Good morning wishes to your beloved in verse
Mother-of-pearl sky,
Soon the sun will rise!
The coming morning,
Let it pass with a smile!

Wake up, dear,

Take my kiss!
Dazzlingly resplendent,
Charm everyone today!

You are innocent and wonderful,

Like a dewdrop.
And stupidly adorable
In the wee hours of the morning!
Lovely wishes good morning to your beloved
Wake up, darling, from the embrace of sleep.
All the stars went out, the moon hid.
Good morning, my dear girl, Different worries are waiting for you, friends are waiting for you.

Curtains are drawn, the room is dark,

But the sun is knocking insistently at the window.
Take a look at the street – life has been raging for a long time,
The sun does not sleep because it is high.

And I really

Good morning sweetheart best wishes
Good morning, welcome!
Bright, clear, strange.
The woman is smart, wonderful.
The girl is wonderfully naive.

Adult, weak, strong,

Strict, soft, stylish.
Hot, sensually passionate,
Pure and beautiful in soul.
Good morning to your beloved friend
Good morning, dear friend,
Hurry up, darling, wake up.
Stretch out sweetly in your bed,
You smile gently at the sun.

Let the morning begin as if in a fairy tale,

Be ready for happiness, kindness.
Turn your beautiful gaze to the sky,
Quietly admire the beauty.

This morning will be the best,

All secret dreams will come true.
Everything will be gorgeous and wonderful,
You deserve the best!
Good morning to your beloved in sms
The sun ray stretched,
I touched the tip of my nose,
Wake up, you’re lazy!
Stop sleeping, slob!
Long wishes with good morning to your beloved
Good morning, my love!
You’re my sweetest.
My fairy tale is unearthly,
My joy, you are big.

May this morning give you

Only pleasant feelings.
There is no better than you on earth,
You are my gentle miracle.

How much tenderness is in you,

Beauty and eternal freshness.
You are so beautiful, there is no flaw in you.
Good morning, my dear!
Short wishes with good morning to your beloved
Good morning, my marmalade!
May everything be sweet on this day!
You’re like a delicious chocolate bar,
I wish you good luck, let everything be smooth!
Good morning wishes to your beloved girl
Good morning, beloved, gentle,
Driving away sleep, you let in the morning!
Feel my love boundless,
May eternal paradise come in the soul!

Let the sun play with you with a ray,

He warms you gently with his warmth!
Be joyful this sunny morning,
And let the Earth feel a smile!
Good morning wishes to your beloved wife
Good morning, my dear.
How did my lovely wife sleep?
You woke up and the world became brighter,
Everything blossomed on earth.

On this day, only luck awaits you,

Know that the best is yet to come.
Reflected in the smiles of passers-by,
Happiness will fill the heart in the chest.

You are more beautiful than Aphrodite herself,

I can’t find a better woman.
Only with you, my wonderful angel,
I was able to find the joy of life.
Good morning wishes to your beloved by name
Are you awake or not,
I don’t know for sure.
Good morning to you
I sincerely wish.

I’ll tell you [name],

I miss you already.
And I am happy with the fate
After all, she brought you together.
Funny wishes with a good morning to your beloved
To wake you up in the morning,
I need to do my best:
Get up earlier, make strong coffee
And wait for the right reaction.

This smell, as I found out,

Raises anyone instantly.
Good morning, my dear!
I see you look just great!
I love you wish you a good morning to your beloved
Good morning dear!
I want to hug you, caress you, kiss you!
And then to say in your ear:
You’re a princess!!!
You’re mine!!!
And I can’t live without you!
Tender wishes with a good morning to your beloved
My love, you are the most beautiful!
Are you awake? Open your eyes soon!
It’s time to get up, it’s dawn outside,
The colors of magical dreams are softly melting…

I drew you in my dreams yesterday, –

You probably didn’t doze off right away….
Love is given in life only once!
Please don’t forget about that!
Romantic good morning wishes to your beloved
I’m looking at you mesmerized:
You are a princess from a fairy tale alone.
You are beautiful, sweet and enthusiastic,
In this life I want to be with you.

Good morning, my beloved!

Brighter than the sun is your joyful look.
Let the weather be cool today,
Let the rains outside the window drizzle.

I am light and warm, without a doubt,

When you’re sleeping next to me.
Good morning, my inspiration,
My fairy tale, my gentle baby!
Good morning to your beloved wishes from a distance
You’re far away, but I can feel your love even at this distance. I am sending you rays of kindness, warmth and cheerfulness! The most tender morning to you, my beloved!
Erotic wishes with a good morning to your beloved
I want to wish you a good morning
And to hold you so tightly to myself…
Then pat gently on the back…
Slide to where the butt halves…
Then indulge in tender passion with you
And finish everything together overnight…
Affectionate good morning wishes to your beloved
Look, the sun has woken up in the sky.
It’s time for you to get up, my love.
Let the bed warm you now,
But the feelings will warm the heart.

I wish that the morning was good,

That things went well for you,
That the smile did not leave your face,
That the joy did not leave you.
Winter wish with a good morning to your beloved
Let the frost draw a blue pattern,
The crunch of snow is heard outside the window,
Wake up! And good morning winter,
Although I want to sleep a little.
But you get up, open your eyes soon,
Let the morning bring a lot of joy!
Wake up and enjoy the winter fairy tale.
The warmth of any soul will melt the ice.
Good morning and have a great day to your beloved
Good morning, my good!
It’s cozy and warm under the blanket,
But outside the window the weather is nice,
The sun has risen and it is quite light.

So get up soon,

Throw off the shackles of morning sleep,
Coffee will make you more cheerful,
And you throw on a silk robe.

May this day bring you happiness,

The smiles of your loved ones and relatives,
And from me as a gift to you a
A pleasant good morning wish to your beloved
My beloved manyunya, wake up,
After all, the day is already new outside the window,
Get up, my dear, out of bed,
A wonderful day awaits you.

Get up lyubimochka and enjoy,

Your good mood,
Come on, get ready faster,
And conquer the whole world boldly!