Scenario February 23 in the junior kindergarten group

Great event. Both children and parents are happy. In such events, parents are happy to take part in competitions. After all, where else can they so relax their souls, laugh, chat, of course, with their children at such events.


• to unite the children’s team,
• to create an atmosphere of joy and celebration for children.
• education of moral, patriotic qualities.


– to attract children to participate in the holiday;
– to
February 23 scenario for children 2-3-4 years old

This entertainment will be interesting to educators of the younger groups of kindergartens (2-4 years old) for moral education, familiarization with the social world of children 2, 3 and 4 years old. Since the guys are still young, it was decided to hold an entertainment in the group as an introduction to the military theme, with courageous professions protecting our Homeland and us, but at the level of their age.

Children’s contests for February 23 in kindergarten

The scenario of the holiday for February 23 for children 3, 4 and 5 years old, this material is based on interesting and relevant games on the topic, will be useful in the work of physical education instructors, educators, music workers of the preschool.

Goals and objectives: 

– to foster a sense of respect for the Russian Army;
– to develop children’s attention, thinking, imagination, speech;
– to ensure the motor activity of
Contests on February 23 for primary school boys

Quite an interesting development. Good presentation of the material. It will be perfect for elementary school. Competently selected contests are a huge plus. At the same time, the guys will be in the role of crew members. If you beat it with bright costumes, it will be wonderful!

Competition program of 1-2-3-4 classes “Crews of two ships — there is no friendlier in the world!”

Goals and objectives:

• instilling
Contests for February 23 at school (7th, 8th, 9th grade)

Excellent contests for February 23 at school (7th, 8th, 9th grade), which will be more than ever, by the way, on the eve of Defender of the Fatherland Day. The entire competition program is designed specifically for students of grades 7-9.

Equipment: for the boys’ competition: two sets of plates with inscriptions — captain, boatswain, pilot, doctor, radio operator, cook, cabin boy, mechanic, navigator; two spoons, plates and glasses; two

February 23 scenario for primary classes

This is an unusual event, since girls – princesses, boys – princes take part in the scenario. And this is how this development differs from others.


February 23 scenario for primary classes

Leader. In a certain kingdom, in a certain state, there were little princesses. They were both serious and strict, kind and funny, obedient and mischievous, different. Brave little princes lived in the same kingdom-state. They studied with the

Scenario February 23 for high school students

A great scenario on February 23 for high school students is completely ready for use. Take it and use it!


Presenter 1: – Or maybe we’ll start like this: “Dear men, boys and boys!

(shooting eyes and similar facial expressions)
Presenter 2: – No, that’s not it! Let’s do it better, the music turns on and we fly into the hall, starting to dance “Lady”, eh?.
Scenario on February 23 at school (grade 9-10)

The scenario can be used by classroom teachers in order to demonstrate the individuality of each child, develop his creative abilities, form students’ sustained interest in physical education, and promote team cohesion.

Participants: students of grades 9, 10, homeroom teacher, dads of class students.

Design, equipment and inventory:

a) presentation
b) hammers, nails, Darts targets, paper and markers, sets of products for vinaigrette;
c) heart tokens.


Scenario on February 23 at school

Contests on February 23 for schoolchildren (5th-6th grade)

Fun contests for boys at school, great for grades 5-6.

Goals: to congratulate the boys on the Defender of the Fatherland Day; to consolidate the studied material on the subject of “History”; to foster a sense of patriotism; to develop dexterity and ingenuity.


Contests on February 23 for schoolchildren (5th-6th grade)


Among the February cold
We congratulate you at this hour
You, – you are always ready to fight, –
Defender of
Scenario for February 23 for children 6, 7, 8 years old

The script is just wonderful! Contests are diverse, they will not let children get bored. Perfect for children 6, 7, 8 years old!

Goal: Fostering a sense of patriotism and civic responsibility, raising the prestige of the Russian Army.

Necessary props and attributes:
Costume for a boy – kosovorotka, budenovka.
Music from the movie “The Elusive Avengers”.
2 limiters in the form of boundary pillars.
1. The game “Landing” – 2 ropes, 2 baskets, 4 large
February 23 at school. Holiday scenario for schoolchildren

An interesting form of the event. The advantages of this scenario: an interactive form that allows you to work with child viewers without letting them get bored (many different contests and quizzes). And it is also very important that the children themselves are the presenters.


• Increase interest in serving in the army.

• To foster a sense of patriotism.

• To congratulate the boys on February 23.


Quiz for February 23 with answers

Interesting and informative quizzes for primary school students.

Quiz questions for February 23

— Armed Forces. Answer: The Army.

— A graduate of a military school. Answer: Officer.

— A soldier guarding the borders of the Motherland. Answer: Border guard.

— There is a guard, marching, border guard. Answer: Outpost.

— Manual explosive projectile. Answer: A grenade.

— A man’s name and

Scenario February 23 corporate

Corporate is an important event in the life of the company, contributing to team cohesion. There are plenty of holidays in winter, but one of the important ones can be called February 23, since it is on this day that we congratulate our dear and beloved men. With this scenario, you will be able to hold a memorable holiday for a small team.



Scenario February 23 in kindergarten

A very interesting, funny scenario, with dances, songs, favorite cartoon characters, and most importantly – relay races with dads. Such a scenario for February 23 is in great demand in different kindergarten groups.

Children run into the hall and dance to L.Agutin’s song “Border”

Leader. Today we have gathered in this hall to congratulate all men on Defender of the Fatherland Day.

 1. Hello, holiday!
Hello, holiday!
Holiday of boys and dads!