Beautiful poems for children 5 years old
Beautiful carpet,
In a meadow near a small forest,
Flowers grow,
In the shade of an oak tree.

Birds flutter there,

And bees fly,
Nectar flowers,
Their attract!
Poems for Victory Day (May 9) for children 5 years old
The beauty that nature gives us,
The soldiers defended in the fire,
May day of the forty-fifth year
Became the last point in the war.

For everything we have now,

For every happy hour we have,
For the sun shining on us,
Thanks to the valiant soldiers –

To our grandfathers and fathers.

It’s not for nothing that fireworks sound today
In honor of our Motherland,
In honor of our soldiers!
Funny poems for children 5 years old
I was sitting on the mat
And rattled pots.
Mom and dad came running,
Uncle Fedya and Aunt Kapa.

All the pots were taken away,

But they didn’t expect
What I hid in the corner
A frying pan and a saw.
Poems for children 5 years old about spring
The snow is already melting, streams are running,
Spring blew through the window…
The nightingales will soon whistle,
And the forest will be clothed with foliage!

The azure of the sky is pure,

The sun has become warmer and brighter,
It’s time for angry blizzards and storms
Gone again for a long time.

And the heart is so strong in the chest

Knocking, as if waiting for something,
As if happiness is ahead,
And the winter of care has
Poems for March 8 for children 5 years old
I congratulate you on Women’s Day
Beautiful mom.
May it always shine for you
The sun is clear in the sky.

I love you, my dear,

And I wish you happiness.
The most pleasant
Mom’s hugs.
Poems for children 5 years old about summer
Fly on a cloud,
Bring us rain from the sky,
So that we have summer

Beans in the garden,

In the forest berries, mushrooms,
There is water in the spring,
There’s wheat in the field!
A little verse for a 5-year-old child
Petya the parrot was walking
Along the path, I found a ruble.
He put a ruble in a piggy bank,
So that he could buy a typewriter later.
New Year’s verse for children 5 years old
Everything is covered with lace,
Christmas trees, benches, houses,
Painted in white
All the sorceress of winter.

The clock is running faster,

Customizing the running time,
Open the doors wider,
And let in the New Year!
Poems for memorizing for children 5 years old
Striped tiger cubs
Striped from birth.
There are stripes of y Raccoon,
And y Zebra without counting them.
There are strips on the mattress.
And the stripes on the sailor.
There are y strips of the barrier
And the stripes on the birch.
There are beautiful stripes
At dawn and sunset.
But there are guys,
Everything is striped from dirt…
I don’t want to write about them
In a striped notebook.
Poems for children 5 years old about birds
Everything turned green…
The sun is shining,
The Lark song
It pours and rings.

Wandering rain

There are clouds in the sky,
And oh, the shore is quiet
The river splashes.

Having fun with a horse

Young plowman
Goes out into the field,
Walks furrow.

And above it all higher

The sun rises,
The Lark song
Sings more cheerfully.