A good toast for a man’s birthday
Adult, brave, strong, courageous, smart and handsome — this is all our birthday boy! The best man in the world is our birthday boy! The culprit of our celebration is also our birthday boy! So let’s drink to him!
Interesting toasts for a man’s birthday
If you want to become beautiful, you need to look at the beautiful. If you want to become smart, you need to listen to smart. If you want to be cheerful, you need to sit at the same table with cheerful. Let’s drink to the birthday boy, thanks to whom each of us will come home more beautiful, smarter and more fun than before!
A beautiful toast for a man’s birthday
May the soul always be open for good, the heart – noble, the body – healthy, and the house – rich!
Congratulatory toast for a man’s birthday
happy Birthday! I wish you to swim in the ocean of positivity, to live on the island of Joy, not to know grief and evil! So that there are always three whales in your life: happiness, health and luck! Let them carry you with the flow of your life and never let go!
Sincere toasts for a man’s birthday
They say a man is a rock. He is just as strong and resistant to various life adversities. But in order to always remain like this, he needs a reliable rear, where he will be supported and regretted when he needs it. Let’s drink to the fact that in the life of the birthday boy there was a loved one who will always greet him with warm hugs and a
Oriental toast for a man’s birthday

In the East they say:

If a person has skillful hands, then Allah kissed his hands,
If a person has a clever head, then Allah kissed his head,
If a person dances well, then Allah kissed his feet…
So let’s drink to the birthday boy whom Allah has kissed from head to toe!

A toast to a man on his birthday with humor
Friends! I suggest that we properly drink to our birthday boy and wish him not only banal happiness, health and love, but also an amazing life full of adventures and leading to good turns of fate!
Funny toasts for a man’s birthday
Today I drink to you,
More precisely, for your years,
Don’t lose your manhood,
And never lose heart!

I drink to your courage,

And let everything be fine,
You don’t know bad people,
Forget about failures!
A toast in verse for a man’s birthday
Happy birthday to you,
Joy to you, good,
So that you shine with happiness,
He conquered everyone with a smile.

You are an interesting man,

Life is easy and wonderful,
I wish you,
Don’t happen to trouble!

I also drink to

So that everything is good,
So that your dreams come true,
All the plans were carried out!