Poems for children 6 years old for a recitation contest
It was in May, at dawn.
The battle was growing near the walls of the Reichstag.
I noticed a German girl
Our soldier on the dusty pavement.

At the post, trembling, she stood,

The blue eyes were frozen with fright.
And pieces of whistling metal
Death and torment were sown around.

Then he remembered how, saying goodbye in the summer,

He kissed his daughter.
Maybe the father of this girl
He shot his own daughter.

But then, in Berlin,

Poems for children 6 years old about spring for memorization
Nature is filling up
A new life to the brim.
Warm weather again,
The nightingales are trilling again.

The gaze will not fall where-

Awakening is everywhere.
The ice has darkened on the rivers
And there is excitement in the forest.

Birds will frolic in the sky,

My soul will sing!
The sun will sparkle brighter,
Ah, spring is so good!
A verse for a 6-year-old child about victory (on May 9)
Grandma put on orders
And now she’s so beautiful!
She celebrates Victory Day,
Remembering the great war.
Grandma has a sad face.
There is a soldier’s triangle on the table.
Grandpa’s letter from the front
It’s very painful for her to read even now.
We look at the grandfather’s portrait.
And we spread our pens:
– Well, what kind of grandfather is this?
He’s just a boy!
Poems for children 6 years old about mom
I’ll draw for mom
A mischievous smile
In the radiant sun,
On white clouds…

And a golden fish,

I will draw in the sea,
There will be a fish with a smile
Swing on the waves.

And in the sea is a wonderful island,

Cheerful, emerald,
And glowing with smiles
There are flowers on the island.

A snow-white boat,

Under the sail of hope,
With a smile dropped anchor
By the shore of dreams.

And right at the helm

I am a seasoned
Pushkin’s poems for children 6 years old

The last cloud of the scattered storm!

You are rushing alone through the clear azure,
You alone cast a sad shadow,
You’re the only one saddening the jubilant day.

You recently covered the sky all around,

And the lightning wrapped around you menacingly;
And you were making mysterious thunder
And she watered the greedy earth with rain.

Enough, hide! The time has passed,

The earth has refreshed, and the storm has rushed by,
And the wind, caressing
Poems for children 6 years old about animals
Four paws, black nose,
Tail, fluffy semicircle-
This is my favorite dog,
And the most loyal friend.

He’s kind, sweet and funny.

He’s curious and funny.
I found a bone here recently
And dragged her home.

He likes to run after the ball

And my mother’s dressing gown.
No punishments,
Tears up and looks guilty.

Four paws, wet nose,

Tail, fluffy semicircle-
He is the best dog in the world,
My most loyal friend!
Poems for children 6 years old for memorization
Early in the morning in a clearing
That’s how monkeys frolic:
Left leg: top, top!
Right leg: top, top!

Hands up, up, up!

Who will raise the highest?
Hands down – and bent down.
They put their hands on the floor.

And now on all fours

Let’s take a good walk.
And then we’ll rest,
Let’s sit down and go to bed!
Poems for children 6 years old about summer
Outside the village, at full will
The wind blows-the plane.
There’s a potato field
Everything is blooming purple.

And beyond the field, where the mountain ash

Always at odds with the wind,
A path runs through the oak forest
Down to the ice pond.

The pond turns blue with a round cup,

The willows lean towards the water…
There are shirts on the raft,
And the boys are all in the pond.

The sun splashed a strip,

Shadows curl like
Poems for children 6 years old about school
School is a bright house,
We will study in it.
There we will learn to write,
Add and multiply.

We learn a lot at school:

About your favorite region,
About mountains and oceans,
About continents and countries;

And where the rivers flow,

And what were the Greeks like,
And what are the seas,
And how the Earth turns.

The school has workshops…

There are many interesting things to do!
And the call is hilarious.
That’s what \”school\” means!