouraged.
Inspire with your smile.

To live happy years so a hundred

And to be lucky in all
Sms birthday greetings to a former woman
Happy birthday to my ex, but still an amazing and wonderful woman. I wish you great success in achieving any goals, great happiness and reciprocity in love, eternal beauty and charm, unearthly joy and good luck.
Sincere congratulations to a female colleague on her birthday
I congratulate a wonderful colleague and a great woman on her birthday. I would like to wish you bright light in life and joyful holidays of the soul, to succeed in all your affairs and ideas, charming beauty and incredible kindness of heart, great successes and achievements, good health and wonderful mood.
Sms birthday greetings to your beloved woman
My charming and beloved, my beloved and dear woman, I congratulate you on your birthday. Let your soul not be sad and your heart never cries, I wish you to wake up in the morning with inspiration and joy and always open the door to happiness.
Happy birthday greetings to an elderly woman sincere
True Woman with big letters
Sweet, cheerful, with a kind soul.
How do you admire the foliage, flowers.
A true Woman means you!

Faith in beauty is not wasted in the heart.

You are trying to conquer the spirit of the height.
The future, the past-everything lives in you,
Craving for the unknown is calling you on the road.

Ah, do not know old age, be always like this.

Don’t be friends, please, with sadness and longing.
Sms birthday greetings to a young woman
Cute, nice, native –
You can go on indefinitely.
I congratulate you today
And I want to heartily wish
Happiness, grace and luck,
Beauty, good luck. Happy birthday!
A short SMS greeting to a woman on her birthday is heartfelt
Mademoiselle! Congratulations on your birthday! I wish you a sea of bright flowers and gifts, the sun in the sky, a guiding star and a faithful man next to you!
Happy birthday to a woman funny sms
Be happy, unique,
Always love and be loved,
Let flowers always grow
And the holiday will be where you are!
Sincere birthday greetings to a woman beautiful poems
My precious, my dear,
Happy birthday to you,
Such a beautiful woman,
I love you very much!

My dear, joy, sun,

I live only by you,
On a special day, I wish you,
To boldly realize your dream!

Well, I will be with you,

And I will be able to help in everything,
I wish you magic and a miracle,
Drive away bad thoughts!
Birthday greetings to a woman friend short
Happy birthday, my good!
I wish you a lot of happiness,
Be in love and adored,
May fortune be in your power!
Funny sms birthday greetings to a woman
Since you are already beautiful, I hasten to wish you only prosperity, boundless love, loyal friends, healthy relatives, understanding, prosperity, smiles, joy, good luck, laughter, happiness, success, inspiration!