Birthday greetings to a woman with a cool sms
Always be such a beauty,
Even after a hundred years!
And a tempting gait
Put the whole world at your feet!
There is a lot of interest in you,
Happy birthday, princess!
Beautiful SMS greeting to a woman on her birthday
Beautiful flowers are growing
From your hands touch.
Bloom for the joy of us and you,
We wish you a happy birthday!
Short sms birthday greetings to a woman
We wish you to be kind, gentle,
Healthy, sweet to the heart,
Cheerful, strong, young,
And most importantly – happy!
Vulgar sms birthday greetings to a woman
By the most oh__ and pi__atom,
On your birthday, I send congratulations,
You don’t need any problems and shit,
That’s why I love you.
Short sms birthday greetings to a woman
I wish you coziness, comfort, warmth
To have a good life and have fun,
To have more holidays in it,
Gifts, flowers and smiles from friends!
Sms birthday greetings to a former woman
Happy birthday to my ex, but still an amazing and wonderful woman. I wish you great success in achieving any goals, great happiness and reciprocity in love, eternal beauty and charm, unearthly joy and good luck.
Sms birthday greetings to your beloved woman
My charming and beloved, my beloved and dear woman, I congratulate you on your birthday. Let your soul not be sad and your heart never cries, I wish you to wake up in the morning with inspiration and joy and always open the door to happiness.
Sms birthday greetings to a young woman
Cute, nice, native –
You can go on indefinitely.
I congratulate you today
And I want to heartily wish
Happiness, grace and luck,
Beauty, good luck. Happy birthday!
Happy birthday to a woman funny sms
Be happy, unique,
Always love and be loved,
Let flowers always grow
And the holiday will be where you are!
Funny sms birthday greetings to a woman
Since you are already beautiful, I hasten to wish you only prosperity, boundless love, loyal friends, healthy relatives, understanding, prosperity, smiles, joy, good luck, laughter, happiness, success, inspiration!
Humorous sms birthday greetings to a woman
I wish you not idle men,
In bed – passionate, in a boutique – not greedy!
Let your life be easy and bright!
And generous with a lot of good gifts!
Sms birthday greetings to a woman friend
Our friendship has been tested for years,
And you will understand me without unnecessary words …
And let everything be what you need for happiness:
Success, well-being, love!
Sms birthday greetings to a female colleague
Let your modesty not fade for centuries,
Let the kindness in your soul not run out,
And live with you for many years
Sincerity, fun and beauty!
Sms birthday greetings to a woman in prose
I want your soul to overflow from the flow of positive emotions delivered by loved ones, and happiness to be your best and faithful friend in life!