Wishing a good morning and a good day to a man
My love, wake up, the sun is waiting for you to recharge, a cup of coffee to cheer you up, and my kiss to give wings for a swift flight into a new day, to new achievements, to joyful events, to happy moments. May your morning be good, your day successful and our evening romantic!
Erotic good morning wish to a man
A night with you is the height of bliss. But then the morning comes and we are far from each other again. May my warmth and affection accompany you today! Good morning!
An original good morning wish to a man
Everything is fine today and even the bad weather pleases, and all because I dreamed of You last night! I fill your day with love and positivity! Good morning, my man!
Wishing a good morning to a man at a distance
My feelings for you are so strong and bright that they are able to give inspiration, warm you up on the most stormy day and support you in difficult times. My tenderness will envelop you, and you will spend the whole day in pleasant dreams about the upcoming evening. Creative ideas, positive mood will accompany you. I will always be there for you, even if you are far away!
Romantic good morning wishes to a man
Everything is lying low and waiting for your awakening. Open your eyes soon and let the gentle sun caress you, and bring good news to the breeze. I will not ask permission, I will hug you tightly and will not let you out of my arms all day. May a generous morning fill you to the brim with energy. And I will be the provider of your joy and good
Sexual good morning wish to a man
My affectionate and gentle tiger!
You took a break from sweet games,
Gained strength, drank peace.
So good morning, dear!
Let the joy be immense,
And it will be pleasant to us again!
Pleasant good morning wishes to a man
The dawn is knocking on your window with the rays of the sun,
And it is necessary to say goodbye to a sleepy night for a long time.
After all, it’s time for you to take a shower and coffee in the morning,
And I wish you a good, pleasant morning.

I also wish you cheerfulness, energy and strength,

So that every hour your worker brings success.
And where all the most
Wishing a good morning with humor to a man
Congratulations on the new day!
Let things burn with fire!
On this day, do not be upset,
Do not be sad, but smile!
If you set the goal –
Let your dreams come true!
Good morning wishes to a married man
Our passion and our meetings –
It’s a joy without worries!
Good morning! I’m waiting for the evening –
Suddenly a date will bring!
Good morning to your lover
I would like to wake up with you in the morning, but, alas, I can’t. That’s why I became a ray of sunshine that caresses your lips. Wake up, my love, good morning.
A gentle good morning wish to a man
Good morning, zai!
Get up with my poems.
Smile, there’s a whole day ahead,
Conquer your sleepy laziness.

Though the dreams were very sweet —

Get out of the crib soon.
It is necessary to have breakfast in time,
So as not to grumble, not to sniff.

Urgent things to do

And call me soon, I’m really looking forward to it.
I want you to remember always,
How much I love you!
Wishing a good morning in verse to a man
I love the morning,
When dawn is knocking on the window.
You will open your eyes soon,
And your gaze will stumble upon me.

I will reward you with a smile,

I will wipe the remnants of sleep from my face.
May this morning be good,
You enjoy it to the fullest.

How glad I am that you are with me,

That I can hug you.
You are my unearthly happiness
Get up soon, stop sleeping.
Wishes with a good winter morning to a man
Frost outside the window, and so warm under the blanket,
But you need to get up, there is not much time left,
A fruitful working day awaits you ahead,
Get up soon, conquer your laziness!
Let in cold weather not only coffee warms,
Let the smiles of your family light you up all day,
I wish you a good mood,
And even more joy and luck!
Good morning wishes to your beloved man
Good morning, my sweet!
I am always with you in my thoughts,
Let all things go smoothly
On this day, such a bright one!

Let all problems be solved,

You will feel lightness,
I promise to try,
To make dreams come true!
Good morning wishes to a man in your own words
My dear, desired, beloved and unique, good morning, sun. May your awakening be sweet and cheerful, may inspiration and striving for your goals undoubtedly visit you. I wish you a successful day, good luck and good luck. Kiss.
Best wishes of a good morning to a man
Good morning, my love!
My ray is clear! My dear light!
How do I need
To breathe in your air and live only with you…
How I want all my tenderness
In your hands and in your heart to give…
See how sweet the vastness is
Our love caresses us again…
Feel how I kiss,
The frosty wind touching the cheek…
I miss you madly!…
I miss your hand so much!
I know you miss me too…
My only one, my heart is
Wishing a good morning and a great mood to a man
Have a nice day,
Light and warm,
Clear, fine…
Well, just have a good day.

To avoid sadness,

Gloomy mood,
I send gentle hugs,
Affectionately amorous.

And the luck is generous

Let it accompany you in everything,
Bad luck is harmful
Let it be absent at all.
Sms wishes with good morning to a man
Wake up, my sweet!
Shake off all dreams with your hand.
A new day has come to the meeting
Make our happiness eternal.
Short wishes with good morning to the man
My sweet, beloved, wake up faster,
Get up soon, smile at the sun.
I know, dear, you are sent to me by fate,
I’m looking forward to the night with excitement, and I want to be with you again.
Good morning wishes in prose to a man
Good morning, my beloved. I want you to get up from that leg and in a great mood, so that your day bravely begins and goes fruitfully. I wish you an incredible charge of energy, strength and vigor, determination, optimism and an invincible thirst for victories. Let your morning have a great start, and let your day get the same continuation.