A toast in honor of a friend’s birthday
My dear friend, to you,
I’m raising a glass today,
And I wish you success, peace,
I wish you happiness, my dear!

I wish that dreams come to life,

So that you do not doubt yourself,
So that with luck you are always on “you”,
So that you never give up!
A toast to a friend on his birthday in his own words
Today, raising our glasses in honor of our friend’s birthday. I would like from the bottom of my heart to wish him great and firm faith, because if you strongly believe in something, it will definitely happen. And even in a way that is even better than you could imagine! For self-belief!
Kid toasts for a friend’s birthday
My friend, I wish that you always have enough money for what you can buy, and always have the strength for what you can achieve. Well, what does not depend on you, may fate grant you – this is good health, good luck and luck. Happy Birthday!
To congratulate a friend on his birthday with a toast
A lot of words have been said today, but I would like to say the main thing, my friend, never change, you can change your image, clothes, hairstyle, but never change yourself, you are the soul of the company and a loyal friend, congratulations!
A beautiful birthday toast to a friend
I want to raise this glass to our birthday boy, a true friend and faithful comrade! Remember that no matter how old you are, everything that happens in your life is only for the best. Remember that! Live and be happy, enjoy every moment, because it won’t happen again!
A toast to your best friend on his birthday
There are few real friends in life, because real friendship actually requires a lot of effort, and from both sides. It is easy to destroy and very difficult to renew. I want to raise my glass to our birthday boy and say that he is a real friend with a capital letter. So stay the same and continue!
Funny birthday toast to a friend
Buddy, happy birthday! I wish that everything in your life was cool, awesome, nishtyachno, opupenno, in short, so that ordinary words can not convey that you get high in life, dragged, baldel… In general, live and be happy every day, every hour and every minute!