A beautiful toast for a woman’s birthday
I congratulate you on your birthday! I would like to wish you more vivid emotions and unforgettable impressions. To make my head spin with love, and the earth went from under my feet with happiness. So that you will always be warmed by the warm words of your loved ones and relatives, so that your heart will never be touched by the shadow of disappointments. More smiles and positivity in
Short toasts for a woman’s birthday
While the man is thinking, the woman already knows the answer. Let’s drink to the female intuition, which works faster than male logic.
Comic toasts happy birthday to a woman
Do not be upset that you have become one year older. If you look at it from the other side, you have become one year more beautiful, more attractive and smarter! And you can’t stop on this path. For the birthday girl!
The best toasts for a woman’s birthday
I would like to wish this beautiful woman a lot on her birthday. But I will drink to the correct behavior of the letter “D” in her life: so that money is in abundance, fools are far away, friends are wonderfully sincere, achievements in business. And also longevity, kindness and wildly a lot of love!
Happy birthday toast to a woman in verse
We wish you to be beautiful,
Always welcome, young,
In the family circle – always loved,
In the circle of friends – always simple.

We wish you a lot of happiness,

We wish you light and warmth,
And that your whole road
It was covered with flowers.
Funny toasts for a woman’s birthday
The highlight is good in a cupcake, mystery is needed for a crossword puzzle, let the secret be guarded by scouts, and for a real woman, the most important thing is to be just wonderful! My toast: let the undoubted merits of our dear birthday girl be always and everywhere noticed and highly appreciated!
Toast birthday greetings to a woman
Happy birthday, dear,
Congratulations from the bottom of my heart!
Raise a toast to your happiness
We’ve been in a hurry for a long time.

Let all adversity go away

And let the sorrows go away,
Only joy to you, (name),
Let your years carry.

Be cheerful and happy,

And beautiful, like now.
Let luck accompany you
Every day and every hour.
Funny toasts for a woman’s birthday
I want you to become hysterical only from laughter, so that your head is spinning, and your heart freezes solely from love. Let there be tears in your eyes only from happiness, and whatever is done, let it be for the best. Happy Birthday!
Funny toasts for a woman’s birthday
For ordinary female happiness,
I’ll drink to the bottom today,
And I wish you good luck,
So that your dream comes to life!

So that you have in your wardrobe,

20 pairs of the most fashionable shoes,
So that you always remain fashionable,
So that life is more fun!

To wear expensive furs,

To have flowers for no reason,
Jewelry is all gold,
So that your wishes come true!