A toast for the 50th anniversary of mom
My beloved mom today you are 50! Let’s drink to the bottom for you, so that you are healthy and please us with your presence. You gave us your warmth, affection, kindness and care, thank you for that. You are the kindest man on earth.
A toast for the 50th anniversary of the pope
When my father is with me,
As if there are no problems,
Helps with wise advice, warms with the warmth of his soul.

On the anniversary day, on your birthday,

Accept congratulations from your son/daughter,
Let you always be lucky in everything,
Let life flow like a full river.
Birthday toast to the father from the son
Daddy, dear! I will not list your virtues now, praise you, confess my love. I’ll just say: live long. I need you always, the way you are. You are my father. And remember one thing: your son is proud of you!
Toast to the 55th anniversary of a woman
55 for you today,
Like a berry again,
Juicy, beautiful,
It can’t be taken away!

Happy anniversary,

I drink to you today,
I wish you long years,
To be happy always!

To be loved and successful,

And always walk in furs,
A long and wonderful life,
That’s what I’ll drink to!
Congratulatory toasts on the 55th anniversary
I wish you on your anniversary
Stay the same cute,
Love your home and invite guests,
Meet the best friends,

Let the children, grandchildren bring you

Peace, love and inspiration,
Let the years go merrily,
And take away all doubts!
Poems toasts with the 55th anniversary
“55” happens only once,
And this anniversary is no exception!
Congratulations from us
On a beautiful day, on a special birthday.

May success accompany you everywhere,

The sixth decade is only a figure!
Don’t forget that love and laughter
Prolong life, proven, for a long time!
Original toasts for the 55th anniversary
Let’s drink to a wonderful moment,
To your 55th birthday,
We wish you activity, self-confidence,
And all the most beautiful things in life.

We wish you wisdom, luck, happiness,

Love, warmth,
To life was like a fairy tale,
So that your family and friends would appreciate you.
A toast for the 50th anniversary of a man
I propose to drink an unusual cocktail for the hero of the day: 50 grams of health to keep up with everything, 50 grams of passion so that the wife is happy, 50 grams of luck so that everything necessary falls to her feet, and 50 grams of wisdom to be a worthy example for children. And all together – 200 grams – for a long and prosperous life. For
Beautiful toasts for the 55th anniversary
the 55th anniversary of this wonderful man brought us together today. I want to raise a glass to all the previous achievements and a lot of new achievements that are certainly coming. Let there be no desire to stop there and there are always new and interesting activities.
A toast to a friend for the 50th anniversary
Half a century has not been lived in vain,
There is a family, and there are friends,
There is a house, prosperity and warmth,
And, in general, everything is fine!

So we’d better drink to you,

The years are coming to your face,
I wish you not to get sick,
So that the troubles were aside!

So that your pocket is not empty,

And let life be more fun,
Congratulations on the important stage,
I wish you patience!


Short toasts for the 55th anniversary
Five, yes five is like ten again, is a good reason
Enjoy life together on this anniversary.
Let happiness fill both hearts and views,
Your bright smile is a joy to everyone around!
We wish you health and good luck in everything
And for this, we fill all the glasses together!
Funny toasts for the 50th anniversary
In Siberia, people say: 1000 km is not a distance, 100 deer is not a herd, 60 degrees is not frost, and 50 years is not age! And this means that our dear birthday boy is still a baby and he has everything ahead of him. We wish you, dear (Name), to come out of your baby diapers in 50 years and grow up, so that we can say: this
A toast in verse for the 50th anniversary
50 is the age of wealth,
Be rich everywhere and always.
So that there may be joy in that wealth
And happy years-years.

Let’s drink together to the beautiful age

When can I still live
And today we came to you,
To fix your date with wine!
Funny toasts for the 50th anniversary
50 is not a big number, it’s just 5 and 0 near it! I wish that all the good things multiplied by 5, and all the bad — by zero! Stay a child inside, because children know how to enjoy every minute of life. Be healthy and happy, so that the light of life does not go out in your eyes! Happy anniversary!
Short toasts for the 50th anniversary
For 50, for 50, I suggest you take it inside. So that life gives only warmth, and everything was so good. Now, all this, half a hundred times, we have to repeat, now.
Toast for the 50th anniversary of a woman
Fifty for you today,
You are beautiful, no doubt,
And I give you today,
I am a bouquet of compliments!

You are beautiful, graceful,

Sensible, smart,
You are gentle, sweet, loved,
In general, I’ll drink to you!

I’ll drink to your smile,

To health, beauty,
I’ll drink to your figure,
And to the light of a dream!

I will drink to prosperity,

To your friendly home,
I will drink to love and joy,
So that they reign forever in it!
A toast to the 50th anniversary for health
I want to understand this glass in honor of our wonderful hero of the day. Let him eat more fruits in his life – it’s so important for health. And let him always eat less of himself, and then his mental health will also always be in great shape! To the health of the hero of the day!
A toast for the 50th anniversary of a friend
Half a century, here’s a holiday,
The whole family is proud of you,
You are a beautiful and beautiful woman,
Be happy always, always!

Be joyful and smile,

Bloom, dream and don’t be sad,
Look at yourself, do not doubt,
I wish you good and beauty!

More success and patience for you,

Today I drink to you,
Good luck to you, inspiration,
Bloom girlfriend, be always loved!
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