A beautiful toast to a friend for her birthday
My sweet and beloved friend. I wish you to always remain the same beautiful, kind, sunny, sweet, energetic, wise, understanding, sensitive and delightful. Let all the sorrows, difficulties and obstacles remain in the past, and in the present there will be happiness, harmony, joy. Thank you to your parents for such a wonderful friend… And just for such a wonderful Person with a capital letter!
A birthday toast to a friend in verse
We have known you since childhood, girlfriend,
In adversity, we always helped each other,
Both joy and sorrow were shared all the time,
And they kept a strong friendship for years!
So let’s drink today, on your birthday, To the best girl, without a doubt!
For joy, success, for luck in business,
So that you hold happiness firmly in your hands!
Let’s drink to the fact that wishes come true,
And everything worked out for you
Toast birthday wish to a friend
My dear, sweet and best friend! I want to congratulate you on your birthday and make this toast for you – for my friend! And my words will be short, but succinct. I want you to always have a light heart from love and heavy pockets from money. Happy birthday, girlfriend!
Toast a friend on her birthday to tears
My amazing, wonderful, charming friend, I am very glad that you are in my life. It’s a great happiness to be friends with a person like you. Today, on your birthday, I want to drink to you so that you always succeed, so that you do not know grief, and so that your beautiful eyes do not see tears. May happiness and harmony always live in your soul.
Short toasts for a friend’s birthday
I love you, my girlfriend. I wish you a happy mug. Yes, so that it was bottomless and, for you, full all the time. Now, raise your glasses, drink to this cause.
A toast to my best friend on her birthday
It’s so good to have a best friend! Of all her friends, she’s the only one who knows you like the way home. Sometimes she doesn’t even need to explain anything, she just looks at you and immediately understands everything. It’s a great feeling to know that you are loved. And I want to wish you the ease of being. Spend less time in deep thought, and live more!
Toast a parable for a friend’s birthday

I want to tell this parable: “When God made a man, he had a small piece of clay left, and he asked: “What do you want me to make more?”. The man replied: “Make me happy!”. Then God did not answer anything, but simply put the remaining piece of clay into the man’s hand.”

Girlfriend, I want to drink to you and your happiness! We create it ourselves, most importantly,

Toasts for a friend’s birthday with meaning
There is one parable about female friendship: “once a snake was crawling, riding a turtle in the desert, and the turtle thought I would drop, bite, and the snake thought I would bite, drop,” and, in my opinion, this parable was invented by a man who I have never seen a real female friendship! And therefore, I am now saying a toast in honor of a charming and intelligent woman,
A birthday toast to a friend in your own words
Beloved, dear, faithful friend! On this day, your birthday, I want to raise a glass of wine and wish you success in business, success in love and that you live a long and happy life. Happy birthday, my dear!