Funny poems happy birthday to a woman
A warm nest, ringing chicks,
Life without a cage and without shackles,
High flights, soft landings,
So that the soul is not spoiled by a sad sediment.
Joy, happiness – and soon
In life, to make everything more fun,
Meetings of unusual, relatives — healthy
And happy new impressions!
Birthday greetings to an elderly woman in verse
For the venerable age —
Lots of respect!
We congratulate you
Happy birthday.

Good health,

From friends attention,
And in the family peace
You and understanding!

So that children, grandchildren

visit more often,
So that about diseases
You didn’t remember.

We wish you life

Long and happy,
To always and everyone
You were loved.
Happy birthday greetings to a female executive in verse
Happy birthday to you!
We ask you to stay like this,
How we have known you for a long time:
Kind, sincere, with a pure soul!

And from a friendly team we are

Congratulations, please accept.
We wish you to always be happy,
To meet every day only with a smile!

And let your dreams all come true,

The soul sings forever with happiness,
And let the income only multiply,
And love always lives in the heart!
Humorous congratulations to a woman on her birthday in verse
Let there be a sea of shoes and lipstick,
Let there be a lot of mascara,
Let there be a Prada bag
And there are ten spirits like that.

There are a lot of flowers bouquets,

Happy, carefree days.
Easy, fun road
And real, loyal friends.

I wish you love exactly in a fairy tale,

Let it be exactly like this.
More bright colors,
Let a trifle pass by.

Happy birthday congratulations!

Here’s the birthday cake.
I sincerely wish,
Execution of all
Happy birthday greetings to the boss of a woman in verse
You are a woman with taste, character and will,
So let the sea be waiting for you ahead of you,
So let your career lift you to the clouds,
Let it be the envy of all competitors and enemies!
But it’s better if you don’t have enemies,
Let everyone respect, cherish and love you,
We congratulate you on your Birthday,
You are the best leader, without a doubt!
Good poems happy birthday greetings to a woman
Be always beautiful and carefree,
To hell with all household chores,
So that a man thinks everyone he meets:
Ah, what a woman has passed!

And don’t forget about makeup, of course,

Even if you go home,
So that every man thinks:
Oh, what a lady, my God!

And one more piece of advice is well – known:

Sometimes take a shot glass,
So that a man thinks everyone he meets:
Oh, what a woman, damn it!
Poems happy birthday to your beloved woman congratulations
Happy birthday
To the woman I love,
I send you congratulations,
The most irresistible.

You are a pearl dear,

And there is no doubt about it.
As an ice floe melts in the sun,
So my heart is in awe.

In life, you are my luck,

And very lucky!
Accept congratulations now,
My dear, I embrace you!
Happy birthday greetings to a woman beautiful poems
Today is a holiday — birthday,
And you are beautiful as always.
Let there be joy and fun
For many more years.

Don’t be sad that you’ve gotten older.

Don’t think that the years are running.
Let life only become more beautiful,
And be happy always.

May the sky always be blue,

And the sun warms every time,
Let your eyes shine
All your life, just like now.
Happy birthday greetings to a woman in long poems
Let it be whatever you wanted,
With all my heart, I’ve been dreaming like this for a long time.
Let the soul sing every day,
And the mood did not change!

So that the work does not end,

Gas, water are not turned off,
It was believed in a miracle, as in childhood,
And friends are all in the neighborhood.

So that relatives don’t get sick,

They came on my birthday.
There was a lot of
Short birthday greetings to a woman in verse
I wish you beauty, kindness, harmony,
Have fun, very good health,
I wish you to be confident and strong,
Successful, respected, beloved.
Birthday greetings to the female director in verse
Words of recognition, admiration are waiting for you,
No wonder there is a birthday,
After all, this is an occasion to sincerely hug,
And say the best wishes.

For us, you are the best director on earth,

Thank you for your good advice.
Thank you for your guidance,
We wish you decent years and winters.

Let this day bring only joy,

We wish you no problems,
Energy to beat in you with a key,
Never worried about anything in
Funny birthday greetings to a woman in verse
To have breasts like Irene Ferrari,
And a butt like Jay Lo.
So that men open their mouths,
They drove cool cars.
To throw all the flowers at your feet,
And every day they swore in love,
And in boutiques to dress,
Any fulfilled a whim.
So that the sex will fly away until dawn,
There was always money,
In Egypt to rest all summer,
And go to Turkey in winter.
In Ibiza to hang out,
So that men swear in love
(I wish
Congratulations to an adult woman on her birthday in verse
You are a woman — the goddess of beauty
And every year, as wine only gets better.
So don’t be sad on this holiday you
And listen to my congratulations.

I wish you to bloom like a garden of eden,

Let everyone be jealous, your family is proud.
Your eyes shine like agate,
Soul and body are eager to have fun.

You enjoy life every day,

Rest more often, forgetting about all the worries.
Let the shadow
Sms birthday greetings to a woman in verse
I wish you coziness, comfort, warmth
To have a good life and have fun,
To have more holidays in it,
Gifts, flowers and smiles from friends!
Happy birthday greetings to a woman with beautiful poems
Happy birthday, beautiful, congratulations today,
Let the moths in your soul always soar,
I sincerely wish you happiness and love,
Let bright years await you ahead.
Love, warmth and light always let the soul warm,
Strong male hands let them hug tightly,
Stay a young, beautiful lady forever, let your charm conquer the world.
Happy birthday greetings to a female colleague poems
Happy birthday congratulations
And we wish, basically —
That your health was
Strong now and then,
So that the work goes on successfully
And all dreams came true,
And everyday worries
They didn’t erase the beauty!
Poems happy birthday greetings to a woman friend
You and I have known each other for many years,
So they have already lived to gray hair,
We understand each other perfectly,
Our friendship has reached great heights.
Let the radiant sun shine more cheerfully,
May luck always accompany you,
Let the world around you become kinder,
After all, it’s a holiday, your birthday.
Comic birthday greetings to a woman in verse
Beautiful as a queen,
Kind, smart and majestic,
Congratulations to you today
They carry everything with joyful delight!
And they give you all gifts,
armfuls of magnificent roses,
Postcards, songs and poems,
They make you so happy!
Let you never meet
Bad weather, grief and trouble,
And tenderness, affection, inspiration,
Will find you without difficulties!
Happy birthday greetings to a young woman in verse
Salary fountain,
Love by waterfall,
Reliable friends,
Which are nearby.

To the cottage by the sea,

Shopping in Paris,
Well, it is possible in Milan
And somewhere closer.

I wish you the best

In the world of a friend
And to always
We helped each other.

Cozy house,

Delicious pie.
Let the passing wind blow
It’s a breeze for you.
Sincere birthday greetings to a woman in verse
The years are flying — you can’t keep up with them.
You, honey, don’t be sad today.
I wish you to smile more often.
And like a rose blossom in spring, bloom.

We have passed a lot with you in life.

This memory is very dear to me.
There is no sweeter look than yours — tired.
Although you can be very strict.

Accept, dear, a gentle verse and roses.

Thank you for having you in my