Poems for elementary school children about the war
Touching the three great oceans,
It lies spread out over the city,
Covered with a grid of meridians,
Invincible, broad, proud.

But at the hour when the last grenade

Already entered in your hand
And in a brief moment it is necessary to remember at once
All we have left in the distance.

You’re not remembering a big country,

Which one did you travel and find out,
You remember your homeland — such,
What you saw her as a
Poems for children about the war of 1941-1945
On that terrible day, the earth tore into the sky.
The roar froze the blood in my veins.
June colorful immediately sank into oblivion,
And death, suddenly, pushed aside life, love.

Put on tunics and overcoats

Yesterday’s boys are the color of the country.
The girls sang songs at parting,
They wanted to survive in the terrible hour of war.

The war, like a lump, rolled along the roads,

Bringing devastation, hunger, death and pain.
There are
Poems about the war for schoolchildren
Our guns are talking again!
The enemy attacked. We went into battle!
Pennants of the famous flotillas,
It’s like seagulls hovering over the water.

It is not the first time we have beaten the enemy today,

So that his bloody trail is cold,
To you, regiments and companies of the front,
The active rear helps.

As one for the Motherland we stood up,

There are no indifferent people between us,
Every ton of steel produced
We strengthen the greatness
Poems for children about the war for the readers’ competition
They don’t put crosses on mass graves,
And widows don’t cry on them,
Someone brings bouquets of flowers to them,
And the Eternal Flame is lit.

The earth used to rear up here,

And now — granite slabs.
There is not a single personal destiny here –
All destinies are merged into one.

And in the Eternal Flame, a tank that has flared up is visible,

Burning Russian huts,
Burning Smolensk and the burning Reichstag,
The burning heart
Poems about children of war to tears
The precious cargo was received by the barge –
The children of the blockade got into it.
Faces are not children’s starch colors,
In the heart of his grief.
The girl was clutching the doll to her chest.

The old tugboat moved away from the pier,

He pulled the barge to the far side.
Ladoga gently rocked the kids,
Hiding a big wave for a while.
The girl, hugging the doll, dozed off.

A black shadow ran across

Poems about the victory in the Great Patriotic War
He boarded Berlin,
He lay down with his chest on the dugout.
On h`mouth lair of the Reichstag
He hoisted the banner of the Fatherland.

He defended the capital in battles,

Broke the spine of the iron Fritz.
He did not let the enemy cross the Volga
He remained faithful to his honor and duty.

With one rifle in hand

He threw himself under the tank in an arc.
He went on the attack swearing obscenities
And he slept
Small poems about the Great Patriotic War
The longest day of the year
With its cloudless weather
He gave us a common trouble –
At all. For all four years.
She pressed such a footprint,
And put so many on the ground,
That for twenty years, and for thirty years
The living cannot believe that they are alive.
And to the dead, having straightened the ticket,
Everyone goes to someone close.
And time adds to the lists
Someone else, someone else is not.
And puts, puts obelisks.
Poems about the Great Patriotic War to tears
The major brought the boy on a carriage.
The mother died. The son did not say goodbye to her.
For ten years in this and that world
These ten days will be counted to him.

He was being taken from the fortress, from Brest.

The carriage was scratched by bullets.
It seemed to my father that a safer place
From now on, there is no place in the world for a child.

The father was wounded

Touching poems about the Great Patriotic War
Among snowdrifts and craters
In a village destroyed to the ground,
A child stands with his eyes closed –
The last citizen of the village.
The frightened kitten is white,
Stove and pipe chip –
And that’s all that survived
From the old life and the hut.
There is a white-headed Petya
And crying like an old man without tears,
He lived in the world for three years,
And what he learned and endured.
With him, his hut was burned
Poems about the Great Patriotic War 2nd grade
I have not seen the war, but I know
How hard it was for the people,
And hunger, and cold, and horror –
They had a chance to experience everything.

Let them live peacefully on the planet,

Let the children not know the war,
Let the bright sun shine!
We should be a friendly family!
Poems about the Great Patriotic War 3rd grade
Over the grave, in a quiet park
Tulips bloomed brightly.
The fire is always burning here,
A Soviet soldier is sleeping here.

We bent low-low

At the foot of the obelisk,
Our wreath blossomed on it
With a hot, fiery fire.

The soldiers defended the world, they gave their lives for us.

Let’s keep it in our hearts
A bright memory of them!

As a continuation of the life of soldiers

Under the stars of a peaceful power
Flowers on
Poems about the Great Patriotic War 1st grade
Victory Day on May 9th –
The holiday of peace in the country and spring.
On this day we remember the soldiers,
Those who did not return to their families from the war.

On this holiday, we honor the grandfathers who

Defended their native country,
Who gave Victory to the peoples
And to bring us back peace and spring!
Poems about the Great Patriotic War 4th grade
When you went to a deadly battle,
Fatherland faithful sons,
About a peaceful and happy life
You dreamed of it in the middle of the war.

You saved the world from fascism,

You have shielded us with your hearts.
Bow to you low to the ground,
We are eternally indebted to you.

You passed heroically

With fights all four years,
You were able to defeat the enemy
And earn the love of the people.

Thank you, fathers and grandfathers,

Poems about the Great Patriotic War 5th grade
The grove was smoking under the mountain,
And the sunset was burning with it…
There were only three of us left
Out of eighteen guys.
How many of them, good friends,
Left to lie in the dark —
At an unfamiliar village,
At an unnamed height.

The rocket glowed, falling,

Like a burnt-out star…
Who has ever seen this,
He will never forget.
He won’t forget, he won’t forget
The attacks are furious ones —
At an unfamiliar village,
At an unnamed height.


Poems about the Great Patriotic War 6th grade
By the field, along the bank of the steep,
Past the huts
A soldier was walking in the gray overcoat of a private.
A soldier was walking, not knowing obstacles,
A soldier was walking, losing friends,
He was walking without stopping,
A soldier was walking forward.

He walked through stormy nights

In the rain and hail.
A song with frontline friends
The soldier sang.
The soldier sang, swallowing tears.
Sang about Russian birches,
About kari ochi,
About your father’s house
A soldier sang along