Funny toasts to a friend for a wedding
Buddy, today you became a husband! I wish you delicious borscht, clean socks, ironed shirts, sleepless nights, pancakes from your mother-in-law cooked with care… But seriously, I wish you happiness, newlyweds, mutual understanding and love! Live together and take care of each other!
A toast to a childhood friend for a wedding
My dear friend, (the groom’s name)! You and I have been friends since childhood, a lot of water has flowed since that time, we have faced different situations with you. What is most remarkable: after each emergency, we became more loyal to each other, and our friendship became stronger. Now you are getting married, may your family life be as happy as you are on this momentous day! I am
A toast to your best friend at the wedding
Today is one of the happiest days of your life. We’ve been friends for so many years that I’ve lost count for a long time. You are my best friend and I am very glad that you finally managed to find the long-awaited and the only one with whom you have created a family today. I want to wish your young union boundless happiness, mutual respect and mutual understanding. Be
A toast to a friend’s wedding in your own words
So we waited until you finally decided to get married! I am very happy for you guys, because such loving couples do not meet so often. I invite everyone to raise their glasses and drink to the happiness and health of the new family! For the young!
Short toasts for the wedding from friends
Well, buddy, you’re a hubby now! We are in a hurry to congratulate the whole fraternity! The freebie get-togethers are over, everything is now home! But you know, you won’t miss us – life will twist you in a hurricane. And we are… What are we… The brothers will be close.
Wedding toast to a friend in verse
My friend, today you became a husband,
For this I will drink to the bottom,
I wish you and your spouse happiness,
So that you always live in peace!

So as not to be disturbed by adversity,

I will be next to you,
Beautiful and healthy kids for you,
Harmony, prosperity and kindness!

And also, of course, love

Let it always bloom,
Let everything be perfect,
Let joy live in the house!
Beautiful toasts to a friend for a wedding
I want to congratulate my friend (name) and “raise a toast” for simple arithmetic operations. For addition! Thanks to him, the connection of an ordinary guy and a girl turned out to be a wonderful couple. For subtraction! It allowed you both to “retire” from bachelor life. For the division! This action will always help a couple to share the sorrows and hardships of family life. And for multiplication! May
A heartfelt toast to a friend for a wedding
My dear friend (name). From the bottom of my heart I want to congratulate you on one of the most important days of your life – the birth of a family. I am very happy for you and wish you a happy family history. I know that you will be a good husband and father, I know that you will make every effort to ensure that your family has everything