Poems about unrequited love for a girl
You can handle any pain…
Yes, but I don’t just like you!
After all, every day and at any moment
I am always with you in my mind.

You are my air and my spring,

You are an angel that appeared in the darkness
But my fear has become a reality –
Cold ice in your eyes.

I live, sliding over the abyss,

It’s a pity, feelings cannot be canceled!
Soulful poems about love for a girl
My love, I’m always with you,
You are my companion, be yourself.
Rejoice with your smile and beauty.
Let me stroke you with my hand.

I want to burn in passion and love,

To give you fun, beautifying the days of life.
My soul coal, my sweetness,
Live and love, don’t think about old age.
Poems about love for a man that captures the soul
My soul, my love, my air,
I’m only yours, and it’s too late to think.
Take me all without a trace –
It’s insanely sweet in your hands.

My sweet, affectionate kitten,

You are my angel. I’m your little imp.
Like you – no one will caress,
Like you – no one warms.

My wind of happiness and hope,

My devoted and most gentle.
You burn with your
Touching poems about love to a girl
My love! Can you imagine?
I love you even more!
And I really believe that I am too,
He became both nicer and kinder!

To think: well, where much stronger?

How can you love more passionately?
But with every hour the feeling is more bearable,
He can’t be stopped!

Let’s join hands,

You are my favorite person!
And we will swear eternal happiness,
And we will not part forever!
Poems about love for a man with meaning
I love touching you so much,
Hold your hand over the body.
And I want to confess to you:
I love loving you so much!

I love your eyes and hands,

I love the measured heartbeat,
I love breathing, moans, sounds,
I love you, my gentle friend!

And in silence I enjoy

Your silent being,
With your barely visible warmth,
I’m falling in love with you every moment!
Poems about love for a girl in your own words
My love! I will not stop thanking the higher powers for your presence in my now happy life. You are not just a girl I adore, you are a loyal, understanding friend and an extraordinary conversationalist. If I had the gift to change the course of events, we would have met even earlier, because the time spent without you is a pointless waste of it.
Poems about love for a man at a distance
I can’t spend this night with you!
A gay man called me on a date for a month.
I swore to him, promised to come.
I can’t spend this night with you!

No, leave it! Don’t kiss! Don’t torment me with a long caress!

Look—there’s a silver ray hitting the window.
Only the pale face of the month will look at us —
You will become hateful and alien at the same moment!

I ‘ll run

The best poems about love for a girl
When we first met,
I thought it was magic!
could be so beautifulA creature from a good fairy tale.

Forest nymph or fairy,

And you have a magic train
From the aromas of herbs and the sea.
I have never met more beautiful maidens!

I am grateful to this fairy tale.

She brought me love.
Thank you for being there, dear,
And giving me so much warmth!
Poems about love for a man I miss
Darling, how I miss you!
Such a burden on the soul.
I only dream about one thing now:
To see you already.

I’m counting the days until we meet.

Why are they so long?
Why should I be a burden on my shoulders
Have long separations gone down?

They are not a hindrance to the feeling.

Love only grows stronger every day.
And parting is just a milestone
In the way we are going.
Poems about love for a married man
So I love you, suffocating at night
From the impotence of darkness that you can’t hide with rays,
And thoughts about sad things eat up consciousness:
You’re not mine! My feeling is tearing me apart!

And love does not look at the fact that he is married,

Are we to blame for this bright fire?
I can’t help but love! And I’m burning and smouldering,
Because I can’t live without you!
Beautiful poems about love for a man
How often have we walked with you,
We recognized each other for a long time.
And they always held hands,
From happiness, they were fed into the sky.

And now years have passed,

But we will be together forever.
After all, I fell in love with you,
And I know you love me.

You are the only one for me,

My most affectionate, dear.
I love you madly,
You are the best for me!
Poems about forbidden love for a man
Love… Why are you so cruel?
Why do you incline towards the one
Whose gaze I catch languid, with a haze,
Hiding… And do nothing!

It is impossible to change the harsh way of life:Our feelings, our pain are forbidden…

We hide, we rush to meet again…
And she’s all cruel love!
Poems about unhappy love for a man
The last hope is gone,
Who lived in the soul.
Everything will not be the same as before,
And I was so naive.

I gave you every drop

All my life and all my love,
Now left in the void
And I will never know happiness again…

Not noticing my trouble,

Life is boiling with fun around,
I raise my eyes to the sky –
May my heart heal.
Akhmatova’s verse about love for a man
And you thought – I’m like that too,
That you can forget me,
And that I’ll throw myself, begging and sobbing,
Under the hooves of a bay horse.
Or I will ask the healers
There is a root in the spoken water
And I will send you a strange gift –
My cherished fragrant handkerchief.
Be damned. Not a groan, not a look
I won’t touch the damned soul,
But I swear to you by the angelic garden,
By the miraculous
Poems about love for a girl to tears
Every day you come to me,
In my dreams and thoughts, you are next to me.
And I melt under the loving gaze,
Indulging in such a sweet dream.
I keep your image on my heart:
Blinded, amazed, unarmed.
Even if you don’t need it at all,
I love and only live with you.
For me you are both joy and pain,
My success and my failures.
I admire you with admiration:
You are beautiful, my earthly angel.
And I don’t need
Poems about love for a girl with meaning
I don’t know how I used to live without love.
How could I do without the eyes of my relatives.
How I walked on the blade, on the edge,
And tried to fall into the abyss more than once.

And only your love saved me,

She gave me the strength to save myself.
When you came up so suddenly
That day was rainy, gloomy and autumnal.

And the rainbow above us suddenly lit up,

As if there,
Short poems about love for a girl
Lips – sweet raspberry,
Eyes – brilliant brilliance,
It looks like a rare painting,
And all this undoubtedly exists,

You’re just lovely – perfection,

You are the girl of my dreams,
And our closeness is like bliss,
You are an Angel of pure beauty!
Beautiful poems about love for a girl
I didn’t understand the lyrics of the high
Until I accidentally recognized you.
Your view: so close and distant –
Struck me literally on the spot.

I’m ready to write sonnets for you,

To spite the neighbors to serenade.
You are a muse, and you are no more beautiful!
Besides your love, I have nothing to want.
Poems about love for a girl at a distance
I don’t know how you spend your days,
And what kind of people surround you.
I don’t want to be away from you,
But circumstances, alas, force us.

I’m looking forward to a possible meeting,

I’m drawing it in my mind.
You, my love, only I live,
And without you I just exist.
Poems about love for a guy
My life is shining with love,
The world around plays with light,
I can’t sleep from trembling thoughts –
They are with you, sweet friend.

My love to you, my gentle,

I give everything without a trace,
For the heat in the night, for the boundless May,
For the waltz in my soul, thank you!