Congratulations in verse to aunt on her 65th birthday

Sixty-fifth birthday

Today, Aunt, you celebrate.
Hurry up and accept all these congratulations,
Let dreams come true on the anniversary!

I wish you health, peace, happiness,

Prosperity, joy, success and warmth,
So that there is no bad weather in your fate,
And every day you were cheerful!

So that the good will return to you generously,

And longevity will bring peace,
Well-being has opened its bowels,
Wealth gushed like a stormy river!

Beautiful congratulations on the 65th anniversary of a woman
Happy sixty-fifth birthday to you
Let me congratulate you now!
You are getting more beautiful with age!
You are the ideal! And there is nothing to add!

We wish you to remain the sweetest

And conquer men with just one look!
We wish to be always-always beautiful,
Let there be a luxurious cavalier nearby!

We wish you to know no refusal in anything,

So that life is long and interesting …
We wish you everything and only at
Congratulations on the 65th anniversary of a woman in verse
You are 65 years old,
But you look much younger, it’s no secret, you are always cheerful, beautiful and wise,
Be always surrounded by happiness and luck.
In life, may you always be lucky,
Let success not pass by,
Let every day turn into a holiday,
I wish everything I have planned to come true.
Funny congratulations on the 65th anniversary of a woman
A wonderful day has come, to celebrate the anniversary
It’s time for you to smile,
Congratulations, we wish you happiness to come to you,
Never, never give up!

Sixty-five years old, only always

The soul is young and groovy,
We wish you health, any trouble,
To run away from you, even evil.

Happiness is a whole bag, money is a huge treasure,

So that you have enough for life,
So that what you had to dream about
Congratulations on the 65th anniversary of a woman in prose
Oh, what a woman has become a hero of the day today. You are beautiful, gentle, sincere, sweet and charming. You are wise and patient. You are an icon of style and a standard of beauty. Sincere congratulations sound for you today, and there is no doubt that they are sincere. May good health allow you to live for many more years. Let the pills be only for allergies to
Short congratulations to a woman on the 65th anniversary
Everything is on the rise today —
There is a great reason.
To congratulate you on your anniversary
Everyone wishes personally.

Wish you health, happiness,

Enchanting victories.
It’s not lived in vain
Bright sixty-five years!
Comic congratulations to a woman on the 65th anniversary
Colleagues! Dear ones! What years?
65 is so, nonsense.
Hairstyle, figure, smile with her,
Yes, just a baby, 5 days old!
Feeling so much younger
Strive to achieve the goal:
Raise a glass of wine to the chef,
Not a careerist, but dream.
And drill a stubborn look for a long time,
He will not refuse, you will win!
That’s how friends are at 65 —
You can easily become a chamois.
Congratulations on the 65th anniversary to a female colleague
Today we are with love and great respect,
On such a bright and loud anniversary of yours,
We give our most sincere congratulations,
And we wish you happiness at work, and most importantly, in the family!
You are sixty-five, and you are younger and more beautiful,
You have only become a little deeper and even wiser,
May you have only love and happiness in your life,
Surrounded by the most dear and necessary people.
Touching congratulations to a woman on the 65th anniversary
Forget about what didn’t work out,
Don’t worry about emotional grievances.
Remember only what happened,
Don’t be sad, don’t cry and don’t be jealous.
Be always cheerful, kind, sweet
And the most beloved, and native.
The most gentle, affectionate, beautiful,
Be the only one on the whole earth.
After all, you’re 65 today,
And let your dreams come true,
So let me hug you now,
And hand over the legitimate flowers.
Words congratulations on the anniversary of a 65-year-old woman
Congratulations on the 65th anniversary of a wonderful woman. I wish you eternal youth and beauty, to burn with your desires and successfully achieve goals, to cherish the family hearth and fill your home with happiness, I wish you good health and constant inspiration.