Nursery rhymes for a 4-year-old child
Ladushki, ladushki,
Let’s bake pancakes.
We’ll put it on the window.
We’ll make them cool down.
And when they cool down, we’ll eat,
And give them to the sparrows.
Poems for children 5 years old about summer
Fly on a cloud,
Bring us rain from the sky,
So that we have summer

Beans in the garden,

In the forest berries, mushrooms,
There is water in the spring,
There’s wheat in the field!
Poems for the recitation contest for children 7 years old
There was a puddle in the yard,
Reflecting clouds.
I really liked that puddle,
On the asphalt to warm the sides.
After the bitter winter cold
Just happiness – these puddles,
It’s so beautiful that in the spring,
So many wonderful puddles!
You can jump straight into a puddle,
Even if there is a pit in a puddle,
And with your eyes closed
Jump backwards!
And mom is laughing in the window,
But I jump stubbornly.
And mom shakes her finger
Poems about the Great Patriotic War 6th grade
By the field, along the bank of the steep,
Past the huts
A soldier was walking in the gray overcoat of a private.
A soldier was walking, not knowing obstacles,
A soldier was walking, losing friends,
He was walking without stopping,
A soldier was walking forward.

He walked through stormy nights

In the rain and hail.
A song with frontline friends
The soldier sang.
The soldier sang, swallowing tears.
Sang about Russian birches,
About kari ochi,
About your father’s house
A soldier sang along
Poems about love for a girl with meaning
I don’t know how I used to live without love.
How could I do without the eyes of my relatives.
How I walked on the blade, on the edge,
And tried to fall into the abyss more than once.

And only your love saved me,

She gave me the strength to save myself.
When you came up so suddenly
That day was rainy, gloomy and autumnal.

And the rainbow above us suddenly lit up,

As if there,
Poems for memorizing the names of fingers for children 4 years old
Finger Thick and Big
I went to the garden for plums.
Index from the threshold
Showed him the way.
The middle finger is the most accurate,
He removes the plums from the branch.
The Nameless one eats,
And the Little Finger is a gentleman
He plants bones in the ground.
A little verse for a 5-year-old child
Petya the parrot was walking
Along the path, I found a ruble.
He put a ruble in a piggy bank,
So that he could buy a typewriter later.
Poems for children aged 7 about spring
It’s fun to wander in the field in the spring!
It’s fun to watch in the spring sky,
Like a silvery, delicate chredoyu
The clouds are floating quietly over the earth!
Will I see the steppe – there pleases the eye
Boundless expanse of blue fields;
If I look at the sky, the sun is shining there,
Gentle warmth warms my face,
The depth of the firmament is bright and clear…
How beautiful you are, dear spring!
Poems for elementary school children about the war
Touching the three great oceans,
It lies spread out over the city,
Covered with a grid of meridians,
Invincible, broad, proud.

But at the hour when the last grenade

Already entered in your hand
And in a brief moment it is necessary to remember at once
All we have left in the distance.

You’re not remembering a big country,

Which one did you travel and find out,
You remember your homeland — such,
What you saw her as a
Short poems about love for a girl
Lips – sweet raspberry,
Eyes – brilliant brilliance,
It looks like a rare painting,
And all this undoubtedly exists,

You’re just lovely – perfection,

You are the girl of my dreams,
And our closeness is like bliss,
You are an Angel of pure beauty!
Short poems for children 4 years old
One, two, three, four, five
Let’s go fingers for a walk,
Made friends, circled
And they bowed to each other!
New Year’s verse for children 5 years old
Everything is covered with lace,
Christmas trees, benches, houses,
Painted in white
All the sorceress of winter.

The clock is running faster,

Customizing the running time,
Open the doors wider,
And let in the New Year!
A short verse for a 7-year-old child
The drummer is very busy,
The drummer is drumming:
– Ta-ra-ra, ta-ra-ra,
It’s time for us to go for a walk!
Poems for children about the war of 1941-1945
On that terrible day, the earth tore into the sky.
The roar froze the blood in my veins.
June colorful immediately sank into oblivion,
And death, suddenly, pushed aside life, love.

Put on tunics and overcoats

Yesterday’s boys are the color of the country.
The girls sang songs at parting,
They wanted to survive in the terrible hour of war.

The war, like a lump, rolled along the roads,

Bringing devastation, hunger, death and pain.
There are
Beautiful poems about love for a girl
I didn’t understand the lyrics of the high
Until I accidentally recognized you.
Your view: so close and distant –
Struck me literally on the spot.

I’m ready to write sonnets for you,

To spite the neighbors to serenade.
You are a muse, and you are no more beautiful!
Besides your love, I have nothing to want.
Poems for children 4 years old about mom
I’m telling my sweet mom
Mom I love you
Smile you always
Let spring live in the heart

Who is the cutest person in the world?

Well, let’s say together children!
Mom, Mom, mine!
She’s the sweetest one for me.
Poems for memorizing for children 5 years old
Striped tiger cubs
Striped from birth.
There are stripes of y Raccoon,
And y Zebra without counting them.
There are strips on the mattress.
And the stripes on the sailor.
There are y strips of the barrier
And the stripes on the birch.
There are beautiful stripes
At dawn and sunset.
But there are guys,
Everything is striped from dirt…
I don’t want to write about them
In a striped notebook.
Verse by May 9 the child is 7 years old
We need peace on the whole Earth!
And peaceful space is needed!
We will say amicably “NO” to the war!
The world is overloaded with anger…

Weapons are growing-growing.

The earth is already calling for help.
Honey, wait a little.
Artem, Ivan, Seryozhka are shouting.

We’re going to grow up soon,

We will all come to your aid.
Let’s build peaceful factories,
We will clear the steppes, mountains, and waters.

We will plant beautiful forests,

We will send a rocket
Poems about the war for schoolchildren
Our guns are talking again!
The enemy attacked. We went into battle!
Pennants of the famous flotillas,
It’s like seagulls hovering over the water.

It is not the first time we have beaten the enemy today,

So that his bloody trail is cold,
To you, regiments and companies of the front,
The active rear helps.

As one for the Motherland we stood up,

There are no indifferent people between us,
Every ton of steel produced
We strengthen the greatness
Poems about love for a girl at a distance
I don’t know how you spend your days,
And what kind of people surround you.
I don’t want to be away from you,
But circumstances, alas, force us.

I’m looking forward to a possible meeting,

I’m drawing it in my mind.
You, my love, only I live,
And without you I just exist.