Funny wishes for a good day
A good day promises
A lot of new things are on the way
And greets with smiles,
Wishes of love.

Prick up your ears today

On a successful wave,
Listen to their compliments
And myself alone!

Good day wishes to a friend
May the day be successful!
Put on the best dress,
With him – fishnet stockings
And higher heels.
Although our city is not Paris,
You will conquer everyone today!

Good morning wishes to the girl
Wake up, beauty, it’s morning!
And the sun is ringing with a ray!
Wake up, don’t make your forehead gloomy,
And the day will endow you with wealth!

Who gets up first in the morning,

Luck is waiting for him all day!
Who opens his eyes faster,
Will live all day like in a fairy tale!

Good morning wishes to your beloved
Darling, good morning!
I hope you slept sweetly.
Let it be today
Everything is fine with you!

Open your eyes towards

To my eyes, dear.
I want you forever
Met the dawn with me!

Good night wishes to my husband
Good night, my good.
You need peace and rest,
Therefore, I wish good night to my own husband.
You are my protector, my hero.
Good night, darling.

Good morning wishes in verse
Good morning, my bunny,
On this beautiful new day
I sincerely wish you bright and cheerful moments,

Only good surprises

Let them wait for you,
Your desires and whims
Let them be executed in a moment.

Sms wishes with good morning
Good morning! Let from now on
Your days will be different!
Only the benefits to be,
The money itself floated into your hands!

Good day wishes to the girl
More positive,
And good mood,
To have enough strength for everything,
And luck did not leave!

Good day wishes in prose
Baby, only the desire to hear your voice can make me open my eyes this morning. My dreams were not as interesting as I dreamed, but the main thing is that the night is over, and a new day is ahead in which I will see you! I love and miss you! Good morning and have a nice day!

Sms good night wishes
Here comes the sun,
The day is getting ready for bed
Good evening gently wandering,
Plunging into silence
This world is not so durable,
Sleep my angel good night
And I’ll rest too.

Beautiful wishes for a good day
Let him cover with his head,
A sea of positivity.
And pass by the side,
All problems are past.

And luck pursues,

Since the morning,
Good mood,
He will never leave.

Good night wishes in verse
The curtains are drawn, the lamps are dimmed,
Only the TV sings something to us.
And the best moments come,
However, everyone has something of their own.

And yet, sleep, when sleep is calm,

It is always a blessing for the soul,
Health is good, decent,
And the days are remarkably good.

So let the night please with a light and quiet

Sleep. And will give a bouquet of visions.
The month will appear, let the wind
Good morning and good day wishes
May the sun shine on you, my dear,
Will give a ray of bright, golden,
So that a new day with a smile starting,
You sparkled with joy and a dream,

And, filling the morning with pleasure,

Will open many doors to happiness,
So that unnecessary worries go away,
So that this world becomes a little kinder,

And also will transmit, easily touching,

My kiss and affectionate greetings,
So that you know: I’m waiting for a meeting,
Your smile
Funny good night wishes
I give you a thousand sweet kisses,
I gently caress you, I turn you on.
The body is burning in the power of love,
Passion is devouring me from the inside!
I want to drown in passionate embraces,
The thought of you keeps me awake.

Good day wishes in your own words
My dear, I wish you a great day! Let everything work out, energy and strength are added. Be full of enthusiasm, creative ideas that are ready for implementation.

Good night wishes to a friend
Girlfriend I want you now
To say good night dear,
I’m in a hurry to wish you good dreams,
To be happy tomorrow remembering.

And may the dawn bring you good luck,

Smile, lots of joy, spring,
Let all the tasks be feasible,
And gives the life of luck flowers.

Good night wishes to the guy
Good night my piece of happiness,
So desirable like the sun in bad weather,
Lie down,relax and sleep,
Maybe you’ll see me there.

Good morning wishes in your own words
Appearing in the sky, the sun gives joy to the world. And my sun is you! Let your morning be the most gentle, truly kind, giving energy, inspiring new things. And let your smile and good mood wake up with you!

Good night wishes to a friend
My friend is the best and dearest,
I wish that you dreamed a fairy tale,
That you were always surrounded by love,
And there was understanding and affection next to you!

Let your smile sparkle sincerely,

No one will be able to overshadow it,
After all, everyone knows That a smile is a magnet for happiness!

Let the star go with you,

Which will light up the wonderful path,
And with her you are always just lucky,
Wishes for a good day and mood
In the morning the sun woke up,
Sweetly, sweetly stretched,
Smiled and again,
It came out to walk in the sky!
Have a good day!
Kind smiles!
I kiss you!