Short congratulations to an elderly woman on her birthday
I wish a lot of joy and light,
So that life is full of smiles,
So that not Indian summer blooms in the soul,
But young spring forever sings.
Short congratulations to a young woman on her birthday
You are a real ray of sunshine,
I wish to be like this always,
Shine through the thickness of gray clouds,
And never fade away!
A short original greeting to a woman on her birthday
Know that you are the best in the world!
Let your dreams come true
And hundreds of thousands of years in a row
Everything will be super and awesome!
Short birthday greetings to the female boss
Boss, happy wonderful Birthday
I hasten to congratulate you cordially!
I wish you success and luck,
So that you can rest more often!
A short congratulations to your beloved woman on her birthday
From the bottom of my heart, without verbosity, I wish you happiness and health.
Be you sweet and beautiful,
And, of course, happy!
Short heartfelt birthday greetings to a woman
All my wishes come from the heart. And they sound like this: prosperity, joy, light, comfort, warmth, prosperity! May all your days be filled with inspiration and thirst for life! All the best to you!
A short birthday greeting to a woman
Happy birthday! Let it be late, but from the heart! I wish you happiness, light, joy, great achievements and success, love, reciprocity and understanding. Let life give only good feelings and impressions. Happiness, prosperity and well-being!
Birthday greetings to a woman friend short
Happy birthday, my good!
I wish you a lot of happiness,
Be in love and adored,
May fortune be in your power!
Short comic congratulations to a woman on her birthday
Slim and elegant,
Beautiful and smart.
Source of inspiration,
You’re the only one like that.

Let your eyes sparkle,

Shine from year to year.
May God protect
From all kinds of adversity.
Short humorous birthday greetings to a woman
So that raspberries are without thorns,
And a den like a cottage,
Apiaries – without angry bees,
And honey miracles!
Beautiful short congratulations to a woman on her birthday
Congratulations from the bottom of our hearts,
We sincerely wish
Be the sun redder,
Bright month is clearer,
To be always loved
And very happy!
Happy birthday greetings to a woman short sms
Good luck everywhere and in everything,
Let the house be filled with kindness.
Love you, joy, laughter, luck.
Warmth, beauty, happiness and happy birthday!
A short greeting in prose to a woman on her birthday
I want to wish a nice and wonderful woman on her birthday to be a good sorceress of her life and turn her every day into a real holiday.
Happy birthday to a woman funny short greetings
We all need a little bit from life – stronger health, simple happiness.
So that relatives and friends are healthy,
So that all dreams are the purest.
Let the sun smile at you from the heart
And everything you want, of course comes true!
In short words happy birthday greetings to a woman
Everyone comes to this world to make it more beautiful. I wish you wisdom to recognize your vocation, patience to follow it, love to enjoy your life to the fullest! Happy birthday to you!
Short birthday greetings to a female colleague
Let the work be a joy,
Fatigue will go away from life,
And our cheerful team
It brings you positivity!
Funny birthday greetings to a woman are short
I wish you male attention,
Happiness, prosperity and charm,
To be always gentle, beautiful,
Wise, with a beautiful, pure soul.