Interesting scenes for Teacher’s Day

Interesting scenes for the Teacher’s Day that can be put to high school students without any effort. A big concert consists of many parts, such as contests, a holiday scenario and small scenes. Today we will start with the latter. Source

Scene “Merry School”

Actors presenters, teachers, Director.

The music of G. V. Sviridov “Time, forward” sounds. Two presenters appear.

1st presenter. Everyone understands what the school means to

Teacher’s Day Contests

The idea of the contests is very good. Now teachers can feel like beauty queens. The tasks are so diverse and interesting that they will suit absolutely all school teams. Source

Equipment: cartoon projector, hats, umbrella, numbers for the participants, forms for the jury, certificates, gifts to the participants.

The competition program includes:

1. Business card;

2. Exit-fashion show “Women’s hat”;
3. Competition program “Playing with the audience”;
4. Intellectual competition;
Scenario for Teacher’s Day 2021 at school

The development of this event is of great educational importance. The program includes a variety of amateur performances that can be used during a school holiday dedicated to Teacher’s Day. Source

The roles of the presenter and the presenter are performed by the students.

Leader: Today is a big, solemn holiday!

Leading: There is not a single person who would not remember his favorite teachers, mentors, educators today!

The scenario of the holiday on the ruler for the Teacher’s Day

The script belongs to the category of those that can be used from A to Z without changes. Funny, good material, interesting games and contests have been selected. Source .

Main Presenter:

School, attention!

(The anthem of Russia is playing)

Main Presenter:

The word for congratulations is given to the headmaster of the school.

Presenter 1:

The shoemaker mends our shoes,

Tailor will sew clothes slowly,

But only the