Congratulations to a female accountant on retirement
How will we be without you,
You are our ladies’ man.
At least you are going to retire,
You’re giving us all a head start.

We will miss you,

Without cheerful, kind eyes.
Debit and credit will be combined,
Pour a cup of tea during the break,

As a father, you are our own!

Congratulations, dear!
Pension from around the corner
I came to you unexpectedly!
Comic congratulations on retirement to a woman
Do not regret that the time is changing.
Look, everything is fine around.
Life in retirement is not a problem,
You have so many friends!

You won’t be bored, that’s for sure,

Finally take care of yourself.
You will forget the concept of urgent
And you will take everything from life with a vengeance!

We wish you to smile,

So that your eyes shine with happiness,
So that life turns for you
Into a world where miracles just live!
Funny congratulations on retirement to a woman
You are the first employee of us
Successfully rolled back the “long program”
And at the most appropriate hour
She left “off the ice” without tears and melodrama.
A big responsibility lies on you!
We are our tomorrow’s day
We ‘ll measure yours today:
We measure sensuality and everyday life,
Victory, maturity and experience of loss.
You should be an example to us:
Looseness in feelings and in general,
Mobility both in summer and in winter,
Good health without a doubt.
And we
Beautiful congratulations on retirement to a woman
You’re smart as a pioneer,
Energetic and slim
You’re a pensioner now –
Let the country be jealous.

Having given the debt of labor to the motherland,

Congratulations, accept.
And now for your personal life
There will be fabulous days.
Retirement send—off – congratulations to a woman
Hard working life
Already left behind.
You’ve done a lot, dear,
Look at the results:

There is a cozy house, children, grandchildren,

We all adore you!
And know, retired from boredom
You will never suffer!
Congratulations on retirement to a woman in verse
Click seeds on the bench,
To impose socks on grandchildren,
To drop by to a long-time friend,
Festive table decoration

From now on, you can safely,

After all, she joined the ranks
Young pensioners.
Let the work pay off!
The best congratulations to a woman retiring
And you don’t have to go to work tomorrow!
Now you have a day off on weekdays.
You have gone to a well-deserved rest,
Leaving the daily care.
Hurry up in the morning to do a bunch of things,
You have been striving to get everywhere all the time,
Carrying all women a painful burden…
Now the home hearth is your lot.
You will not suffer from boredom:
Affairs in the house and will not decrease over the years.
Congratulations on retirement to a woman in prose
Congratulations from the bottom of my heart on the transition to retirement and I want to wish you to always feel like a beloved woman and a happy person, to turn your ideas into reality and achieve your goals, do what you love and arrange fun holidays, keep the family hearth and fill your home with comfort.
Congratulations on retirement to a woman in your own words
Retirement is the period when you can finally relax and devote at least a little time to yourself, your desires and life preferences. I congratulate you, our dear woman, on the fact that you will be able to relax and live the way an absolutely independent, free person lives. Happy retirement to you, happiness and health!
Congratulations to the female boss on retirement
You are the kindest, gentle, sweet,
You are just a treasure trove for subordinates,
You are an example for the whole team,
Everyone was happy to work with you.
Compliments and flowers for you today,
We regret to see you off to retirement,
Always be a favorite with fate,
We wish you the most intimate.
Congratulations on retirement to a female colleague
We wish you retirement
Dreams come true
And for myself, my beloved,
How I want to live.

To lie around a lot

On the paradise islands
And swing to your heart’s content
On the blue waves.

So that all dreams come true,

So that the heart beats sweetly,
So that everything you dreamed about,
Soon it was realized.