Good morning wishes to the girl
Wake up, beauty, it’s morning!
And the sun is ringing with a ray!
Wake up, don’t make your forehead gloomy,
And the day will endow you with wealth!

Who gets up first in the morning,

Luck is waiting for him all day!
Who opens his eyes faster,
Will live all day like in a fairy tale!

Good morning wishes to your beloved
Darling, good morning!
I hope you slept sweetly.
Let it be today
Everything is fine with you!

Open your eyes towards

To my eyes, dear.
I want you forever
Met the dawn with me!

Good morning wishes in verse
Good morning, my bunny,
On this beautiful new day
I sincerely wish you bright and cheerful moments,

Only good surprises

Let them wait for you,
Your desires and whims
Let them be executed in a moment.

Sms wishes with good morning
Good morning! Let from now on
Your days will be different!
Only the benefits to be,
The money itself floated into your hands!

Good morning wishes in your own words
Appearing in the sky, the sun gives joy to the world. And my sun is you! Let your morning be the most gentle, truly kind, giving energy, inspiring new things. And let your smile and good mood wake up with you!

Good morning wishes to your beloved
Good morning, my good!
Charming, impossible,
Dearly beloved,
And, like air, necessary.
Let the day come like the sun
Knock on your window,
Giving a feeling of joy
And some cozy sweets.
Let him give you a bright luck
And the dream is clear-selfless,
Let the good meet today,
Let happiness not go anywhere.
And it will inspire you with hopes,
Only kind, inevitable.
Smile from the heart to someone
And meet the new day.
Have a nice day!

Funny wishes with good morning
Wipe your sleepy eyes,
Long ago the night receded.
And the morning is very cheerful
Our town is covered.

It’s time to get to business confidently,

Seriously approach.
Well, and fresh coffee
Pour yourself a drink in the morning!

Good morning wishes in prose
Once your charming smile pierced my heart and awakened love in it. And so far, every minute without you is a minute without a heart. And now my morning message pierces your phone to wake you up and bring my love along with wishes for a good day!

Good morning wishes to a man
Good morning, my beloved,
I miss you very much,
I want to be around forever,
To talk with my soul:
Let your every new day
The darkness carries away, the shadow of the night,
Let him stay with you
Only the warm sun!
Let it shine with rays
The best in the world
And will give all hopes,
A sea of happiness that is boundless.
A new day with a new smile
Let him always come to you.
My beloved, good morning!
Let it not
Good morning beautiful wish
It’s time to celebrate a new day,
Open your eyes to meet.
There is a lot of good ahead –
The morning is more complicated than the evening…

The sun from behind the clouds to you

He will smile benevolently.
Promises a new day
To be in love with you alone!

Good morning and good day wishes
May the sun shine on you, my dear,
Will give a ray of bright, golden,
So that a new day with a smile starting,
You sparkled with joy and a dream,

And, filling the morning with pleasure,

Will open many doors to happiness,
So that unnecessary worries go away,
So that this world becomes a little kinder,

And also will transmit, easily touching,

My kiss and affectionate greetings,
So that you know: I’m waiting for a meeting,
Your smile
Wishes with a good autumn morning
On this warm autumn morning in our window,
A new day splashed with a rosy dawn,
What did you dream about? And you know, I really,
I’m missing a date with you today!

Good morning, wake up and smile,

After all, a new happiness is marching to a meeting,
Let the autumn sun ray wake you up,
Let there be a good mood until the evening!

Good morning wishes to a married man
Our passion and our meetings –
It’s a joy without worries!
Good morning! I’m waiting for the evening –
Suddenly a date will bring!
Winter wish with a good morning to your beloved
Let the frost draw a blue pattern,
The crunch of snow is heard outside the window,
Wake up! And good morning winter,
Although I want to sleep a little.
But you get up, open your eyes soon,
Let the morning bring a lot of joy!
Wake up and enjoy the winter fairy tale.
The warmth of any soul will melt the ice.
Wishing a good morning to a woman in verse
Dawn is already knocking at the window,
He greets us with warmth,
The sun shines gently with rays,
I want to wish you now.
May this morning bring you success,
And a lot of happiness, a lot of laughter,
Let every moment bring inspiration,
And a sea of luck, and a sea of luck.
Good morning to your lover
I would like to wake up with you in the morning, but, alas, I can’t. That’s why I became a ray of sunshine that caresses your lips. Wake up, my love, good morning.
A pleasant good morning wish to your beloved
My beloved manyunya, wake up,
After all, the day is already new outside the window,
Get up, my dear, out of bed,
A wonderful day awaits you.

Get up lyubimochka and enjoy,

Your good mood,
Come on, get ready faster,
And conquer the whole world boldly!
Wishing a good morning to a woman in your own words
Good morning! I wish it brought new joys, a new, wonderful mood and your new day was truly happy!
Good morning wishes to your beloved in your own words
My love, open your eyes soon, I want to see your loving gaze again, smile at the new day so that I once again make sure that your smile is much brighter than the sun and give me your gentle kiss so that the whole world turns into a fairy tale for me a poem.
Touching wishes of good morning to your beloved
Let the morning begin with a lovely smile,
When everything seems so wonderful around,
When only the whole air sparkles with love
And you understand that this is not a dream,

That this is a real, real moment,

That gives love and one pleasure,
That faithfulness affectionately, faithfully breathes,
What whispers and whispers through sleep even hears –

Then my kiss will slip to you

And on a day full of happiness, he will call you,
He will