Poems for children 4 years old about mom
I’m telling my sweet mom
Mom I love you
Smile you always
Let spring live in the heart

Who is the cutest person in the world?

Well, let’s say together children!
Mom, Mom, mine!
She’s the sweetest one for me.
Poems for memorizing for children 5 years old
Striped tiger cubs
Striped from birth.
There are stripes of y Raccoon,
And y Zebra without counting them.
There are strips on the mattress.
And the stripes on the sailor.
There are y strips of the barrier
And the stripes on the birch.
There are beautiful stripes
At dawn and sunset.
But there are guys,
Everything is striped from dirt…
I don’t want to write about them
In a striped notebook.
Verse by May 9 the child is 7 years old
We need peace on the whole Earth!
And peaceful space is needed!
We will say amicably “NO” to the war!
The world is overloaded with anger…

Weapons are growing-growing.

The earth is already calling for help.
Honey, wait a little.
Artem, Ivan, Seryozhka are shouting.

We’re going to grow up soon,

We will all come to your aid.
Let’s build peaceful factories,
We will clear the steppes, mountains, and waters.

We will plant beautiful forests,

We will send a rocket
Poems about the war for schoolchildren
Our guns are talking again!
The enemy attacked. We went into battle!
Pennants of the famous flotillas,
It’s like seagulls hovering over the water.

It is not the first time we have beaten the enemy today,

So that his bloody trail is cold,
To you, regiments and companies of the front,
The active rear helps.

As one for the Motherland we stood up,

There are no indifferent people between us,
Every ton of steel produced
We strengthen the greatness
Poems about love for a girl at a distance
I don’t know how you spend your days,
And what kind of people surround you.
I don’t want to be away from you,
But circumstances, alas, force us.

I’m looking forward to a possible meeting,

I’m drawing it in my mind.
You, my love, only I live,
And without you I just exist.
Poems about birds for children 4 years old
Flocks of birds have flown away,
The forest is in snowdrifts to the branches.
That’s when we waited
Our northern guests.

The winter forest does not sleep, but slumbers,

The whole is shrouded in silver.
Without leaving this earth,
A lot of birds are left here.
Poems for children 5 years old about birds
Everything turned green…
The sun is shining,
The Lark song
It pours and rings.

Wandering rain

There are clouds in the sky,
And oh, the shore is quiet
The river splashes.

Having fun with a horse

Young plowman
Goes out into the field,
Walks furrow.

And above it all higher

The sun rises,
The Lark song
Sings more cheerfully.
Poems for children aged 7 about nature
A bear walks through the forest,
He has no time to cry,
He is preparing for winter,
So as not to get thin in his sleep.
Eats raspberries, steals honey,
Roots, crunching, chewing
And on the oatmeal field
He drinks sweet oat juice.
Does not disdain the beast –
Eats hare, moose,
Fishing in fast rivers,
Loves omul.
What will sleep in winter,
Clubfoot already knew,
That’s why since the end of summer
Subcutaneous fat has been eating up.
And as soon as the Cold
Poems for children about the war for the readers’ competition
They don’t put crosses on mass graves,
And widows don’t cry on them,
Someone brings bouquets of flowers to them,
And the Eternal Flame is lit.

The earth used to rear up here,

And now — granite slabs.
There is not a single personal destiny here –
All destinies are merged into one.

And in the Eternal Flame, a tank that has flared up is visible,

Burning Russian huts,
Burning Smolensk and the burning Reichstag,
The burning heart
Poems about unrequited love for a girl
You can handle any pain…
Yes, but I don’t just like you!
After all, every day and at any moment
I am always with you in my mind.

You are my air and my spring,

You are an angel that appeared in the darkness
But my fear has become a reality –
Cold ice in your eyes.

I live, sliding over the abyss,

It’s a pity, feelings cannot be canceled!
Poems for children 4 years old about space
In a space rocket
With the name “East”
He is the first on the planet
I could climb to the stars.

Sings songs about it

Spring drops:
They will be together forever
Gagarin and April.
Beautiful poems for children 5 years old
Beautiful carpet,
In a meadow near a small forest,
Flowers grow,
In the shade of an oak tree.

Birds flutter there,

And bees fly,
Nectar flowers,
Their attract!
Funny poems for children 7 years old
Once upon a time there was a duck Quack –
He swam everywhere;
Once upon a time there was a little beaver –
He put up dams.

Well done duck Quack –

He wants to be a yunnat!
The little beaver Bryak became mean –
He wants to be a pirate.

Once the Quack swam far away,

I didn’t listen to my mom!
Rubbing his hands with a bang,
He pricked up his ears.

Everything is floating duck Quack,

Poems about children of war to tears
The precious cargo was received by the barge –
The children of the blockade got into it.
Faces are not children’s starch colors,
In the heart of his grief.
The girl was clutching the doll to her chest.

The old tugboat moved away from the pier,

He pulled the barge to the far side.
Ladoga gently rocked the kids,
Hiding a big wave for a while.
The girl, hugging the doll, dozed off.

A black shadow ran across

Soulful poems about love for a girl
My love, I’m always with you,
You are my companion, be yourself.
Rejoice with your smile and beauty.
Let me stroke you with my hand.

I want to burn in passion and love,

To give you fun, beautifying the days of life.
My soul coal, my sweetness,
Live and love, don’t think about old age.
Poems about the war for children 4 years old
Victory Day
The whole country is celebrating.
Put on by our grandfathers
Battle orders.

The road calls them in the morning

To the grand parade.
And thoughtfully from the threshold
Grandmothers look after them.
Poems for children 6 years old for a recitation contest
It was in May, at dawn.
The battle was growing near the walls of the Reichstag.
I noticed a German girl
Our soldier on the dusty pavement.

At the post, trembling, she stood,

The blue eyes were frozen with fright.
And pieces of whistling metal
Death and torment were sown around.

Then he remembered how, saying goodbye in the summer,

He kissed his daughter.
Maybe the father of this girl
He shot his own daughter.

But then, in Berlin,

Poems for children 7 years old about mom
My mom brings me
Toys, sweets,
But I love mom
Not at all for that.

Funny songs

She sings,
We are bored together
It never happens.

I open it to her

Its all secrets.
But I love mom
Not just for that.

I love my mom,

I’ll tell you straight out,
Well, just because
She’s my mom!
Poems about love for a man that captures the soul
My soul, my love, my air,
I’m only yours, and it’s too late to think.
Take me all without a trace –
It’s insanely sweet in your hands.

My sweet, affectionate kitten,

You are my angel. I’m your little imp.
Like you – no one will caress,
Like you – no one warms.

My wind of happiness and hope,

My devoted and most gentle.
You burn with your
Touching poems about love to a girl
My love! Can you imagine?
I love you even more!
And I really believe that I am too,
He became both nicer and kinder!

To think: well, where much stronger?

How can you love more passionately?
But with every hour the feeling is more bearable,
He can’t be stopped!

Let’s join hands,

You are my favorite person!
And we will swear eternal happiness,
And we will not part forever!