A toast to a pregnant sister for the wedding
Dear sister, today you have become a wife, and I want this new title to bring you great happiness and joy for life. Love and be loved, let your feelings know no barriers and trials, and from your great love, we expect a little baby to appear in your family. Happy Wedding Day!
A toast to my sister’s wedding from my brother
Here you are, my dear sister, with one foot on the road of adulthood. Now you will have much less of the word “I”, and instead you will use the charming “we” more often. Now you are a family, and the only thing I want to wish is to be truly happy always. Let your eyes always shine like today.
A toast to the wedding of the younger sister
My beloved little sister and dear (groom’s name)! I want to remind you of one simple truth: a woman should be wise, and a man should be faithful. In this regard, I would like to wish you to protect each other from all adversities, to give each other more tenderness and affection. And may your every day be filled with warmth and happiness! And so that you will please us
A toast to the wedding of the elder sister
My dear sister, today you got married, and I wish that you were behind your husband like behind a stone wall. Let him be your reliable protection, strong support and faithful companion, and you be a good, caring, loving wife to him. Happy Wedding Day!
A toast to a cousin’s wedding
Cousin, today on your happy wedding day I want to announce a toast to the fact that there would be as many joyful events in your life as possible, about which we could gather and wish you all the best that is in the world!
A toast to the wedding of the elder brother
Dear brother! Since childhood, you have been a protector and an example for me in everything. I wish your young family the same sense of security that I have experienced for many years, being with you. Be an example for your children and a support for your wife. I wish you happiness and crazy love for many years to come!
An original toast to my brother for the wedding
Bro, I’m insanely glad that you finally found your soulmate. I wish you the purest and unclouded happiness, so that you never need anything and always carry your soul mate in your arms. For you, brother, I’m waiting for my nieces!
The most gorgeous toasts for my brother’s wedding
My brother has grown up today,
And it’s not about the year,
Today he became a legitimate husband,
Gee, wow!

I’ll drink my glass to your happiness,

Now I’ll take it and lift it,
I wish you not to know bad weather,
Love, take care of your family.

Let there be joy in your house,

And for love I drink to the bottom,
My brother, let everything be fine,
You have a beautiful wife!
A beautiful wedding toast for my brother
Little brother, raising this glass, I wish you to stumble, fall and cry all your life. But to stumble only about money, to fall only into the arms of his beloved wife and cry only for joy! Bitterly!
A toast to the younger brother for the wedding
Today my brother committed an act. He’s having a wedding today. What a beautiful wife he has! You love her, my younger brother, appreciate and cherish her. And to the end in the battle you stand for your long-awaited dreams! For your innermost desires and a beautiful wedding day. I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart!
A toast to a brother’s wedding from a sister
Beloved brother! As your sister, I am happy with you on this day. And I am happy because I see a girl next to you who will make you extremely happy, because you are made for each other and it is visible to everyone around. I do not wish you pure and sincere love, because your hearts are already filled with it. I’m making you keep her for life, and
A sister’s toast to her brother’s wedding in her own words
Dear bride, today I am passing my beautiful brother into your tender and caring hands. Today you gave happiness not only to him, but also to me, because my heart rejoices with you today. Love him always, appreciate him, and let him become not only a loving husband, but also a faithful friend. Let’s raise our glasses to the young. Bitterly!
A toast to my best friend’s wedding
My dear friend, you mean a lot to me, and I am glad with all my heart that you were able to find the only one with whom you decided to start a family. I raise my glass to your happiness, to your love, to harmony and understanding. I wish your family life to be amazing, easy, and long. For you dear ones, take care, appreciate and do not stop
A short toast to my sister’s wedding
Dear sister! I want to wish you a long journey together with your spouse. Go to success confidently and firmly. I wish you full mutual understanding and timely mutual assistance, effective interaction and eternal mutual love. For the young!
A toast to a friend’s wedding in your own words
My dear girlfriend, I wish you bright days and nights in your family life. Be patient with each other and considerate. Let your husband carry you in his arms, and you deserve it. For you! Bitterly!
Congratulatory toast to a friend for a wedding
Congratulations from a friend,
On this most solemn day for you,
May the Lord give you a blessing,
Let the lilac always bloom on the soul.

I raise this glass to your happiness,

And drink it to the bottom with pleasure,
Let luck come to you again and again,
Advice to you yes love.
Beautiful toasts for a friend’s wedding
I want to raise a glass and say a toast to my beloved friend and her fiance! I wish you to always carry the torch of a bright life and endless love ahead of you! Keep up with luck and light up everything in your path!
A toast at the wedding from a friend of the bride
Let me take the microphone and wish my beloved friend and her spouse my wishes! I want you to easily find that thread of endless family happiness! Pulled it and wrapped it from head to toe! Happiness to you! Bitterly!
Touching toasts to a friend for a wedding
Girlfriend, congratulations on the birth of a family!
May your new days be happy!
A test dream came true today.
Everyone is simply blinded by the bride’s beauty.

Such a wonderful couple has not seen the light for a long time.

Well, well, young people – I give you love advice!
The groom in a stylish suit is so friendly,
The bride will soon become a caring wife.

Dear girlfriend! I believe that you

The lucky lot
Funny toasts to a friend for a wedding
Buddy, today you became a husband! I wish you delicious borscht, clean socks, ironed shirts, sleepless nights, pancakes from your mother-in-law cooked with care… But seriously, I wish you happiness, newlyweds, mutual understanding and love! Live together and take care of each other!