Happy birthday greetings beautiful words to a woman
Happy Birthday! I wish that all events in life and initiatives in any business were permeated with love, warmth and understanding of loved ones! I wish you to always shine with your beauty and be filled with light and energy! Well-being, peace of mind, achievement of all set goals and a little luck! And may all these wishes be fulfilled against the background of good health!
Congratulations on the last birthday to a beautiful woman
Happy Birthday! Sorry I’m late —
Better later than never to remember.
And I’ll start, perhaps, with wishes —
I wish you happiness!

And good luck to you, patience,

So that all things work out.
To sadness, bad mood
We have never met in our life.

And I wish you good health,

Joy and live without troubles at all,
So that grief does not happen in life,
So that you live another hundred years!
Happy birthday greetings to a woman beautiful to tears
Happy birthday to you,
And I wish you with all my heart,
I wish to be the same beautiful,
Never get sick anywhere,
I wish you a lot of joy in life,
Many devoted close friends,
And I also wish you,
There is less bad news in life.
I wish you good luck,
So that the money sticks to you,
My heart is happy and a villa to boot,
I wish you only one.
Beautiful birthday greetings to a woman are short
Congratulations from the bottom of our hearts,
We sincerely wish
Be the sun redder,
Bright month is clearer,
To be always loved
And very happy!
Happy birthday greetings to a woman beautiful prose
Times and fashions have changed, but at all times women have appreciated, first of all, their grace and beauty, the radiance of their eyes and radiant smile, tenderness in every gesture and the talent to love with all my heart! We congratulate today on the birthday of a real ideal woman, and I will probably speak for everyone if I wish you to always be happy, cheerful and surrounded by
Beautiful sms birthday greetings to a woman
I wish you on your birthday, pretty woman,
A man like a prince, and a treasure like a find!
A car, like in a movie, the sea, like in an advertisement,
Happiness, as in a fairy tale, love, as in a novel!
Funny birthday greetings to a beautiful woman
It’s easier for men,
They don’t have women’s worries.
Even if the butt is clearly flatter
And let the belly be huge.

Cuter than a monkey

There should only be a man.
Us, on cute flaws
Everything will be pointed out, straight out.

So that no one torments the soul,

The heart is in shreds so as not to tear,
So that no one ruins peace
I will wish you:

Let the butt be elastic,

Like peach fruit.
Let Europe envy,
Beautiful birthday greetings to a female colleague
We are driving coffee with you,
At work all day,
And girlfriends to you and me,
I’m not too lazy to discuss it at all,
You are a colleague and a friend,
Helping me in everything,
We don’t quarrel with you,
We live very peacefully,
I wish you on your birthday,
I wish you great victories,
So that your career grows,
There was coffee, so as not to harm!
Beautiful birthday greetings to a woman friend
There were days in our friendship with you:
And the ups and downs of excitement.
We are closer relatives to each other —
Do you remember our adventures with you?

You, my friend, bloom and do not be afraid,

Be confident in your own strength,
Only tune in to the best in life,
Ignoring the envy of others!

After all, today is your beautiful holiday,

And I wish you without embellishment:
Let the blue-winged pigeon fly
Dear to
Happy birthday to a young woman beautiful greetings
Beautiful, young, successful,
Protected by fate.
So kind angel, the most gentle,
Let it be with you everywhere.

Let him save from all sorrows

And he will take away evil people,
So that only good people meet
You are among your worries.

Let the birthday of gifts

bring a lot of priceless.
And let your life be bright,
And every year will be bright!
A very beautiful birthday greeting to a woman
The world is beautiful, mysterious and new,
He is born and melts before our eyes,
Then it appears, then it flies away again,
Rich, generous, but harsh.
And it can be cruel, but it can be
Loving, sweet and fragrant,
Exploding or fading,
To hate, able to love.
After all, these are women with similar traits
With one remark – a woman is more gentle,
More capricious, more insidious, but… fairy,
A sorceress of mind and beauty.
No, we will not throw
Beautiful birthday greetings to an elderly woman
Birthday is a good date,
It doesn’t matter how old you are.
You were 17 once,
But do not regret it.
These years are still beautiful,
You are in the circle of your close friends,
We wish you health and happiness,
Many sunny, joyful days!
Let a smile light up your face,
Don’t let the wrinkles at the eyelids age:
Age is a big mistake,
If a person is young at heart.
A beautiful birthday greeting to a female leader
Happy birthday to you!
We ask you to stay like this,
How we have known you for a long time:
Kind, sincere, with a pure soul!

And from a friendly team we are

Congratulations, please accept.
We wish you to always be happy,
To meet every day only with a smile!

And let your dreams all come true,

The soul sings forever with happiness,
And let the income only multiply,
And love always lives in the heart!
WhatsApp birthday greetings to a beautiful woman
Happy birthday,
Let your dreams come true.
I sincerely wish you,
I am everything you want!

What does a woman strive for?

So that my husband always loved,
So that I could be proud of my children.
The rest doesn’t matter!

I wish you health,

For you and all your loved ones,
And let your life prepare
A great success for you!
Beautiful birthday greetings to a woman boss
The team was lucky:
You are not just a chef for us –
The status of a beautiful woman –
Our pride, glory, honor.

We are pleased on our birthday

To tell you all this,
And congratulations
Put everything on poems.

And let no one offend

Bright dreams now.
And champagne fountains
You \”will be washed\” for your efforts.
Beautiful sincere birthday greetings to a woman
In the summer month, your birthday,
That’s where so much warmth comes from,
So much happiness, so much inspiration
If you smile next to me!
With spiritual strength generous and wise
You bestow as if with grace.
You are beautiful in a simple, homely morning,
And this evening in an elegant dress.
Love the beautiful world, and life, and us!
Be happy both day and night!
Let the light of happy eyes not fade,
Let everything you want come true!
Happy birthday greetings to a girl in verse
On the birthday of a tight circle
Loving friends, girlfriends
Congratulations, have fun!
You can wonder at a miracle:
Everything around by magic,
Obeying witchcraft,
Suddenly it shines and sparkles,
No, you’re not dreaming!
Because on your holiday
A fairy tale will come true sometimes!
If you believe like a child,
Even though the age of childhood is not long,
Take that rapture of the soul with you
, and let the fate
Often extinguish all weekdays,
Once a year, the whole world will
Beautiful birthday greetings to your beloved woman
You were promised to me by fate,
I don’t need heaven now,
I love you, my beloved woman,
Happy birthday to you.

I’ll whisper thanks to fate,

Gently kissing your hands,
Than tell me, heaven,
Did I deserve this kind of love?

I will give my soul to you,

So that there is enough love for two,
So that you are happy at night
She fell asleep on my shoulder.