Sms good morning wishes to the girl
When you open your eyes in the morning and read this text message, you will remember that there is a person in the world who needs you so much!
Romantic good morning wishes to the girl
My guiding star, wake up, it’s morning! I really want to be with you every morning. Let my romantic and tender mood envelop you with warmth, care and love today! Good morning, my girl!
Wishing a good morning to a girl in verse
A sunny bunny has crept up to you with a quiet tread.
Climbed on the pillow,
Jump! And now on the cheek.

Just the sun is silent

Whispers: honey, wake up!
The birds are bored without you:
They don’t sing, they don’t rush up.

The wind has stopped blowing

And flowers in the arms of love
Waiting to wake up
The best girl on Earth.
Good morning wishes to a beautiful girl
We find love in the most unexpected places. This morning I clearly realized that I had already found my Love! Baby, I want to wake up in your arms every morning. Good morning, darling!
Beautiful good morning wish to the girl
Listen to how my heart is pounding with excitement when I write you this message. Knock, knock, knock… The night is dreary without you. I’m looking forward to drowning in your arms! Good morning, my beloved!
Affectionate good morning wish to the girl
In the sky early at dawn
I’ll write you the words:
“Good morning, my kitty,
It’s time to wake up.”

Look out the window soon,

A ray of sunlight touched the roofs.
Make gentle “stretches”,
Smile, my baby.
Wishing a good morning to a girl in prose
Good morning, my beloved, wake up soon, and go ahead – conquer this world. I wish you morning cheerfulness and freshness, wonderful mood and wonderful well-being, bright sunshine and a breeze of inspiration. Kiss.
Good morning wishes to the girl from the guy
Opening windows to the sun,
You leave the bed soon.
Wake up, darling!
There’s no need to sleep so long.

I am to you through distances

I’m sending a hot kiss.
Wake up, darling!
Baby, I love you!

The day has been in full swing for a long time,

Well, you’re still sleeping and sleeping.
Wake up, darling!
Good morning, my baby!
Good morning wishes to the girl are short
Sms informs:
The night has passed, it’s time to get up.
Good morning! I miss you
And I want to kiss you!
Good morning wishes to a good girl
Good morning, cutie,
My sweet yummy.
Open your cute eyes,
Forget about the bad things.

Let the ray of the sun play,

Inspires you to work,Touches your lips, sparkles
In the hair of my queen.

My dear girl!

I wish you a good morning.
Little angel! Wake up,
Smile to the day soon.
Good morning wishes to the girl to tears
Good morning, my gentle,
How I want to be with you.
And I confess honestly, not melting:
Hugging you is not just a look.

Good morning, bright angel,

I would like to touch you with my lips,
And away from noise and worries
To plunge into the sea of feelings with you.
Funny good morning wishes to the girl
Good morning, dear! Wake up soon, because you have a lot of things to do today: drink the coffee I made, smile a hundred times, hug me a thousand times and kiss me warmly!
Good morning wishes to the girl who likes
Good morning, my happiness! The sun has already risen and is trying hard to warm the earth with its rays for your awakening. You also warm everyone around with your sunny smile and inner warmth. Get up soon to meet a new bright day filled with fun and happy moments!
Gentle good morning wishes to the girl
Good morning, my love.
Honey, my darling.
Have a good mood,
Good luck, great luck.

I wish you fairy tales,

Great love and affection.
Let luck visit,
The task will unravel.

Good morning, my love.

You are the darling of the sun.
You are my heavenly ray, my wonderful bunny.

As soon as you woke up,

Life came back to me.
You give inspiration,
Good luck.
Wishes with a good winter morning to the girl
This winter morning is wonderful and beautiful,
And it’s time for you to get up, my dear,
I congratulate you on the new day already,
And I wish you a good mood for the whole day.
Let your dream come true today,
And if you’re lucky, then not even one,
If you woke up too early, you’re sorry,
And when you wake up, you call me!
Original good morning wish to the girl
Imagine that I’m here right now. I woke up, I look at you, I gently run my hands through my hair (I’m afraid to wake you up), I look at my favorite silhouette with trepidation in my eyes, I feel your favorite fragrance of your body, I gently kiss your cheek and go to wash my face, so that I can gently kiss you again and wake you up with
Good morning and good mood wishes to the girl
Good morning, sonya. I’m sending you my morning kiss. He gently tickles your nose. You’ll think in a dream, probably, the window is not closed, the breeze is walking. And this is not the wind, this is my kiss. You will wake up, smile at the sunlight, and our new day will begin with you. It’s a great day because we have each other.
Funny good morning wishes to the girl
A cup of coffee – cheer up.
Half a chocolate bar is bad luck.
This proven taste is bittersweet
It’s like he’s whispering – Everything will be fine!
Good morning!
Good morning wishes to your beloved girl
A ray of sunshine illuminates a golden curl,
Good morning, dear!
Even if I’m far away.

Will kiss the sun gently,

Velvet cheeks –
Toss your hair carelessly,
You’ll rub your temples.

I’m with you, dear,

I’m playing with the sun,
Hugging my shoulders a little,
I’ll stay next to you!
Pleasant good morning wishes to the girl
Good morning, my love!
You are very beautiful in the rays of the sun.
You illuminate everything around you,
I really love the warmth of your hands!

You are like a gift from heaven for me,

You’re like an outlet for me.
I will love your clear eyes,
Good morning, my dear!