Contests for March 8 for girls

A good and concise scenario of the competition program for girls on International Women’s Day (March 8) at school. It is relevant to use multimedia, contests that contribute to the education and formation of such important feminine qualities.

What you need: writing paper, ballpoint pens according to the number of participants, a stopwatch, a small saucepan, cards with letters of the alphabet, identical kitchen knives, washed potatoes, wet wipes, small pieces
February 23 at school. Holiday scenario for schoolchildren

An interesting form of the event. The advantages of this scenario: an interactive form that allows you to work with child viewers without letting them get bored (many different contests and quizzes). And it is also very important that the children themselves are the presenters.


• Increase interest in serving in the army.

• To foster a sense of patriotism.

• To congratulate the boys on February 23.


Scenario of March 8 for students of grades 10-11

A great scenario on March 8 at school for grades 10-11, an event is held in the classroom. The holiday itself is prepared by the homeroom teacher only with the boys who participate in all the numbers.

The course of the class hour

Beautiful lyrical music sounds, presenters appear.

Presenter 1.

The Eighth of March is hurrying to us.
It’s time to congratulate the lovely ladies!
We want to hug them
Quiz for February 23 with answers

Interesting and informative quizzes for primary school students.

Quiz questions for February 23

— Armed Forces. Answer: The Army.

— A graduate of a military school. Answer: Officer.

— A soldier guarding the borders of the Motherland. Answer: Border guard.

— There is a guard, marching, border guard. Answer: Outpost.

— Manual explosive projectile. Answer: A grenade.

— A man’s name and

Corporate party scenario for March 8

A good scenario of a corporate party on March 8, which can be held for the ladies’ collective. As they say, women’s Day is feminine!


One of the employees performs the role of a presenter. Everyone is invited to the tables.

Leading: Dear ladies! On the eve of a wonderful holiday, we have gathered with you for a bachelorette party. As, however, on all other days, because our close-knit women’s
Scenario February 23 corporate

Corporate is an important event in the life of the company, contributing to team cohesion. There are plenty of holidays in winter, but one of the important ones can be called February 23, since it is on this day that we congratulate our dear and beloved men. With this scenario, you will be able to hold a memorable holiday for a small team.



The scenario of March 8 for adults

The holiday begins with the presentation of gifts to women and congratulations. It is desirable that the greeting is not too long and official, it is better to perform it in verse or song form. Be sure to mention every woman in the congratulation, compliment her and say a few special words. Also on this holiday it is impossible to do without the presentation of flowers.


After congratulations and

Scenario for March 8 at home

In my opinion, men love this holiday no less than women, and perhaps even more, because on the day of March 8, even the most businesslike and emancipated women allow themselves the luxury of being weak, defenseless and absolutely dependent on men. They gladly accept congratulations, compliments and gifts and are even ready to spend the whole day near the stove to please their knights, tired of going for gifts,

Scenario February 23 in kindergarten

A very interesting, funny scenario, with dances, songs, favorite cartoon characters, and most importantly – relay races with dads. Such a scenario for February 23 is in great demand in different kindergarten groups.

Children run into the hall and dance to L.Agutin’s song “Border”

Leader. Today we have gathered in this hall to congratulate all men on Defender of the Fatherland Day.

 1. Hello, holiday!
Hello, holiday!
Holiday of boys and dads!
Scenario of March 8 for primary classes (1st grade)

An interesting scenario for first graders and their parents. The comic form of the script, in particular the inclusion of funny characters in the script, the role of which was played by children. Quite a diverse repertoire and a lot of poems, as well as a large number of games. You won’t get bored on such a holiday. We advise you!

Scenario March 8 for elementary grades, 1st grade

Scenario February 23 in the junior kindergarten group

Great event. Both children and parents are happy. In such events, parents are happy to take part in competitions. After all, where else can they so relax their souls, laugh, chat, of course, with their children at such events.


• to unite the children’s team,
• to create an atmosphere of joy and celebration for children.
• education of moral, patriotic qualities.


– to attract children to participate in the holiday;
– to
Scenario on March 8 in elementary school (2nd, 3rd, 4th grade)

A good selection of poems, contests, an interesting and affordable idea for making crafts with your own hands. Such a scenario on March 8 for lower grades in elementary school will be useful when conducting class hours in the presence of mothers and grandmothers.

Scenario on March 8 called “Mom’s Holiday”

(students of grades 2, 3, 4 celebrate the holiday on March 8)


Two readers.
Two sons.

An essay is

February 23 scenario for children 2-3-4 years old

This entertainment will be interesting to educators of the younger groups of kindergartens (2-4 years old) for moral education, familiarization with the social world of children 2, 3 and 4 years old. Since the guys are still young, it was decided to hold an entertainment in the group as an introduction to the military theme, with courageous professions protecting our Homeland and us, but at the level of their age.

Scenario on March 8 at school (5th, 6th, 7th grade)

The scenario is designed for schoolchildren 10-12 years old. The festive event should be held in a spacious classroom or a large hall, where mothers, grandmothers and other guests could fit, where there would be a stage or a place for performances. The hall should be decorated with balloons, posters and drawings in honor of March 8. In the drawings, let the children depict their beloved women who surround them

Children’s contests for February 23 in kindergarten

The scenario of the holiday for February 23 for children 3, 4 and 5 years old, this material is based on interesting and relevant games on the topic, will be useful in the work of physical education instructors, educators, music workers of the preschool.

Goals and objectives: 

– to foster a sense of respect for the Russian Army;
– to develop children’s attention, thinking, imagination, speech;
– to ensure the motor activity of
The scenario of March 8 for the kindergarten preparatory group

The script is rich, well-chosen material and contests. There was an opportunity to show myself to both children and grandmothers. A lot of work has been done by both the music director and the educators.

Scenarios on March 8. Holiday in the preparatory group.



Spring is walking through the yards
In the rays of heat and light,
Today is the holiday of our mothers,
And we are pleased about it!
We congratulate our
Contests on February 23 for primary school boys

Quite an interesting development. Good presentation of the material. It will be perfect for elementary school. Competently selected contests are a huge plus. At the same time, the guys will be in the role of crew members. If you beat it with bright costumes, it will be wonderful!

Competition program of 1-2-3-4 classes “Crews of two ships — there is no friendlier in the world!”

Goals and objectives:

• instilling
The scenario of March 8 for the middle kindergarten group

A very exciting scenario involving not only adults, but also older children, which makes the matinee even more attractive. The music director has done a lot of high-quality work on writing the script and preparing children.

Scenario on March 8 in kindergarten for the middle group


The roles are played by adults
The roles are played by children of the older group
Cheerful music sounds, children enter the hall.


Contests for February 23 at school (7th, 8th, 9th grade)

Excellent contests for February 23 at school (7th, 8th, 9th grade), which will be more than ever, by the way, on the eve of Defender of the Fatherland Day. The entire competition program is designed specifically for students of grades 7-9.

Equipment: for the boys’ competition: two sets of plates with inscriptions — captain, boatswain, pilot, doctor, radio operator, cook, cabin boy, mechanic, navigator; two spoons, plates and glasses; two

Scenario of the March 8 matinee in kindergarten

Excellent methodical development for younger preschool children. The script turned out to be quite diverse, logically structured, interesting in content. All the musical material, the numbers correspond to this age, and the characters are interesting and understandable to children.

The scenario

of the matinee

March 8

junior group

Children run into the hall on their toes to light music. They have snowdrops in their