New Year’s quiz for children and adults

Hello. I present to your attention a New Year’s quiz with answers for children and adults. Great for defusing and revitalizing the audience, a kind of warm-up. Such a quiz is often used when writing scenarios for New Year’s Eve parties, holidays at school or at home.

Questions where you need to give an answer

1. Which New Year’s grandfather has a long red fur coat, a boyar hat, a

Contests for children for the New Year 2022

A selection of games for the New Year’s holiday at school, in the classroom, in the house of children’s creativity or at home. The best contests for children, choose the one you like. Source

Funny high chair

Chairs are placed in the circle, there should be fewer chairs for 1 participant (7 players, 6 chairs). The host of the contest turns on the music, and the children dance around
Contests for corporate parties for the New Year 2022

Corporate is a celebration in the circle of those people with whom you work every day. As a rule, on New Year’s Eve, any organization makes a corporate party to celebrate the end of the past working year and rally the team. For a corporate party, you can invite professional actors, or you can cope on your own and distribute certain roles to the most active members of the team.

A ready-made script for the New Year 2022 for the presenter with contests

How does the preparation for the New Year begin? Of course, with the choice of attire and place, making up the menu, decorations and script. And if there may not be any problems with the script, but it is still difficult to find a ready-made, and most importantly, an interesting script for the presenter. The presenter is the coordinator of the holiday, in fact the main figure of the whole

Scenario for the New Year 2022 the year of the Water Tiger

The new Year of the White Water Tiger 2022 is approaching every day, which means that it is already possible and necessary to think over a plan for its holding. In order for the celebration to leave only positive emotions in the company of relatives, friends or work colleagues and remain in memory for a long time, it should be held according to a pre-prepared scenario. The presence of a

Funny scenario of the New Year 2022 for a fun company

The script is perfect for celebrating New Year’s Eve to cheerful companies, it can be used for showing on stage. We raise the mood of friends to an unprecedented height! Source

The New Year’s scenario meets all the requirements:

— contains bright characters;

— texts on roles in verse;
— jokes for adults;
— contests for adults;
— games for adults;
— humor 18+.

It’s gone!

The hall is dark. Mysterious, fabulous music

The scenario of the New Year 2022 for primary school children (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th grade)

A very good scenario of a New Year’s holiday for elementary school children. It was used in one of the schools last year, a very deep work of the teacher. The theatricalization of the event, musical accompaniment and unexpected special effects are the main points that attract in this New Year’s scenario. The connection with Russian folk traditions is traced. It’s nice that most of the actors are children. Source

New Year’s tale for younger schoolchildren, scenario for children of grades 1, 2, 3, 4

A wonderful scenario for the New Year 2022 for primary school children, parents will have something to look at. Children participate in the work all together, help each other and unite, and modern teams often lack this. The script is very rich, the material is well chosen, all the characters have revealed their significance. Brand new and not worn out, tested last year. Source

Scenario for the New Year 2022 at school for 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th grade

Creating a theatrical game performance based on this scenario will not be difficult for a talented teacher to implement such an idea at school. The colors of the snowflakes will need to be increased to 6 and their number too. A few snowflakes can be distributed to children before entering the festive hall. At the end, you can add one extra game, you definitely don’t need more. In general, it

The scenario of the New Year 2022 for high school students. New Year’s KVN for 9th, 10th, 11th grade

Getting high school students interested is a difficult task that requires experience, skill, the ability to rally everyone and spark an idea. The development is very interesting, rich, bright. The material is aimed at ensuring that children are not shy and fully manifest themselves, so that they are really interested in it, and the action does not turn into hypocritical clowning under duress. Everything will turn out just fine! Source

The scenario of the New Year 2022 for kindergarten

A very interesting, informative scenario of a New Year’s matinee for kindergarten. The material is available to children of the preparatory group, preschoolers. The guys, for sure, had fun and interesting at the holiday, because they not only met their favorite fairy-tale characters, but also helped them in various situations. Source

New Year’s adventures of the Snow Queen




The Snow Queen


The scenario of the New Year 2022 for elementary school students

Children love to play and have fun. A good selection of games for children gives you the opportunity to play, and relax, and even show ingenuity. Elementary school students will be happy to do all the tasks. This scenario for the New Year is a great find for the teacher-organizer. Source

Goal: To create a festive mood in children, through active participation in the competitive

Scenario for the New Year 2022 for children 10-15 years old

The script is very modern, absolutely not complicated in preparation and staging. Interesting, based on this scenario, you can arrange a New Year’s concert at school. For children 10-15 years old, such characters are suitable, they will be able to fully immerse themselves in the game. Source

Goal: organization of festive leisure for schoolchildren, development of creative abilities of children and adolescents.

Actors and

New Year and three little pigs: a scene for the New Year 2022 for children

An interesting idea, a great opportunity for the guys to show their acting skills. The New Year’s scenario includes interesting logical moments. This scene will fit well into the New Year’s scenario for younger schoolchildren, as it is well known to the children and will be interesting to them. Available for primary school children. Source




The main characters: the author, 3 piglets, a fox,

The scenario of the New Year’s matinee for children: adventures for the New Year 2022

An interesting idea, a great opportunity for the guys to show their acting skills. Logically interesting moments are included in the script. Various game moments and dramatizations are provided, which develops the abilities of children, helps them to communicate positively with each other. This morning is perfect for students of 1-2 grades. Source





Baba Yaga

Santa Claus

Snow Maiden

The scenario of the New Year 2022 for adults

The scenario is prepared for adult companies, it is possible to use both at work and at corporate parties, it all depends on the format of the event. You only need to prepare Baba Yaga’s costume in advance, you need to take a good mood and some alcohol with you. Source


The shooter can’t keep running
And it’s time for us to celebrate
New Year that knocks
The scenario of a New Year’s corporate party at work. Corporate New Year 2022

Every employee is looking forward to the Corporate New Year 2022, of course, because it is not only a good pastime, but also gifts, bonuses, dancing. But, without a good scenario, even the most long-awaited corporate event can be a failure. It is important to start with preparation. Basically, firms rent banquet halls, gather all employees at one table and celebrate the upcoming holiday. Of course, you can hold a

The scenario of the New Year 2022 for a corporate party with jokes

New Year 2022 is one of the most anticipated holidays of the year. For a company or organization, this is a whole event that allows not only to celebrate the end of a busy year, but also to unite the team even more. It is important that the event be thoughtful, fun and interesting. This scenario is suitable for a small company of 20 to 30 people. The holiday can

Scenario for the New Year 2022 for the village club

New Year 2022 is a time of miracles and magic. This is a grandiose event that all residents of both a megalopolis and a remote village are looking forward to, since this is not only a fun holiday, but also a time for gifts, congratulations and unique moments in a person’s life. Source

It’s gone!

1. Congratulations from Santa Claus and Snow Maiden