Poster for Mom’s birthday free download

If you got to this page, then you were looking for a ready-made poster for mom’s birthday. We are glad to provide two versions of the wall newspaper to choose from, one in color, the other in black and white. The color option is suitable for those who have a printer or the opportunity to go to print quickly in the printing industry. The black and white version will be

Poster for dad’s birthday download from the website

Hello. We are glad to give you a choice of two wall newspapers for Dad’s birthday. The first option is a color poster depicting balloons and funny animals. The second option is the same drawing, only in black and white colors. Such a gift is very easy to make for children with their own hands.

What do you need to design a poster? You need to buy tape, brushes and

Poster for a friend’s birthday free download

How to congratulate your best friend on her birthday? Beautiful poems are already there, but a gift? There is one good and proven option for such a case – this is a poster that is made with your own hands. We are ready to provide you with a certain blank, with which you can very pleasantly surprise your girlfriend.

So what we can offer is two options: a black-and-white wall

A poster for a guy’s birthday to download from the website

How to surprise a guy on his birthday? There is one proven way – this is a wall newspaper with your own hands, where you can show imagination, put your soul into the work, print beautiful photos and all this with a small poster. Well, as a small one, the poster itself consists of 8 parts of an A4 sheet, it will need to be glued on the back with

Original poster for 1 year old child free download

1 year of a child is a great celebration for the baby, parents and everyone-all relatives and close people. The little man turns one year old, he starts on the path of life. A gorgeous holiday is held, a ceremony with godparents, a lot of gifts are given to the baby. Gifts are gifts, but I want to surprise with something. We offer you an interesting option – this is

Funny poster for the anniversary free download

How to surprise the hero of the day? Yes, it’s very simple, make a poster with your own hands, and we will help you a little. We are glad to present to your attention a cool wall newspaper for the anniversary, which depicts dragons that hatch from eggs. All this looks very funny, especially when the hero of the day is 50-60 years old.

The poster itself consists of 8

Wall newspaper for March 8

Стоит обратить внимание на готовые стенгазеты к 8 марта, которое кажется что вот-вот еще далеко, но время летит быстро и праздник подкрадывается незаметно. Чтобы не застать подготовку в самый неподходящий момент, предлагаем вам макет плаката на Международный Женский день, который выполнен в двух вариантах, а именно: в школу и для детского садика.

Варианты черновые, потому что стенгазета на 8 марта будет выглядеть ярче, если будет раскрашена красками акварель или гуашь,

Wall newspaper for February 23 download for free

Все доброго дня! Сегодня мы готовы вам предложить несколько вариантов красивых стенгазет к 23 февраля, которые сделать можно своими руками. Праздник вовсе скоро, поэтому для вас есть плакаты как в готовом варианте, так и в черновом.

Смотрите, в архиве находится 8 файлов для распечатки на формате А4 – это можно сделать как в домашних условиях, так и в любом ателье, где можно распечатать с флэшки. Затем, как все готово, соедините

Wall Newspaper for the New Year 2022

Hello everyone The New Year’s holiday is approaching, which is celebrated by every person on the planet Earth. Yes, yes, it’s a New Year. On this page, the editors of our website want to offer you 2 posters (each of them in color and black and white), which in the finished version come out in size A1. For school, work or for home comfort – a great option.